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Na Light,

I am Alvaro de Jesus




Listen to this Brother ...

And, as you hear it, remember what our Divine Mother MARIA told us, in one of the messages that O CAMINHO has read many times, that the Earth will be a Single Nation, the Nation of the Children of Light;

Remember what Salazar said in message nº 9 ‘First Day of a New Day’, on that same subject;

And remember what our Divine Creator Father told us in His 3 Last touches.

This Brother, which appears to be very simple, humble and honest… go, video to video, repeating everything that THE PATH already told you.

The Political-Social Regime that this Brother talks about at the beginning of his video is the same as GOD spoke to Neale Donald Walshc in ‘Conversations with God’, where everyone works for the Whole, for the same Cause, earning a fair wage, it is up to the State to collect all the goods produced to distribute them to all, in perfect equality.

There will be no money, but for each day of work the employee will earn a certain Credit, which will be noted in a booklet…

It will be with this passbook that this employee, whoever he is, will buy the state what it needs for its home, discounting, in your book, the credits that these goods cost.

Everyone will have everything they need and there will be no Classes ... Because everyone will win the same ...

This is how it is in the Higher Worlds and it will be so in the 5th Dimension Earth, Where, Naturally, there will be a single nation and a single government, at the same time that there will be, himself, a single Temple.

God is not a mercantilist, nor do you want us to be in the 5th Dimension.

Listen to this Brother, and remember everything you've heard from us, as well as 3 Creator's last touches…

Because things are happening much faster than expected, as FATHER said today, don't wait for tomorrow, what you can and should do TODAY.

What our Divine Creator Father said today pre announces that the Event is coming soon, maybe later this year.

For Him to come and say: “We are moving towards the New Way”; "Change your perspective"; "Deep in Your Heart."

Na Light,

I am Alvaro de Jesus


Open and listen to this video…




Message from KRYON

The Recalibration Scenario


You can be the change in your world!

By: Master Portia

You can be the change in your world. It's time for awakening.

Today, humanity is experiencing a great awakening, between pleasure and pain. A great transformation is taking place: the pain of everything that should go away, the pain of all the paths that must be broken, of all the evil that must be purged. And the pleasure of seeing each person born, in each environment, in every house, a new being.

We have been talking about the awakening of this new humanity for a long time. But, now is the time, it's no longer time to do what you don't believe in.

People are being called to your strength, for your power. Although at first, that power, this strength, this new path may scare… This path is irreversible for those who have already had their awakening.

Irreversible, because you don't want to be part of the old world anymore.

Within you there is a No, to keep things for appearances, to live only on a job that gives you a living.

There is, in your soul, the desire for transformation - to see the world differently. And if you are listening today, to feel, to share these moments with us, is because you have already awakened. You already belong to the New World. You already belong to the New Self, of each.

Because, this New World begins with itself, within yourself - in your beliefs, in your thoughts, in your words, in your way of conducting yourself - and then with others.

This intimate reform is already happening, you are already changed, you are already others. We know that some, among you, today they look in the mirror and do not recognize. You see different, with different thoughts, with transformative ideas about the world.

So, the transformation is now, in each one - in each act. You are the agents of change. Each is your change.
What's up, some look scared to your floor and say like that: How will i live? How will it be going forward if I don't have this relationship anymore, this job, this house, or this way, that until today I understood that it was my life?

When everything is taken away from you, you are given the opportunity to do differently.

My beloved!

Welcome change with love. Welcome yourselves with love. Accept new paths with love. Fear is natural, anxiety is natural.

But, don't cultivate old patterns. And don't want to go back, live the way it was, because that would be too painful for you.

The change is so strong on the Planet that many people are going through the same process that you are experiencing today - a healing process, an ascension process…

And the change of your energy, the way you see life differently, to live with people in your day-to-day: your parents, your children, your brothers, your husband, your wife, the way you live today, all of that is changing. And that strength comes from you, of each. Be(m) that(s) agent(s) of change.

It's not time anymore, from people like you, fight. No more spears rise, no more flags are raised, don't take up arms, don't hit yourself, don't scream… Today the change is the conscience, the strength of your work, of the coherence of your words. And to assume a deep simplicity in your desires, in your desires and in your ambitions.

Live with what you have, and you will see that the Universe, what God, will offer you everything you need. But, before, it will be necessary to break attachments, break addictions. You will see that next year, you will see many breaks. Many structures, companies that seemed impregnable, will crumble.

But we are not the ones who are causing these breaks. We are leveraging the light, love, to peace, the feeling of equality and brotherhood. A world that your children will see… Where the rich will learn to share a little more.

There is a waking society on this Planet - souls like you - who already know the way, who already desire love above possessions. But there are still souls on this Planet who are attached to form and only form. For these, you must have patience. But note that even these, will be transformed.

And there is also on this Planet, a very large layer of souls still in a primary process - who are in need of all kinds of learning, not only transmitted by teachers in schools - but, mainly moral learning, ethical, confessional. It's this one, we are working.

The transformation of consciousness is our role. The White Brotherhood is here, increasingly present, and we will be present.

Because the moment is near for the demonstrations to happen… Spirits show themselves with all the light, with all the strength. And we don’t expect you to be just words. Be our action.

Focus the energy in the heart.

Right now we are touching the hearts of each one of you.

At the service of Saint Germain, I am Master Portia. Evolution work, work on the spiritual touch that changes consciousness.

My power is the love that transforms. And my action is in each one.

Open your heart and allow our presence. In front of each one of you is your mentor - your angel, spirits of light that care for you, or, who take care of you. Allow that presence to touch you, hug and wrap.

And there's nothing to ask, just receiving. Because, this mentor who is with you knows everything you need.

Make your connection. Open to the Light. And go in peace.



Data: 02/12/2015

Channel: Maria Silvia P. Orlovas

*The transcript text of the audio has been slightly edited for better reading.



THE VISION OF EURIPEDES, penultimate chapter of “LIFE WRITES” – Mediumistic Work, with two parts, psychographed by: Waldo Vieira and Chico Xavier.

Beloved / Beloved…

I already told you about this ‘Vision of Euripides’ sometimes, introducing her, However, with another title, It is:

“Christ Weeps”

Because I put it in my Elucidating, and offered to humanity even in my time in Coimbra.

This ‘Euripides view’, having nothing to do with the message that the Lord Jesus, Christ, dictated on New Year's Eve 2009/2010, and that I already sent you, himself, several times, do not let, However, from to validate, IE, to come to your aid, validating.

O ‘Choro’ of the Christ that Eurípedes witnessed in his ‘vision’, in its unfolding, or on your astral journey, confirm, exactly, what the Lord Jesus, Christ, tells us in His message of 31 December 2009, namely:

– “My message didn't get through”.

Yes! That's it, that He ‘complains’…

I know that you are Free by express Will of our Divine Father / Mother / Creator, and than, so, you are Being and following what Your Highest Will tells you, more I am allowed, I dare to ask you if you want to help Christ not to cry anymore, IE, to feel more understood, more Loved and more Followed? If you are willing or willing to work MORE in Your ‘vineyard’ really!?

Here, Loved, it matters a lot to know if you are following that will having or having perfect awareness of how you are following it, best saying, if you are fully aware of reason, from cause, why you do what you are doing, be for you, be for everyone, where He will have to be subsumed…

You know why you do what you do? And the question!

Do you know where the path you are taking takes you?

You walk well!? Put another way, you are walking towards the LIGHT, being a student of this Light, and being-A, every moment, More and more?

Tens, or already have, full awareness of being that Light and walking towards it, More and more?

Do you realize that your present incarnation, like the ones you’ve lived in yesterday of ‘eternal now’, and you will live in the future of ‘eternal now’, are stages of that eternal Path, that will take you – have to take you – to the Father's Embrace, through the Message of Christ?

Do you believe that Christ wants to see you united to Him, through Love and Unity that you do with all your Brothers?


Everything is ONE!

Everything is GOD!

You have nothing that is two, the other, the second…

Do you understand what I'm telling You?

Do you understand what FATHER says to you when he talks to you, through your heart, and tell you:

  • “I am you and you are me. WE ARE ONE. There is no separation.”

Do you understand that I am telling You that You, you are the ONE!

  • “I am in you and you are in me.”

So if you already understand that You are that ONE… You will want, as the CHRIST wants, let all your other brothers know, understand, who are also this ONE and be with all.

Do not forget that you are here to remember Who You Are, and, after remembering it, you will know that you really are that ONE, because the Is. At each stage, in every incarnation you have in this or another school, this will reveal, understand and apprehend, and so it will be forever, until Conscious and final UNIT with SUPREME.

If you continue to have your own waters and paddle alone, you will continue to lie to yourself, or to Yourself, and not being with FATHER, having him with you, so, inside…

Nothing is imposed, you know that… But you also know that everything is advised, for your greatest good…

That you get, therefore, understand our purpose when we come here…

Yes! We are here to know that we are the ONE and that, when we are, we want to be with you…

Think about that here we leave You…

Meditate or reflect on this…

Always count on us, all the time…

Get well, and always at peace with yourself…


27 – VISION OF EURIPEDES – (Brazilian version, as it is in the Book)

Euripides Barsanulfo, the apostle of mediumship, in Sacramento, in the State of Minas Gerais, to observe yourself outside the physical body, in admirable unfolding, When, certain done, at night, saw himself in prodigious volition. Although restless, as if dragged by someone's will in a whirlwind of love, went up, went up…

Always climbed.

