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Monday, 6 April 2020

“LAST MINUTE! – Humanity is under observation for 180 days”



Alex Bardonnie

Medium: Elizabeth Oliveira.

Uberlândia / MG – Spiritist House


"Good evening, to all navigators on planet Earth!

Despite the fact that the entire planetary crew is apparently alarmed by the pandemic that is spreading across the globe, know that each one of you, during your reincarnation plan I was already aware of this challenge, as well as the importance of going through this unique moment.

I know you're fed up with news, clarifications and information on the current moment lived, but let me give you an overview of the whole situation, from the perspective of our plan, the spiritual plane. First of all, allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Alex Bardonnie, I am a member of a spiritual egregore called the Nova Luz Project, and today we are working hard on this new transitional process in which the planet finds itself, once, as you have been widely informed by our brother Francisco Xavier (Chico Xavier), drastic changes are taking place, and here I am to explain to you our project for this great leap that you are witnessing at this moment.

First of all, antagonistic as it may seem, see this period as a great gift given to you, for pure merit.

When we are on the spiritual planes, we were unable to absorb some feelings related to hunger, the scarcity, the bear, insecurity, illness and death.

We fully understand them, but we don't really feel them. I've felt them a few times, since I was incarnated on your planet. I know you must be questioning yourselves: how can so many bad feelings be a gift? And the answer is very simple.: there is no greater learning, greater evolution than feeling, live intensely. Sometimes, a few days incarnate lapidate us for all eternity.

But back to current facts, we are going through this moment, and I include myself in this sentence, since we are working here, in our energy field, hard, for a very clear reason.

With the planetary change that is taking place, within a few decades the planet will be much more connected with spirituality, around the year two thousand one hundred and fifty (2150). But to reach this result, an important step has now been taken.

when we live in the spiritual plane, there is no division of gift, past and future: we live, simply, the now, the instant, or press, the feel, and that's all we have. If planet Earth doesn't learn to live now, it will be impossible for us to evolve and create a broader link with spirituality.

If we look a few months ago, you live a totally antagonistic behavior in relation to an incarnatory experience, nothing else was being felt, vivid, savored and learned.

The focus was always on the future, the next weekend, the next party, the next holiday, the next material objective. In other words, the majority (about eighty-five percent of the Earth's population) was underusing its existence.

And that's why this pandemic occurred, to stop humanity, that was in a movement without purpose and without destiny. After this brief introduction, I will introduce you to our goals:

First of all:

It is to forget about future achievements and place yourself in the now, as the moment demands living one day at a time. It is no longer possible to sacrifice today to project tomorrow, since if you don't take care, now, of yourselves, of your neighbors and society, getting focused on the present, the future, simply, will not occur.

second point:

We understand that there is still a large and erroneous division of wealth, and we know that even in cases of illness, lucky people will have better treatments, but we managed to curb greed, the superfluous, the foolish vanity.

Before, many made a point of being admired for enjoying exclusive situations, or for obtaining unique possessions, but at this point these people have realized that it's not worth anything to them anymore..

third point:

When we reincarnate we bring, often, karmic situations from past lives to resolve and evolve. Sometimes, four and five incarnations pass, and the spirit perpetuates, simply, this situation.

The present moment serves, just, for an intimate reform of each one of you. If your problem is familiar, it will be at the center of your incarnatory question to solve it. If your problem is greed, or greed, you will notice that the future can change at any time, and that your riches, in a matter of moments, they will be worth very little to you.

If your problem is an addiction, the time has come to choose to eradicate it, or expose the health of all those around you to obtain, simply, an ephemeral pleasure.

In the case of people of little faith, within a few days the emptiness will consume them and they will have the opportunity to seek a greater existential meaning.

fourth point:

even if they meet, now, in your home, protected, with health and earnings, it will be impossible to be totally happy and at peace.

A feeling of sadness and lack of fullness will always accompany you.

This is the main reason for the entire process., precisely so that each one of you realizes that it is not possible to be happy alone.

You will realize that as long as a family has a patient, or someone starving in some isolated place, happiness will not be, simply, complete, and will stay, therefore, crystal clear the evidence that we are part of a large constellation, and the brightness of a star will never be greater than its whole.

Finally, we want to remind you of the scarcity of time. Every person who is born on Earth is already certain that one day he will leave, and that we have a finite period of time to evolve.

this pandemic came, just, to demonstrate it. We have to face our conflicts now, not next month, or next year.

Take advantage of this period for a deep reflection and measurement of your existence. We all have, instinctively, the critical sieve of right and wrong, allow yourselves, only, use it.

As for the elderly who are disincarnating, stay calm, they are being very well received here, and its passage is strongly ennobled by serving, just, of lesson and example for the other inhabitants of the planet.

But then, what should we expect going forward?

The Planet will be in “observation by 180 days”, if all the awareness gained does not result in practical behavioral changes, a second pandemic wave, this time more rigid, is being prepared to fix, just, all learning.

in our plans, if behavioral evolution continues as it is today, with love, compassion and faith, the beginning of the reversal of the world board will begin on the 17th of May of this year.

Doctors will begin to find effective treatments to reduce the pandemic, and a month after this milestone, everyone will have the chance of rebirth.

We are confident that it will not be necessary., since many gestures of love, understanding and reflection are being noticed.

The human empathy that once ruled, is gradually being diluted and these good feelings explain the last issue I would like to clarify in this message: the chosen form was a pandemic and not a war, just to not generate feelings of anger, division, or rancor, and the fact that the contamination is global and not punctual, it was precisely to break any creedal prejudice, ethnicity, social position or nationality, showing everyone's equality.

If you have received this letter and read this far, it's not simply for clarifying reasons, but because it is being summoned. Summoned by love to help us. We need the vibration of the embodied ones to emanate all the aid energy, elucidation and cure that we have in our plan.

you are important for this moment. It is our bridge to pass all this energy charge to the planet. All we ask is that, once a day, retreat to a quiet place, which can be in your bed, and connect with us through thought. Remember this letter and mentalize, just that it is able to vibrate and donate all the necessary energy to all who need it..

You can direct your vibrations to whoever comes to your mind. Doing this will help the entire planet and strengthen, also, all your spiritual reserves.

Thank you very much for reading, know you are not alone. I am just one of thousands of mentors who meet with you on this journey..

Stay with God!”

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Text revised and adapted to European Portuguese by Álvaro de Jesus

THE PATH – New Temple of the Lord

Porto – Portugal


Beloved… Beloved…
It is not lawful for me to deprive you of this experience…
THE TRUTH is ONE and only ONE and, IS IT OVER THERE, it's in each one of us, because this TRUTH (THE CREATOR) in us is.
Watch and listen to this video with great HUMILITY, as a true Child/Student must hear and, after Hail Mary, listen to the Message that our Beloved Brother CHICO XAVIER leaves through this Sister.
May the LIGHT be with us, may God be praised, and help us see what we have to see…
May there be no one left indifferent to this beautiful experience and Proof of the LOVE of our BIG Brothers.
In the light, I am Alvaro de Jesus

It is very important to listen to this audio.