Profession of Faith

Planetary project of the Lord Jesus

"I am the light of the Planetary World" – Jesus

(General principles of Doctrine)


  1. We believe in the existence of God Uno, Creative Intelligence Supreme, Almighty, Omniscient, Ubiquitous, First cause of all things.


  1. We believe in the infinite wisdom of God and sovereignty, as to the creation and sustenance of life in all universes, in Providence, in the revelation and redemption.


  1. We believe in the Lord Jesus, custodian of the Christ, Son-Unified the Father Creator, in His earthly Incarnation, in His spiritual resurrection and Ascension, in His mediation of God, in his second coming, that will become visible, being Light, Truth, Power and glory.


  1. We believe in the Infinity of the Cosmos, plurality of Worlds, and, Consequently, plurality of galaxies, which have, as our, their worlds, their Governments and their Cristos.


  1. We believe that these Christians are Stellar Brothers among themselves, interacting when and if necessary.


  1. We believe in the spirit of truth, the Comforter Promised, in the Holy Spirit, in baptism by the spirit, in its Ubiquity and activity among Men, by Movement of these.


  1. We believe, We bless and promote Human Mediums of all types, conscious or unconscious, the Intuition, the inspiration and telepathy, While Divine Gifts that man asks for and receives on the basis of its mission, as well as in works by such Mediumship received, that, in its essence and message, be and reflect the truth and Divine Will that, forever, the men arrived.


  1. We believe in the Spirit, Divine Spark, created by God in his image and likeness, in its evolution and immortality.


  1. We believe that the spirit, created free and ignorant, get down to the meat, by his incarnation and successive reincarnations, in search of your lighting, This is, comes the Physical Worlds inhabited, in search of perfection, enlightenment and Ascension, aided by his guardian angel and other spiritual Guides, as beings of light and Divine authorization, with you, to their aid, If positioning.


  1. We believe in the improvement and in the spiritual evolution of man, in his enlightenment and Ascension on merit, on the Way, The truth and the life, the example of all the brothers who ascended, as well as the model example of our divine and beloved Master Jesus.


  1. We believe that THE WAY-New Temple of the Lord, is the New Spiritual Project for the New Earth, rebuilt at the beginning of third Millennium, with the mission to evangelize and allow the communion of all the brothers, gathered together in your building, by acclaim and live according to the Gospel of the Lord.


  1. We believe that Christ conferred upon this His New Project, with character of constancy, three orders, namely: the study continued and updated of Spiritism, the Meekness and humility!


  1. We believe it is the duty of this temple, by their Walkers, wherever they are, for the sake of Peace and Harmony among men, strive to make disciples and followers of Christ all men, in all Nations, Announcing the truth of his Gospel, codified by Allan Kardec in the 19th century, and updated for all messages, day-by-day, from the top we arrive.


  1. We believe, so, that is the duty of every man respect and study science Spiritualist, for be it, Naturally, the science that studies while spiritual being.


  1. We believe that should not be confused with Science Spiritualist Mediumship, Since this, being an inherent gift to any Man, believer or not, is in all people, regardless of your Religious Creed, While that is scientific instrument that allows the Man to know, studying of course your Mediumship without, However, with her get confused.


  1. We believe that Psychics exist in all religions, being that, Spiritualists are all studying science/spiritist doctrine, and may be, or not, Mediums, while those can be, or not, Spiritualists.


  1. We believe, in fine, not to be confused with each other, You can't call a spiritualist meeting, to what commonly is known as psychic session.


  1. We believe that the Lord Jesus, During his stay on Earth Physics, by his divine authority, integrated in BOTH the ten commandments of Moses, simplifying, Like this, the revelation of God, for He brought to Man.


  1. We believe that the Man must love, in obedience to the first Precept, Father God above all things, in spirit and in truth, and, in the second, the neighbor as himself, promoting, by virtue of such standards, peace between them, and to cooperate with their brothers of different thoughts, in order to achieve the objective of the Planetary Lord Jesus, which is to be a single WAY, There only one God, for there's only one truth.


  1. We believe that this temple, It is the Lord's New Project, is the Science / Religion Newfoundland or New World that, gradually, will appear in this third millennium on the horizon of man, incarnated or not in ORB land.


  1. We believe that, to be the Lord's New Project, it operate, spiritually, all the Heavenly hosts, in particular, our beloved Cosmic Brothers (ET ’ s), our beloved ascended masters; the masters of the seven rays; the Lords of karma; our Beloved brothers and Commanders of the Ashtar Command, the Inter-Galactic Fleet of light, and all that, loving Jesus, love us too.