Wanted to stop, and go down, recovering the carnal vehicle, but I couldn't. Intangible arms protected him from the sublime excursion. Breathe another environment. Wore light form, breathing in an ocean of even lighter air… Traveled, traveled, in the manner of a guided bird, until they recognized in green meadow. I noticed the beautiful landscape, when not far, saw a man meditating, surrounded by sweet light.

As if magnetized by the unknown, approached…

There was, However, just a moment, where you stopped, shaky.

Something was telling him inwardly not to go any further…

And in a dazzle of joy, It was recognized in the presence of Christ.

Let your head, crushed by the unexpected honor, and was silent, feeling like an intruder, Unable to go back or move forward.

Recalled the lessons of Christianity, the temples of the world, the tributes paid to the Lord, in literature and the arts, and his message to reverberate among men, in the course of nearly twenty centuries…

Overshadowed by the greatness of the moment, started to cry…

Thick tears flowed through his face, When it acquired courage and lifted my eyes, humble.

Saw, However, that Jesus also wept…

Pierced with sudden suffering, for seeing him weeping, wished to do something that could comfort the Sublime Friend… Stroking his hands or stretching like a loyal dog at his feet…

But it was kind of sinking to the strange soil…

Recalled, However, the torments of Christ, to perpetuate themselves in the creatures that until today, in the land, they throw at you incomprehension and sarcasm…

In this line of thought, don't hold back.

He opened his mouth and spoke pleadingly:

– Mr, Why are you crying?

The interpellate did not respond.

But desiring to make sure that was heard, Euripides reiterated:

– Weeps for the world's unbelievers?

Kidnapped, the missionary from Sacramento noticed that Christ corresponded to look.

And, after a moment's attention, replied in sweet voice:

– No, My son, don't suffer by unbelievers to whom we should love. Cry for all those who know the Gospel, but do not practice it…

Euripides couldn't describe what happened then.

Like falling into a deep shadow, before the pain that the answer had brought him, got down, got down… And woke up in the body of flesh.

It was dawn.

He got up and slept no more.

And since that day, without communicating to anyone the divine revelation that it vibrated on my conscience, he gave himself to the needy and the sick, without a day's rest, serving until death.


I Am the Light of the Planetary World“I am the Way, Truth and Life!”



I write for everyone, in responsible freedom, because I'm not from anyone in particular. Being me of GOD, that's how I assert myself, although never abandon, or don't like to abandon, in the broad sense of the term, Nothing and nobody. If I don't abandon, and being me a Sagittarius, last decan, I insist on being Your Friend, for knowing that We Are All One, even if I like it, too and often, to take refuge in my corner, as is the case here, in this my and our sacred moment.

I'm preaching in the desert something everyone says they want to know: the Truth of Christ.

I speak of this Truth, without ever imposing it, although I tenaciously defend it, and it seems that nobody understands, or accept, what each one should know, just as it is.

Shrug, dropouts, lack of sense of responsibility, zero will to live loving and loving, how Christ elucidated him, finally, a wide range of situations that hinder the establishment of the Divine Plan on Earth.

They push to others what is and will always be their responsibility.

To this statement from the Creator:

– “Because I raised you free, I can demand nothing of you. However, I have my commandments and only conforming your lives according to them, you can be happy. ”

Belt, shut up, continuing to walk the path called illusion.

– “Each one is where they want to be, even if it's in imperfection. ”

What this PAI maxim tells us, or tell us?

Does it not mean that we are, by Your Will, FREE Beings!?

What it is to be where you want to be?

It will not be living our Freedom, doing everything according to our wishes?

What does the final part mean: ’Even if it’s in imperfection’?

It does not mean that we are the only builders responsible for our entire destiny and that, many times, our destiny leaves the Path of the Greater Law of our FATHER, because we are dependent on our ego, which forces us to fall or get out of that Path?

– "Your will is my will."

What does this statement mean?

– Is it not the exact translation that the PAI respects, truly, want our freedom, want our will, having them as His?

If the FATHER speaks to us like this… does he have in our falls what some still call ‘sin’?

If He speaks like that, there will be sin against Him?

What the Christ tells us about this?

It says that ‘there is no sin against God’!

Is Christ right??

Yes! If the FATHER speaks to us as he speaks, Christ is absolutely right.

So, the illusion is and comes from some of those who speak of God?

Yes! It is the case. We can say it.

Do you understand what I'm telling you?

Yes! I understand, as i also understand, now, why there is still so much spiritual ignorance. The People do not know the true truth of Christ, as above said.

So you understand that I feel severely misunderstood, when I say that I don't see acceptance of this Truth, that I will expose, or speaking, even knowing that it is vital and absolutely necessary for everyone?

Yes! Perfectly…

Do you believe FATHER wants to see the first Christian Temple reborn?

Yes! Looking at the lack of true Spiritual Knowledge, that enlightens us and helps us to evolve spiritually, we have to go, best saying, we have to go back there, in time, and rebuild such a Temple, in the Here and Now, so that the Pure Truth of Christ resurfaces in our life, fill us, complete and illuminate.

You will help me to help other Brothers?

I'm going!

So, never forget that JESUS, Christ, is your Divine Master, and that if the FATHER wishes to see the Temple of Peter reborn according to His Truth, knowing us, as we saw in our dialogue, because, it is to Christ that we must help, announcing or spreading His Message throughout our Planet / School, our Holy Mother EARTH (GAIA), for being JESUS ​​your Planetary Christ.

Optimum! Demos, because, our hands and continue in the Light!

Very well! Come on, in holy Unity.

I Am the Light of the Planetary World



(Why do you want to see FATHER, the Temple of Peter reborn?)

Beloved / Beloved:

When I, at the end of the years 80 20th century, on Tenente Valadim Street, of the city of Coimbra, I heard ‘Your Voice’ tell me:

– "Get ready, because you’re going to rebuild the Temple. ”

After brief moments that served me to discern and assimilate the information that had just been offered to me, I asked:

– Whether it's reconstruction, this Temple already existed. What was it called?

– "The way." That's what I heard ...

Upon hearing from ‘Your Voice’ what I heard, I knew that He was talking about the name of the Temple (Church) that the Lord Jesus initiated, that Pedro continued and that would disappear from the human horizon in the 4th century, because Emperor Constantine created in the city of Rome, exactly in that 4th century, and valid for the entire Roman Empire, the Roman Apostolic Catholic Church (ICAR).

What Emperor Constantine constituted in Rome in the 4th century, solving, Like this, your own problems, had nothing to do with the Truth that came from Jesus and Peter. It was a purely Roman act, in the interests of the Roman Emperor himself. Find out why.

Because I tell you this?

Because, and since very early, what Constantine created took paths contrary to the so-called New Commandment, not being without reason that JESUS, CHRIST, in the 21st century, come and say:

– "My Message Has Not Passed". (See Message dictated in 31 December 2009).

It was not, nor has it been by chance that Mr. GAUTAMA, about BUDA, in the Message that dictated and that opens the First Book of ‘The New Scriptures’, ‘The Book of the Annunciation’, speak of this century, referring to, in the way it refers, to those, saying follow the CHRIST, they did everything out of LOVE to the Neighbor, that CHRIST left as a norm to follow.

Popes have not come to ask forgiveness of humanity!?

Because they ask for forgiveness!?

It will be because they were LOVE?

Help each one and, in Honesty, answer yourself.

Two thousand years have passed! An Age of Pisces Won, It was hateful, of heartbreak, of wars, of abuse, of impositions, arbitrariness of the entire order, and where cruel death, inhuman, it was a cowardly sentence before those who followed the Truth of the CHRIST, being that, such ICAR when mixing and taking advantage, with hypocritical smiles, of warlike wills and expansion of so-called Catholic kings, was imposing, at your pleasure, IE, as she wished and wanted, what the Lord JESUS ​​never validated as His Message.

Two thousand years later, in the middle of the Aquarian Age, in New Cycle Time, of change, and, so, at the beginning of a New and Eternal Golden Age, it is natural that the FATHER wishes to see all the misery and misery of the Age of Pisces ceased.

More, the entire inhabited and evolved Cosmos wants this to see, because this land corner cannot continue to be the ‘valley of tears’ that has been. Man must know how to enlist in LOVE, Eternal LAW OF GOD, that quickens everything.

If He created us free and if nothing can demand us, everything but HE can balance in obedience to his own LAWS, that aim at HARMONY in all Plans, Quadrants, Borders and Hearts.

Do not forget, never, this phrase of the CHRIST:

– "But God's law continues at the same pace, above human storms, and, Great moments, save alone the balance."

Therefore, let no one be surprised by our Divine FATHER / MOTHER / CREATOR, wish to see that Balance in this physical World, of the most beautiful He created, that has offered us, life after life, to make it our Sacred Evolutionary School, but how badly loved has been for all of us.

Yes, Beloved / Beloved!

Instead of LOVE each other, we have offered War and Death.

It was GOD who was wrong to give us Freedom? You know that!

So, if you understand what we are telling you, drop whatever is shadow, Come and be ONE with the FATHER - yes! You have to know Wanting to be ONE with Him -, helping Him in what He wants to see uplifted, being LIGHT, Peace and love, This is, being what, coming from Him, It lacks you to be truly ONE and HAPPY with Him.

THE PATH that's what JESUS ​​left, that Pedro continued and that today, Here and now, 17 Centuries later, By Will of the Father, again is presented to you to love and follow, if you have it as the TRUTH of Christ himself, who wants to take you to the FATHER, are, both, that's your conscious will.

It is so and for the reasons explained, that I tell You why our Divine FATHER / MOTHER / CREATOR wants to see Reborn what PEDRO left us.

If you couldn't answer me, if you didn't give me your answer, I give you mine. Analyze everything here I tell you, and you will conclude that everything has failed. Do you want it to continue?

COMPLETE, reminding you two messages: one that our Beloved and Longing Brother Francisco Cândido Xavier dictated in 23 August 2007, day when this TEMPLE was constituted by a notary, according to the laws of men, and a second, Of Jesus:


Reborn from the ashes.
Millennia after the last supper of the Lord Jesus.
Behold, you are the first Spiritist Temple.
Temple of the Lord Jesus Sananda.
May the doors of the new PATH open for all those in need.
Without looking at the creeds, races or faith.
Be ready to serve.
Be prepared to deliver knowledge.
Take knowledge of the Gospel and its coder.
The Pastor should not turn off your study.
Must instill their study in those who seek clarification, who confess their willingness in preparation.
Diversificai Allan Kardec.
You should stimulate the minds of those who seek the Lord in their eagerness to Faith.
Brothers! Much is required of those who work with knowledge.
Build your inner Temple, so that abroad it produces the fruits of Light. ”

Chico Xavier / Suzette Duarte. SAGRES, 23/08/2007

In day 04 August 2007, day when the name of this Temple was authorized by the Portuguese Authorities, the Lord JESUS ​​left, through our Sister Suzette Duarte, the following message:


So, THE PATH not only ‘Reborn from the ashes’, how is it, also, the First Church (Temple) spiritist.

This is what the Spirit of Truth referred to, in the 19th Century. It was necessary to “complete the Work”. They complete it. Mission Accomplished! Now, the rest, it depends on you, because THE PATH returned to you.

Yes! Nothing happens by chance, nor without a Just and Divine Cause, even though man still knows little of her.

If you don't know it enough, it's not just your fault, how about ignore. See what you don't know yourself, and tell yourself, whose fault is it. It will only be Yours?

Love, Peace and Light!

Eu sou Álvaro de Jesus
THE WAY-New Temple of the Lord
Porto city / Portugal

I Am the Light of the Planetary World



(Last Chapter of the Work 'The Great Synthesis’ do Prof. Peter Ubaldi, dictated by 'Your Voice', whose 1st Edition was published in 1937).

Our long journey is over. Everything has already been demonstrated, everything is completed to its logical conclusion. The seed is released in time, to germinate and bear fruit. I gave my true testimony, my work is complete. The thought came, pinned on the written word: no longer be able to destroy it. It's too early, to be all immediately understood. Not all ages are able to fully understand an idea, but it is necessary that, with psychology, the outlook change to see her in new ways. Your judgment is vitiated by a short term view, but year run, and when tiverdes seen or future, Synthesis will understand this in depth, and enquadrareis in world history. To some, these concepts will still be out of conceivable. Others refuse an understanding work because they enjoy them immediate advantage. Others seek to shake the truth because it disturbs the animalistic cycle of their lives, and will continue to sleep: these will tell the pain. The circle tightens and tomorrow will be too late.

The conviction is not so much the daughter of logical and rational calculations, but in a state of inner maturity, that can only be achieved by means of evidence, struggling and suffering. Useless, because, talk about this synthesis to demonstrate learning, if not ” We felt ” as guidance, if not assimilated as life. It is true that the collective soul of the people feel, by intuition rather than by reason, a filosofia, the political system and social order that suit for carrying out the purposes of his evolution, and sweep everything that does not correspond to the work that the historical moment demands. But, just as it is pointless to create logical systems and expect to be understood as incompatible with the historic moment, my view is a fecund vision that anticipates carrying, It is a synthesis of not only what can be known, but also the bold aspirations of the human soul.

I spoke to the world, to all people. Said the universal truth, true everywhere and at all times. Valued man and life, making them an eternal construction; through all the most disparate fields, did everything converge on a strict monism. In this synthesis: science, philosophy and faith are one. I again give you the passion of good and infinite. The all your life can encompass, of destination ua; art, right, ethics, fight, knowledge, ache, all channeled and merge on the same path of human ascent.

Ye furniture at infinity. Life is a journey, and only possess your works. Every time one dies and a each hour are reborn, but always as children ourselves. The evolution, second pressing tempo or rhythm do, no it can stop.

We see through false psychological perspective. You must not conceive things, but the trajectory of their transformism; no phenomena, but the phenomenal periods; Shops put yourself in dynamically fluidity of movement, conduct yourselves in this world of transient things, as beings indestrutíveis, a time which can only lead to a continuation, launched for an eternal future, that open you the doors of evolution.

After millennia and millennia, shall be no more children today, and overtake shapes awareness that today nem even sabeis to imagine. I have shown you the fate and large the torment that preceded you on the journey. They tell you what will be the man, the morning: No you can stop. We have seen the organic functioning of the great machine of the universe in its aspects, phases of your transformismo. It is an immense movement and you have to work as part of the great body.

A great attraction governs the entire universe by: Love. He sings in the architecture of lines, in the symphony of forces, in correspondence of the concepts, always present. It's called attraction and cohesion at the level of matter; impulse and transmission-level power; impulse of life and rise in level spirit. It is the harmony in the kinetic order, where lies our breathing and the breath of the universe. We dare reveal the mystery and look that veils a Lei, that It is the thought from God. In every field we have seen moments of this concept that governs all. Than the good no fear from to know a true.

O quadro is finalized, the view is complete. I have given you a concept of Divinity much less anthropomorphic, much more transparent in its intimate essence, more purified of the reductions made by human representation; a brighter concept, suitable for your modern soul more mature. So the mystery could emerge in terms of science and reason, leaving Symbol veils. We walked the mineral to genius, to contemplate the victory of man; We cry and yearn to him in the tiring conquest of good over evil, in the way of his ascent.

We have heard a great symphony, where the matter to spirit, all sing the anthem of life. We pray in harmony with all creatures sisters. The design moves at infinity. The only limits I have given you are the taxes for your conceivable. Our study was the worship of the Deity.

I have given you a universal and progressive truth, that can coordinate all relative truths. I have given you conclusions that can not be denied, without denying all knowledge, all or universe.

The premise is gigantic; can not be shaken. Every word is an appeal to your rationality; you can not deny it. Sempre affirmed, more than denied. The starting point of this conceptual organism is not egocentric nor anthropomorphic, but its genesis implies a transfer out of your design plan. Conclamei you to the great truths of the spirit; recompletei your life split in half by materialism; restituí-your to infinity as citizens eternal. Science has great responsibility: have destroyed the faith without knowing rebuild it. With their own means, I raised you to the Summary; I have given you a rational ethics based on vast scientific platform. I gave supersensório real weight goal. I have shown you the reality that is beyond illusion, the substance that lies in the transitional, there is the absolute changes in the relative. I raised science to the statement of metaphysical truths. Reuni os extremos inconciliáveis, matter and spirit, balancing and merging in a single work plan earth and sky. Headed man in his future cosmic consciousness. At the core of my thinking, always move the vision of God's law.

You can not deny this writing, that stir all the hopes and all human pain, throb of substantial life; you can not help feeling, behind the objective demonstration, a passion for good, absolute sincerity, a power of spirit that gives life to all. Be able to deny it or discuss the supernormal. But this is normal in all other creations of thinking; Normal them is the inspiration, without which do not reach the eternal truths; normal to super-rational intuition: Normal is a mystery gap in consciousness, which I know nothing. Every soul will vibrate and will respond according to its ability to vibrate and respond.

Here also tells the heart, exhorting you to rise. Herein lies immense love for men, as Christ felt on the cross; there is a violent desire to benefit, lighting up. This book wants to be an act of goodness and well, a vast plan. Iron rationality is contained in the momentum of a soul that see the future and You know that storm your wait. Understanding is simple and intuitive natural on stage. Only accepted science, the research, rationality, as a means that your psychology imposed me. Who wants to attack this doctrine to demolish it, I'm going to meet him with open arms, to tell them: You are my brother, this only really matters. Eu sei: these concepts are so far from the world made of lies and mistrust, that they seem unacceptable and inconceivable. But my language needs to be substantially different.

This is a desperate plea for wisdom, for world or. In the hearts of men and their systems, dominates selfishness and violence; not good, but evil. Modern civilization sows the seeds with great speed and looks forward to intensive production of its future pain. Does the pain of all. May become destructive tide that will destroy civilization. The media is ready for today a fire from spreading around the world. I talked to people and heads, Religious and civil, in public and in private. After the political reconciliation between Church and State, in Italy, urges far this greater spiritual reconciliation between science and faith in the world. If a coordinating principle does not organize human society, this is not disaggregate two clash selfishness.

I spoke at a critical moment, a story of the curve, at the dawn of the new civilization. Ye can not hear and not understand, but no be able change a Lei. If civilization is now more broad-based than in the Roman Empire times, and is no longer a simple focus on an unknown world, still exist, However, civility huge gaps, culture and wealth. The law leads to leveling and understanding. While there is only barbarous on earth, it will try to lower the civilization to its own level, invade and destroy, to learn. The inferior races quickly break the charm about his impression of the European technical superiority, and it shall take hold to jump to the throat of the old Lord. (Think about the attack occurred in Paris in 13.11.2015).

The all faiths, I say: that is divine, will remain; that is human, fall; any temporal assertion is a spiritual loss; each victory on earth is defeat in heaven. Avoid the absolutism and preferred the path of goodness. It does not apply to the imposition thought; the strength abates and produces clearance. Dai example of renunciation of earthly things. Your relative truths are only progressive views and different from the same single principle. The future does not consist in mutual exclusion, but in coordinating your approximations of the truth. Debate not: the conviction is not imposed with threats, but diffuses through example and with love.

The science I say that, While no for fecundada fur love evangelical, will be a science de inferno. Useless It is the progress mechanical that does the terra one garden, are, in that garden, live a beast. The terra It is one inferno why you am Devils. I went back-vos Angels and a terra will be one Paradise.

Do not fear the righteous and the afflicted looking, tremendous, human hubbub that seeks glory, wealth and pleasure, because it is, for a moment, wins and enjoys, a Lei is vigilante. ” Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, I shall be satisfied”. Digo-your: never agridais; be not ye the servants of your righteousness, but the Godhead; forgive. Always do good, and so shall ye make yourselves; let the reaction to Law; do not be prendais the offender with revenge. Not espalheis never thoughts, words, acts of destruction; not movimenteis the negative forces of demolition, because, give feedback, fall over yourselves. Always be constructive. Be concerned to create any field, not demolish; nothing has so much destructive power as a complete organism due. So, the old man falls for itself, no reaction struggles, because all the currents of life rush for new ways.

Do not rebel, Accept but all the work your destiny offers you. This is already perfect and contains all the appropriate evidence, although small. If so, not seek elsewhere grand heroics. The small weights that support long, often represent an effort, a patience, one major utility. The tests involve the slow work of assimilation; the construction of the spirit must be performed on each detail; life is all lived moment to moment, every time there is an act and a fact that binds to eternity. Remember that the destination is not bad, but always fair, even if the evidence is weighed. Remember that you never suffer in vain, because the pain carves the soul. The law of destiny obeys profound equilibriums and it is useless to rebel. There are pains that seem to kill, but ever present hopeless; you will never be burdened beyond your strength. The reaction of the inexhaustible powers of the soul is proportional to assault. Have faith, even if the sky is black, the closed horizon and everything seems just, because there is always waiting a force that will make you re-emerge. Abandonment and its sensation are part of proof, because only in this way can learn to fly with the own wings. Even when you sleep or ignorant, the sailing destination and knows: It is an ever-active force in the preparation of your tomorrow, which contains the most unlimited possibilities.

These ideals were taught on earth. Martyrs died for them. But, what has not been explored by the hypocrisy of man? Sometimes, ideals, to be released, just use this capacity to suffer exploitation, as the fruit is allowed to devour the seed is taken away. There is a class of builders and there is the class of breakers; parasites that, for a lie, operating a continuing degradation of all spiritual values. Some built at the expense of efforts Stormy and some people use for themselves, hangs like dead weight, to download all at own level. One is spirit that gives life, It is another matter that suffocates. The pure principle, therefore, infects-se, acquires lie flavor: Process ideals of degradation. Woe to the guilty, the demolition of the martyrs of effort! To from who does the mission a profession, and places the human spirit as power base! Woe to those who mind and induces lie; who with abuse, induces abuse; from who, giving example of successful injustice, to propose as a rule of life! Held an action, you can not cancel it until they run out and be reabsorbed its effects. Woe to the society to leave forgotten its best elements, not putting them in the position that can pay off in view of its merits, and abandons their highest values ​​to apathy and incomprehension. The posthumous recognitions are useless, and late remorse for a lost treasure. To that religions that no meet your assignment from save the values spiritual do mundo! The spirit can not die and rise again elsewhere, out of them. Woe to the leaders who do not obey the High and do not heed the voice of justice that resides in their own conscience! Woe to anyone who wastes his time and does not make his life a mission!

A final judgment awaits you all, not by the work of a God outside you, who can be deceived or touched. It is an omnipresent Law in space and time whose reaction there is no distance or delay that can stop, who does not escape, because it is within us, like inside all things. You can avoid or cheat the law of gravity? Thus, the reaction of the Law is neither avoided nor deceived., divine justice.

Deixo-your. My last word to those who suffer. This is big on earth, why return to God. Destroy the pain and you will destroy yourselves: ” Happy are those who cry, because they will be comforted “. Fear not the death that sets you free. You and your works, everything is indestructible for all eternity. My last word is Love, of peace, of Forgiveness, for all.

My work is finished. If for years and years, a different humanity, much bigger and better, looking back, research this seed launched with much anticipation to be soon fertilized and understood, and admiring how it was possible to get ahead of the times, may she have a thought of gratitude for the human being, alone and unknown, performed this work, through your love and your martyrdom.

The symphony is written. The song is silent. To resurface in other forms elsewhere. A voice turns off. Thought moves away from its outward manifestation, going down to the core, to your center, not infinite.

Your voice – last chapter of “The Great Synthesis” (Synthesis and solution of the problems of science and spirit), whose 1st edition came out in 1937, dictated by the Lord Jesus to Prof. Peter Ubaldi (1886-1972), the Apostle of the Third Millennium.

Prof.. Peter Ubaldi

(Prof.. Peter Ubaldi)

Audio that is linked to this Message: FAREWELL!


A Galactic Surprise Is Coming!

Note: This Message is interconnected with the Message that is placed next, by SaLuSa.

When we think we know what's going on in this matrix, we are reminded every day that we really only see the tip of the iceberg.

Every moment that we are alive in a human body, we are having a war to maintain our consciousness and the result will be greater than we can imagine.

Energetic events are happening behind the scenes that are changing the consciousness and reality, making the multidimensional timelines merge or dissipate.

Corrections are to be made in the NOW from our transmutation of energy that affects all time.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative to be the observer and concentrate on a positive result, either to ourselves, is for humanity.

Many of you who are reading this article are aware that this is, lately, my main message and the energy work that many are complete at this time will lead us to the verge of creating the change we want.

If faced with a difficult challenge and before reacting, become aware of the triggers, and that their reaction to these triggers is important.

The responsibility for your thoughts and energy to send, maintain the balance of positive energy, while negative offsets.

Remember to "stop, drop and ground yourself "before reacting to a situation that is being made in this illusion, as we move to the extreme polarity that will end in equilibrium at ground zero.

Take several deep breaths and count to 50, before reacting to something you feel like you are driving your basic emotional patterns, anger and fear.

We are experiencing the wildest ride of emotional turmoil than ever.

For each situation to deal calmly, is to transmute negative energy to positive and to contribute to the global energy change.

You may think this is not very important, or large, but this power is, in this moment, beyond our comprehension.

Maybe that's why we needed to have cleaned our trauma memory from the past, in order to do what we are now doing, because only a little focus on being responsible energy is all we really had to learn to make a big difference.

For those of you, energy workers who wish to have a little more responsibility, keep to ground the positive energy that is coming from the great Central Sun through our Sun to the human collective consciousness, as well as to the planet.

Once you know what is happening at all levels of the planet, You realize that this should be your main focus instead of doom, sadness and lies that the average conventional (TV, Radio, Newspaper) and some alternative news sources are reporting.

Although it was important, to identify manipulators, observe what is happening with neutrality is the focus of intention at this time.

If we knew everything that happens in the multidimensional level, spoil our surprise.

The higher aspects of our top EUs have been working with the consciousness in our physical bodies, creating a new reality for those who are ready to dissolve the matrix imposed where we are.

Because our thoughts can be easily read by the enemy, we may not be aware of our next step to our higher self be ready to implement such a move in the NOW moment.

Basic strategic moves have been implemented to keep the enemy without knowing what will hit.

Higher aspects of ourselves in the astral realms were clean, what is allowing more and more bridges are expanded from this awareness to our final destination.

When we do, Finally, switching to a higher realm of consciousness, nothing will be as expected or imagined.

While some people have said, recently, all this will take years to happen in humanity, I firmly believe that, individually, this can happen at any time.

This is the part that will be, for if, a huge surprise, when you, once again, contact with cosmic consciousness, which he was away.

At this time, final instructions will be accessible to finish what we came here to do.

Ascend to this higher part of us in "no time" allows us to bring our awareness to the perception that can last for days, While, for us, may have lasted only microseconds on earth.

Meeting galactic families will take place and congratulations will be in given.

Let's learn how to integrate this multidimensional state of zero point in our physical body and we remember how make ourselves immune to technology and the diseases with which we are, actually, being bombarded.

This place has always been within us, but so far it has been mostly inaccessible.

Every day we are getting closer to being able to merge this reality within our state of being awake in the NOW.

Let's remind us how to create our reality exactly as we want it to be.

We will be able to manifest anything we need to survive.

Let's remind us how to heal our body and heal others.

That moment will be a great surprise to some of us who are galactic star seeds and ambassadors, and we agreed to come here at this time to help the lost aspects of our Monad, as well as the rest of our soul family.

The time it will take for all of humanity has the opportunity to heal and move on up to us. Do not give ear to anyone who says it will take a long time.

This is a linear thinking and are wanting to distract us from the task we are to meet. This has happened and what we are all doing it with the intention of traveling back in time and merging this time with our NOW.

We are in total fusion with superior US.

Be assured that cosmic friends and family are working to create the space for us to intervene.

It fits us to us conectarmo us with this space, and, simply, who we really are and having the intention to do so.

Everything we learn about clearing negative energies of the past and go to our inner, has been a preparation for the time is coming.

We have been prepared for a very long time and this life is that we open our presents, in order to find the best surprise of all our stocks!

©Michelle Walling


Translation and Dissemination:

Video / audio editing

By: mxvenus

Lenticular clouds in South Africa, Cape Town, 09 November 2015


SaLuSa from message

Channeled into 6 November 2015

A new structure is being prepared, as you know, and this is due to the efforts of all those who dedicated their lives for the liberation of the beloved land of dark forces. You know that, in a very short in linear time, begin to experience the comfort ye should be truly free.

Para IRDES e virdes Books. Free should go beyond, beyond the Earth's physical space, free beyond the solar system, free beyond ...

At first, something is about to come out from behind the curtains, is your freedom to "go" and "come from", from anywhere in the world with total freedom. The boundaries between nations will be torn down and people will be unified and exchange such its many wisdoms.

Required, no doubt, advancement and the ability to reach the other side of your planet in minutes. People will hands as one people: the people of Earth; the human race. Your Inner Earth family will also come to the surface and will show you much of its history. Believe, loved, you are a blink of your eyes.

Dear, there is a potential for a European nation to bring the key that will open the doors of the world and hence the snowball effect can not be stopped.

Other cultures follow suit. People will begin to see that lost a lot of time following patterns of fear imposed by the leaders. They see that there is nothing to fear. When you are united as one people, the forces that could be called as "terrorists" have no place, because the fellowship is made manifest.

Your power as race unity is what has enabled us to expedite our work behind the scenes, why, as your average insists on showing the negative and focus to try to distract you, we see the whole picture and ensure that you are bathed in light and enter the New Age.

Many of you will be outraged when they see that were manipulated for a long time and, while believing that the world was on the brink of catastrophe, They were, in truth, entering an era of peace and calm.

Dear, love and unity among nations is what will come next and the most skeptical will see before your eyes, countries, before enemies, to hold hands, initiating peaceful settlements and exchange their achievements. Some may say this is too utopian, but we, ones, We can tell you with total certainty, because we see the whole picture and the potential is that.

We need not be that our ships come down to change the whole structure of the planet, For you yourselves are able to do so. High awareness levels are on Earth right now, and we, at all times, we are calling and trying to awaken those, among you, who are still doubtful.

Each of you who awakens to its real purpose on earth is great cause for celebration for us.

When awake more, requires que, in all moments, We have always been here and never you have been alone. Ye shall know that it was enough a little of your attention inside to you perceive our presence, Here grounded.

Many of us walk among you without percebais, but when tirardes slightly the focus of external distractions, see us here easily. Beloved, we know you have heard this many times, but insist this point, because vestments seen results.

Continue to hold the light in your hearts and radiate horizontally, to illuminate all around you and to drive changes in the physical plane, without delay. We know how much is stressful, sometimes, being surrounded by certain energies and still witness the same to express themselves in your brethren, around the corner.

Many souls need of your help, and while they sleep, Light ancorais, and while ancorais Light, they begin to take their first real glimpses of lucidity and impulses to review their sustained concepts still in old energy.

Many who still support the old energy are your political leaders and emphasize here again: not with hatred and desire for revenge will secure lift them in the Light. Each time emitis a thought of hatred and desire for revenge, They are snared in the same energy that you manipulate that be, which exerts a corrupt paper.

As your family we are, We ask: Parai wasting your energies with revolt, When could ye be, in fact, to help the planet and the whole system with the exercise of good by example.

There is much to do, ones, and we, your space family, we are ensuring that there may have interference from the dark Ones with their traps. But it's up to you to manterdes you in the Light for, these form, Do not be easily manipulated by dark forces. As recently said, have ensured that not too natural phenomena with sofrais, because Mother Earth, in some regions, bobbing literally to break free of old energies. We would like to mention, especially, the space bodies that have surrounded the earth and entered your atmosphere. We avoided that these meteors reaching the ground and causing injury.

Your science will detect, coming soon, new stars that "appear" in heaven in a surprising way and try to explain them your way. We hasten to say that this is because of what you are moving you through the universe and enter new areas and, in consequence, no wonder no, you will come across you with unfamiliar constellations by the peoples of the world so far.

In truth, some of your scientists are already aware of situations like this, but nothing speak because of the immense responsibility they would have to explain to the public how this could happen and would have to explain that Earth is also changing dimension. As you know, It will be ever closer to our beloved Sirius and you shall be to enter grouping with us.

There is much to be said and, coming soon, there is much to experience in the form of energy and information. Estonians semper, at all times, vigilant to energy, paying attention in your qualities. Percebei that, at no time, our messages bring discomfort, but always the feeling of peace and confidence. Do not let yourselves be deceived by vain attempts of the dark Ones, to bring you fear for our presence.

Try yet, through the big screen, portray them as potential threats when, in deep, know that the peoples of the world, mostly, They will no longer be fooled with such appeals.

We know we can count on each of you who read / hear our messages and feel our presence in some degree. We know of your confidence and ability to transmute old energies and giving them new qualities. Sempre que Bonding metallic powder, mentalizai the last remnants of the dark Ones wrapped in the Violet Flame of the beloved Saint Germain and mentalizai these beings to be transmuted into the most powerful Violet Flame. Be assured that your power, dear light workers, It is potentially high and can, easily, free dark souls and lift them back to the Light.

Eu sou Salus, Sirius, and as spokesman for the Galactic Federation, I am giving a warm welcome to your quadrant rapidly approaching our quadrant. (O Solar System approach System Sirius do.)

That we may have a starting blessed month, involved in the blessings of the Creator who is constantly engaging you and give you the opportunities that you may exercise your roles as sovereign beings.

Be at Peace. Are in the Light.

Canal Gabriel: Grateful my beloved, Salus!


Proofing: Luis Fernando Rostworowski / As long Yabushita



New Message from our Divine Mother MARIA.

Watch out on what she tells us about the new that is coming to Earth and every one of us.

It's make change, leaving the old, than imprisoned in for long centuries in darkness.

A lot of peace.

The Directive Team.


Message of Mother Mary (dictated 10-11-2015 Jane M. Brook)

Beloved Children:

May the blessings of love bring peace to your body, minds and hearts.

Another portal * opens bringing blessings to all of you, the portal of wisdom, the portal that brings out in you the eternal truth of the being of light who are.

It's time to exercise the courage to finally leave the past behind; it is time to accept the new, the new reality where duality and judgment become unity and understanding.

It is important that you may understand that the separation of the world is but the illusory world that have created, and at this time the drive you can only lead to dissolution of all conflicts, so you can emerge a new level of consciousness that will drive you to live a time of peace and plenty, of love and brotherhood, of total happiness and health.

Yes, sanity! It needs to be preserved at this time, because all the conflicts that have begotten throughout your walk come to the surface to be transmuted, allowing the healing of all wounds that will remain only in the memory of a time that comes to an end.

Strength and power, love and devotion, will and determination that's what life asks you to this critical moment of transition.

It's needed, because, these virtues are present in your day-to-day, for all the intensity contained in the events that emerge in your sacred moment can be recognized and treated with the balance of those who understand that, without heal the past, where so much darkness was created, impossible will be a future full of light.

And the light intensifies again, in this 11/11 which is presented to you all, bringing with it multiple opportunities for curardes all wounds, transmutardes all the negativity and lift up your consciousness in the final dive to a new Christ-level, accepting the new light codes that infiltrate in your essence, allowing you a new vision, a new understanding, a flowering of virtues inherent in you and that, Finally, find space to manifest in the world have chosen to evolve, the world of duality, that, turned, opens the door for the integration of all of you with powerful manifestations of power-wisdom-love.

Allow, because, the entry of this influx of light in your bodies, minds and hearts, Accept the Creator's presence in you, allowing the presence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to become the guiding of your steps, the eternal guide that shows you, at all times, the beauty of life and the joy contained in the manifestation of love.

Beloved, praise this day, Praise this moment in your journeys, accepting the challenge it contains, the challenge contained in the choice that you need to do, and which is only, the choice of living light or continue in darkness.

Accept the new, Accept the transformation that it offers, Accept health, joy, abundance, Accept longevity that allows you to be a living witness of a new era of brotherhood and peace in your beloved planet.

May the blessings emanating from the world of truth to be absorbed by all of you, this sacred food reinforce your intentions to turn limits, pains, health suffering, joy and peace.

Beloved! I leave you now pouring over all my blessings and involving all on my cloak of protection, because I am Mary, Your Mother.

* Mother Mary refers to day 11/11 What happens tomorrow, Wednesday.

SP – Message of Mother Mary-22-2015 received by Jane M. Brook

Mother Mary 2


Message sent to our Mailing List:

Dear Brothers and loved:

After you enhance the message that I sent to you by 04H51 today, and to put on facebook THE WAY, and on the 'Messages' from our new site, back to remind you of some of the Highest Cosmic Truth, coming from the Higher worlds of Life.

– “Eu Sou Tu e Tu És Eu. We Are A, there is no separation. "- The Creator

– "Your will is My Will." - The Creator

– "Each is where you want to be and is well, even if it is in the imperfection. "- The Creator.

– “Logo, there is sin against God. "- Christ

– "And you are not responsible for anyone." - Christ

– "But you are responsible for you." - Christ

– "Whereby, each will be as for what they have earned. "- Christ

– "Nothing in Nature is yours for free." - Divine Mother Mary


These maxims are perfectly interconnected, and I even tasted, interconnecting them, all of them reflecting the Cosmic Truth (Crystal), in which we operate and live day to day.

For so is, everything that is not tuned or calibrated with this Truth, will be the creation of man, logo temporal and finite, This is, without Eternal Life, By staying right here, who creates and lives.

But, if no one is here, all that we live and that is our creation only, nowhere leads, complicating our life we ​​desire is always upward.

That's what, and so here we tell you is that as the Maxims, supra, we leave.

Vos porque eu devo tone imports, or anything I do that you can cause damage, only then should I express.

The student who I am, grows and moves forward, a booming natural, I try to value in order to be able to approach me from my longed rise.

Stay in the Light of eternal and life-giving truth of Christ.

Eu sou Álvaro de Jesus




(“Now is the time to talk."I told the Lord Jesus)

Dear Brothers and loved:

It is very gratifying to me to know that it was the Father who gave me, this time, the task of being the Rebuilder of First Christian Church, THE PATH, and, at the same time, come to this divine incarnation time to do also that the First Spiritualist Church WAY, IE, the Church of the Comforter.

I could not, so, be more HAPPY, for being the ELO that unites each other.

First came to the Lord Jesus and His Apostles, that continued to the fourth century, the second came with the Spirit of Truth, the new comforter as The Jesus announced a 2.000 years, and methodical work and missionary Allan Kardec.

If the nineteenth century Allan Kardec was not advised by the Spirit of Truth to start building and leave a Spiritualist Church, joining, Like this, this Century, a Temple to a Science, also called the Doctrine and Philosophy, already today it can happen and, either by Jesus, or by Chico Xavier, either we identified in our current Mission.

JESUS ​​began WAY, and the Spirit of Truth, 19 Centuries later, He came and left the CONSOLER, and now, this is your brother and unifies these two realities Christic and declare them offers, because they are intended to all mankind on Earth.

New is that at a time, everything comes together to be what the old man never knew, for reasons that were lower, even start.

However, the ETERNAL, letting all follow, at a time, according to the will of man, NOW comes and restores His Truth.

So the Christ in elucidated:

-"But God's law continues at the same pace, above human storms, and, Great moments, alone saves the balance. "

Happy all understand what this, accept and help build.

We are THE WAY, we are or Comforter.

Viva JESUS, living the TRUTH, living LOVE, Viva a LUZ, Viva a VIDA, eternally evolving.

Eu sou Álvaro de Jesus

I Am the Light of the Planetary World

JESUS ​​says




Glimpse the horizon of the soul is the search.

It takes courage, discipline and kindness,

In addition to justice, love and serenity.

Not enough to have faith without work,

That demand for intangibles,

To get, with experience, in eternity.


Time is witness and company,

In this way redemption of the road.

With great effort, without hypocrisy,

Tuning or higher, meditation,

Persevering and watching, resignedly,

Reach the goal of evolution.


Work with respect and humility,

At heart is the desire of every generation.

Always following the example of the Master,

Position, dignity, sweetness and compassion.

The journey is long, with stones and thorns…

No facilities, It needs to follow the direction.


Certainly, It will not be easy.

But the difficulties are growing.

And a flurry of things will come…

We can see how a tsunami in time,

Or, acting with humility,

A teaching test.








Archangel Gabriel

By Vinicius Francis


I have a lot of time there and loved together with a love that goes beyond your measures. And supported with an infinitely deeper peace that all the oceans of the Earth and any other world. I am the sacred White Fire, the radius of God that emits intense Paz. Eu Sou a Paz, I Am White Light, Fire the Pacification of all hearts.

I greet you in deep peace, Tranquil, with intense respect and honor, because you are divine, are sons of the grace that permeates the universe, coming Fountain gushing light and life throughout the cosmos. Here is my name known there, Eu Sou Gabriel, Eu Sou a Paz, and down the steps of the purest dimensions to bless you.

My peace holds the hearts of all people who are placed. Fill up my peace, dive deep in the white light that I now pour upon you, sons and daughters of God. Through a “thread” so subtle connection, for thus it is necessary, I transfer my words to listeners committed to the light in their hearts and given to divine love.

Because only divine love can straighten the crooked paths and heal the sick heart, afflicted, injured, no hope. Where is it, because, your certainty? You placed it on weakened and unstable pillars and supports? Is it about the fragile that you place your faith in or is it about the unshakable? I come and bring peace, I come and bring the power to pacify your world at my fingertip

It only takes a light breath of the Creator's Peace for your entire world to become the most sublime and most peaceful environment in this galaxy.. However, what opens the door to sublime Peace is Love. That’s why you receive the most, just like what you need most.

Lift your head and pay attention to my words. Don't run away from the truth, that as a friend, has knocked on the door. Don't run from power, that as a tool in the truth case, is available to you. All ingredients, for a major transformation, They are delivered each day. Do not throw away the only chance, odd, that you have right now. Your freedom and your full peace are not scheduled for a certain date, they happen right now.

Because nothing exists beyond the "right now". So, this is the day, this is the moment that you are choosing to possess the inner redemption. Undress up of old clothes and take a new. And if ye one, I give to you today, sons and daughters of God. I seen you in the most profound peace and bathing you in Light Source, for I Am "in the" peace you seek, I am the pacification of hearts, and God came to bless you.

Nada temam, because peace destroys fear and confusion.

Do not worry about anything, for Peace makes you fall asleep in the arms of the Creator.

As the storm falls outside, Peace warms you and protects you as a safe cabin. No time in the history of this world you call Earth was as important as this, because there has been a big change, although many have not yet realized it, what is natural. So it must be for those who choose to become, do so only by a free decision and not influenced by external events.

Children of God! It's so easy to solve the chaos of your world! Although it is functional because it stimulates you to transform you, It is simple to modify what appears turbulent. Just a breath, disse-you had, just a breath of Source. But now, today, you can also do something to contribute greatly, if you like.

There is one thing you can do and none of us have asked for something moreover, just want to put themselves in the position of going up and up, albeit slowly, but go up and just that. The message is always given, align your thoughts, your emotions, your attitudes. Keep in mind this goal and make it the most important goal. Who have wounded before, ireis amar. Who before caluniaste, ides elogiar.

What used to be judged according to your human concepts you will accept, simply accept. Those who persecute you will forgive. What not fazíeis by demotivation, going to do with good will. The prayer that esquecíeis to perform in the morning, go over to do, with humility and trust, knowing that nothing, absolutely nothing, you do alone.

"Good Morning", that did not hum- ming to the strange, to neighbor, the co-worker or family, By such relationships become so everyday, shall grant with love. Because a new world is built with small actions and intentions that they return them. Meditation, always postponed by the restless mind of excuse or many chores, will carry out now with discipline and zeal, because you have need to align you to who you are for what they promise better energy.

The complaint or the mere review of a situation that does not go well should be replaced by words of blessing or change, simply, issue. Do not touch the wound of something that does not seem to go, deliver it in God's hands and go ahead give your best to what has fluid in prosperity.

Stubbornness, before I had to remain static in the face of circumstances which have emerged to help you to grow and expand the horizons of possibilities, or, even he waved before things both insist on getting, but without results, render her persistence and perseverance, to apply the functional, which is nothing more than improve your energy.

The thank before enjoying food, which until then was sidelined for much eagerness in the eating, do it now. Because the fact that they can feed themselves is a gift, seen weeks or food, your body will suffer. Pay attention to the waste of time on things that you will not add anything.

Have fun and allow yourself to have the desired pleasures, However, express the weighting, so do not fail to produce what is useful, becoming rampant generators futile.

Every dog ​​has his day, your time and your needs. Everything is good if implemented wisely and in the right dose. Everything can be profitable, cultivate only the insight to know the time for every thing.

I found breathe constantemente, it will relieve you of stress, nervousness, insecurity. And in doing so convene Peace. And it will embrace you as the sunlight embraces the Earth every morning. So long gone from your score that you support!

Your Earth is beautiful and full of Good everywhere. The Creator sent you here that you might expand well in it. Do it now, now, this minute. A well thought contributes to the Well of the world, as well as a bad thought affects you.

A Paz vos dou, with peace you bath, Peace in imerjo you today. I know you, each individually, and I love to love that goes beyond all measures of spacetime.

Yes, because love is not measured, love is everything.

Eu Sou a Paz, as I love.

Eu Sou Gabriel, the sacred White Fire, the Host of God that remains to sustain you that you should follow the path of eternity.

Pacifico your hearts in White-Silver Flame and she bless this day.

Please, respects the credits to share

Source – The Sons of Alva

Thankfully Vinicius!

Archangel Gabriel


In the INTRODUCTION 9 Letters of Christ, and placed by His Channel, pear-se:

"I have come to rectify the misinterpretations, that were made from my teachings, when I was known as 'JESUS', na Palestine, two thousand years ago.

In view of the people present at the threshold of a world crisis of enormous proportions, It is vital to survival, que Eu, Christ, can reach all who will listen. You know little about the true processes of creation in which it has a major role. It is imperative that you understand well enough the, to be able to take part in the implementation of a higher vision for all humanity. It is impossible for my spiritual consciousness to take a human form.

To speak to him directly, desprogramei and prepared a receptive, obedient mind to receive my Truth and to transcribe into words. She is my 'Canal' ".

'THE WAY’ today, like yesterday, we are, thus complies with its Mission, This is, It shows you His Truth. Yes! Today like yesterday, What we are is Himself, THE PATH.

Very Grateful we are to our Heavenly Father Creator.


Álvaro de Jesus





The fish bladder

Message Celia Fenn

25 October 2015


The Two Suns and a Super Moon

So it has been a powerful time and powerful energies continue to arrive. Generally, this can be explained in relation to the activities of the Sun and Solar Explosions. But, in this case, there has been very little real correlation and it seems, in fact, there must be another explanation. And there!

The powerful waves that are now feeling are Galactic and Cosmic origin and, although they include Solar activity, there is much more happening. I would like to share with you my understanding of some of these powerful forces that are now driving our Transformation and Ascension.

I called this message "Two Suns and a Super Moon of Taurus / Orion", because now there Galactic Fundamental forces in business.

First of all, lembrar-you that you can, in August, eu I wrote a text, to explain how the heliacal birth of Sirius at dawn, the Lion Horoscope, It created a moment the Terra, actually, We had two suns, Solaris, as we call our Sun and Sirius, the powerful Blue Star.

This alignment of two Stellar systems, Solares and Sirius, continues in heaven, on their journey through the galaxy of the Golden Rose (Via Láctea) and in their interaction with the Earth, the newly emerging Planet Blue Star.

This alignment becomes more and more intense up its apex in 11 November, no 11/11, which this year will be a 11/11/8.

In holographic terms, this means that Sirius and the Sun / Solaris create a Vesica Piscis (N.T: Vesica Pisces is the form that is the intersection of two circles with the same radius, wherein the center of each circle is on the other), or Stargate, allowing powerful Cosmic energies and Galactic is transmitted to Earth, which is a birth / rebirth process.

In terms of Sacred Geometry and Sacred Union energy, both Stellar Systems merge their energy fields, creating a portal for the exchange of energy and create something new.

The Old Ones who have acquired the wisdom of Nations Sirius Star knew it, and this wisdom encoded in a series of "keys", who are today, ironically, available, although very little has been understood by those who have access to them.

However, as we emerged in Higher Consciousness, we reconnect ourselves with the Ancient Wisdom and beginning to understand the power of these keys in our Ascension process.


In this period, between late October and early November, we are still feeling the effects of the Lunar Eclipse and Equinox transitions, but we are moving in at great speed to the 11/11/8.

Many people are feeling a little restless, while integrating these powerful waves, but we are still driving us to another even more powerful. Everything is focused on this part of our "sky" Galactic, containing Sirius and Orion.

Like this, on this week, in 21 and 22 October, concluded meteor showers Orion, which is waste of Comet Halley, to pay us a visit.

It was amazing and beautiful, but those who return some may remember that Comet Halley played an important role in changing awareness and raising awareness, na early 80, shortly before the Harmonic Convergence, in 16 and 17 August 1987, that was the First World Earth Change, in the Global Ascension journey.

Comet Halley always falls around, when the Earth is prepared for a big change, and the meteorites that are now emerging is a Galactic reminder that we are in a Great Shift and the original incentive of Harmonic Convergence is still propel us.

The Orion Meteor Storm originates from the constellation Orion, near the star Betelgeuse. And, this second week, we will experience the last of the Full Moons of the Super Moon, which will be in the house Astrological Taurus, which is the nearest neighbor Orion.

Another Galactic energy blast area of ​​Sirius Galaxy / Orion

This explosion will be magnified by the magnetism of the Super Moon.

What is the importance of this?

Good, the Sun and Sirius are already in alignment, creating a Stargate

But, the system of Orion is also a powerful Stargate.

It is well known that the three Pyramids of Giza are aligned with the three stars of Orion's Belt.

This reflects the teaching of Ancient Egyptian nation and the Sirius Star that the system was Orion, actually, a Cosmic Portal that connected with other galaxies in our local universe.

Like this, you are beginning to have a vision of the kind of powerful Cosmic energies that are now line up!

You can feel the openings in the Galactic networks that are allowing us a connection with deep and powerful energies that felt long as humans.

We need to start our ascension in the Harmonic Convergence 1987, to reach the point where our Lightbody and our physical body were crystalline enough to be able to receive these waves of Light and resonate or vibrate with them!

This is a time of joy, although it seems, Maybe, physically uncomfortable! The human being to receive the Great Central Sun Diamond Codes, or the Divine Cosmic Heart!

The Portal of Orion Star will be amplified at the Full Moon, while the Two Suns, Solaris and Sirius, They continue on their journey to the time of Holy Union, when your Stargate also opens and allows the incoming energies from the Great Central Sun.

Like this, as I understand, Orion Portal allows us to access the consciousness of Osiris, which is the rise to Immortality and the ability to move in between the veils.

I am not suggesting that we all become immortal at the Full Moon, but an understanding of the possibilities and the rise of the processes will become deepest, while we receive these codes and Teachings beyond our solar system and connect with those who have guided our Transformation, beyond the stars.

This is a powerful time for the reception and the transmission of energy and codes. "They" are waiting to hear from us, also, as we celebrate through the activation and Ceremony. Our Stellar Nations and our origin stars are waiting for our progress reports, even while we wait for the transmission of our Light Codes to help our process.


In 11 November, Solaris and Sirius are perfectly aligned to create the Vesica Piscis, also known as the "Eye of Horus", which is the Portal Creation.

Na Geometria Sagrada, when the two come together, create an energy overlay, where the creation processes are originated and is a very powerful moment. When Solaris and Sirius create this energy overlap, they create new Light Codes for Planet Earth, that help in the process of "rebirth" or "ascension".

The Sacred Union is one of the fundamental processes of the Ascension energies, Therefore Cosmic na / Galactic estrutura, but also in our personal lives. It is a standard that helps us to fully know ourselves and understand what is "above", It is also "down" on Earth, where we are receiving these powerful energies in our bodies and in our Light Bodies.

O Portal 11/11 It is traditionally a "portal", where thorough understanding of Cosmic Truth are gifted to humanity.

O 11/11/8 It includes the number 8, that is associated with Star 8 Sacred Union pointed Twin Flame, which also tells us that what will be coming through this portal of 11/11/8 will be the Cosmic and Galactic teachings and understandings of the Sacred Union, and the processes of our Ascension and Transformation.


Please, respect credits when sharing

Translation: Regina Drumond -

Grata Regina!



Gratitude, Stela! Gratitude, Regina!





Reading and Lecture of the day 24-10-2015:


Studies: Reading of two Messages from our Beloved Brother CHICO XAVIER and approaches from certain Experiences and



Eliane Maciel (Aline)

How to behave in this period of the year 2015


Our Dear Sister Eliane Maciel (Aline), creator of the program “Keeping an eye on the World ’, that we haven't visited in a while.

This video is from the day 13 from May of 2015.

Pay close attention to what she is telling us…

I leave you with her:

Eliane Maciel (Aline) 1


TRUTH and only TRUTH.

Whoever is in the TRUTH is with CHRIST and will be with the FATHER!

Álvaro de Jesus

Jesus Sananda




Channel: Maria Silvia Orlovas


There is an urgency in Time.

It's time to look at yourself. Those who were called to the spiritual path, You must look to themselves and get an understanding of your own reflection.

In ancient times, the wise men, defined the myths – are reflections of your own walk.

Look at your reflection. Everything that exists today in your life is the reflection of what exist inside you.

If inside you there is harmony-harmony will exist in your external world.

If inside you – diseases manifest illness exists in objective world.

If inside you there is strength, the power and the connection with the divine – this power and this power will come to the outside world, also.

It's time to take this power. Believing that breed them your fate and that is a real fact. It's not just a statement of books or the beauty of words and spiritual messages.

Each your attitude – every smile, every glance, each kindly – or every assault that do, promoveis the chain reaction of people, energies and facts around.

And in this sense, It may seem hard to look at your past and see how many crap ever made. How many negative acts, How many misplaced words, how much I despise. How many errors! Look at your past, look at yourselves and make the harmonisation of all this.

Each of you, You can't avoid the reflection of the actions of the past. But, Recognizing what has already been, Recognizing who is today, and recognizing the strength you have to create your destiny-can live differently. And you can sow now this difference, in your world.

Accept your pain. Take what you've done. Accept his gift is a reflection of everything that has already been. And when host, inside yourself, This deep acceptance with love… Working consciously to change everything that today lives – the changes are coming.

But, not suffering. Acceptance is the opposite of suffering. Get in tune of understanding: You've already done, has already been.

The one who did, that which has been, is still. So welcome, With love, and change that which was. And change that which is today.

Take responsibility for your life, is take your strength, is take your power. When it ceases to be the victim of an unhappy fate is one that creates your destiny, love and light.

Now, our role on the planet is to bring awareness. Our job is to sow this conscience full of love, everywhere, for all people.

And you will be surprised to see how many people are experiencing this awakening.

You will be surprised to see how many people, recognize in you, This awakening.

You sow our strength, our conscience.

Is the time of rise of the Planet. Is the moment of the cure of many situations. And so this cure can happen, many desires and many conditions that were once balanced, may today seem: imbalance.

But the imbalance is the form of change. The imbalance provides the new interior organization and the new organization of the outside world.

So, If you live here and now, with some questions, with some unresolved situations, understand that this is the big change.

At the service of White Brotherhood, I Am Sananda. And I'm assuming, in this moment, much of the control of Elevation of consciousness.

I am here, in subtle body, working the energy of each and every one of you. To assist in awareness and in the expansion of light, of love and the strength of each one of you.

Promote the Well, thinking Well. Boys, you must strive to be Contemplatives, loving, patients, Nice.

Because this wave, This energy-love, of ease, and education to gentility-, provides that all this change is much lighter, much easier. And it happens to a lot of tranquility.

The world you know will end. But not in the destruction of the ego. The forces of evil. This world – the way it was, until today-ends.

Because here's the new consciousness. And this awareness will-in the light of God, in divine light-take care of the entire planet.

She will leave the individual work of each. Expand on your family, with your friends… And then around the Planet. Be confident. Believe in the Well. And focus your mind on helping others and yourself.

Take your harsh words. Diminish the fights of ego and vanity. And so, then you serve my cause, that is our cause.

Receive my blessings and light. And stay in harmony and in peace.



Gratitude, Maria Silvia Orlovas! Gratitude, Diogo!

Source: http://mariasilviaporlovas. blogspot.…

Jesus Sananda


Readings and Lecture of the day 17-10-2015


Addendum… A Previously sent messages…

There Is No Sin Against GOD, because GOD created You Perfect, without sin. Or don't you believe you were created in his image and likeness?!?

IT'S, because, your freedom, that ‘kills’ you, that Your cross offers You!

That's why it all depends on you.

Neither GOD, no CRISTO You went. It's the men who lie to you, who judge you and punish you.

Leave, because, the allegory, Be Responsible and SAI of the company of those who foster the illusion, who tell you there is sin, that make you kneel!


If There Is No Sin Against GOD, there is no place for confession, to indulgence, in Bula, to the business.

In Fatima, or, sit down and pray ... oblivious to everything that your physical eyes can show you, why be, only, of men, of certain men.


Pretty flowers...



(Everything has a Reason to Be)


We are Cosmic Beings, we live in the Cosmos, and our whole life is regulated.

There are no accidents, luck or coincidence, and even if we don't know it yet, we are living what we proposed to FATHER to come here to experience this descent to the Incarnation.

We are not our physical body, and this body, that we will have while we are here, it only serves as an instrument for us to use (fruir) school subjects, in order to bring to fruition our current Human experience.

Everything on Earth is finite, transformable, and will never leave here. Therefore, we should never cling to earthly goods, thinking that these earthly goods are what we must achieve for our spiritual ascent. We can have and enjoy here whatever we want, as long as it's authorized in our Life Charter, but never cling to it. Earthly goods exist and serve us to grow, to evolve, but only to this.

If you want or have with other interest or desire, this will be attachment, where asked to leave.

Come here to evolve through love that we, Since soon, ourselves, as well as the whole of Creation, because in all that exists is Divine Essence, the same Essence that created us in His image and likeness.

We are, because, Consciousness (Beings) Spiritual, who came back to the human condition, as well things were made, granjearmos for more light to our spiritual diadem, approaching us like the Great Light that created us and we will waiting for our reunion with Same.

This Grande SUN after the Create, blowing on us His Life, He gave us the second largest Well that anyone can give to another, the Liberty.

We are, therefore, Divine consciousness, Books, but I have to remember all that St., through its welcomed the veils of the Incarnation. This is the great challenge that throws us SOURCE.

When we come to Incarnations, from the first until the last that we will live before Ascender, We remember anything that, there resides the great challenge, because the Great Creator SUN, a LUZ, is falling on us the veils that nothing needed to prevent what we have come to seek, living in an integrated society where many of its constituents are known Souls of other Lives, but what, through these veils, not consciously remember.

Or we can be to live with siblings, in our past lives, were our affines or not ...

It is this existential exercise that we are living here, the engine of our rise, knowing that no one enters or leaves our Life without a Just Reason.

Ter-I, therefore, to you as recipients of our messages, it is not by chance. Therefore, let each one of you allow yourself to judge because you receive them, and, after understanding it, minimally, act how you should act, knowing that nothing is the work of these accidents.

Stay in Peace.

Álvaro de Jesus


I am Life



(Everything depends on you)

Beloved / Beloved:

What was said to you in our last two ELUCIDATES is the Truth.

Yet, Your Freedom, if you don't know how to manage it in LUZ, will send you into darkness.

Yes, the darkness is Yours and our creation, because we were Created Perfect, but being FREE. Our Freedom, being a divine good, can and will be our own Cross, especially if our life is managed by our ego.

With regard to You, it all depends, so, de Ti and only de Ti.

Opens, because, calm and serenity, all Thy channels to be able to understand this.

Do not forget, also, the many warnings of our Divine Mother MARIA, and leaves the illusion.

What is the illusion?

The illusion has been identified Te here many times and in many ways, but if you continue to not give credence to what is taught Te, asks for it to Your Heart, and he will answer Te. But you have to Know Your Heart Listen to this.

Here too Te has been said, by Someone who all won, Everything you have in you. Remember?

Yes! And you know why you have everything in you?

Because the CREATOR, that is Your and our Source of Being, IT'S (Is) on thee.

Logo, You lack nothing, that is not only Beings Will It in Action.

Compreendes? So, discovers Be You and what You must be.

It Te! Win Yourself, Said LUZ, for all power Be Your!

Hugs and Truth.

Álvaro de Jesus


Flower corridors



(All we know forever)

The great enlightened of History, in order to achieve that his Enlightenment, They had to abandon the world. Not that I did not love the world but ..., because the world did not know the understanding, not seguir, as not yet realized the need to be Illuminated.

Helping others is always be ... but LOVE, citando JESUS, it is necessary that the other requesting such assistance. Otherwise it will be a violation.

And naturally every day, more and better understand His Truth, what is, himself, the Truth and PAI, BECAUSE WE ARE ALL UM, the truth of each of us.

Sobre o Pedido que eu vos formulei, whether or not the messages were of those who signed, advance with a help, also giving the answer.

Let's look: the more high rises over Horizons, Attributes and capabilities tem. Is not true!?

So, put limits on who, Submitted by ter mais Alto, no longer has the, or, the loses as you Climbing, is thinking the opposite of truth set forth in the preceding sentence, revealing, Yes, their own and natural limits.

No one olvide that was created simple, free and ignorant. Logo, congenitamente, each is or 'suffer' it, By Will of the Father, thus the CREATED. But, taking us HE Created in His Image and Likeness, We are so Perfect and all we know, simply come to us Incarnation to go Remembering what Us.

So you will HE saying: "You're not learn, you to remember everything you are and forever. "God speaks!? I doubt it? The one who keeps talking? Will you be?

PAI wants us to be us, cada um de per si, climbing the ladder of Knowledge and Being which is, but with or aware of it.

No one is born taught! Yes! Is true, and more it is necessary to study or pursue a Master, to help us realize that matter.

To all it is recalled that, when it comes to our Divine Mother MARIA, She serves as an example, in Your Messages, to take leave, It is stated in:

" … Why Eu Sou Maria, Your Mother. "

Therefore, They sign the dictates, without requiring prosecutors.

When I lived in the city of Coimbra there were many dozens of disembodied brothers who came to ask LIGHT. And, a todos, We were helping to be that Light. Therefore, from the simplest to the highest, everybody talks. Ok?

Much peace and continue to study.

Álvaro de Jesus


Flower Cart


Reading and Lecture 10.10.2015, having been at the end of one Channeling we advise you hear:


Mother Mary – “Anchoring Forgiveness” – 06.10.2015

Gabriel: Please, ones, read the tune of the song below. I recommend, particularly, placing the music at a nice height and then read the message aloud. Ye can feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies.


Beloved Children:

May the blessings of love bring peace to your body, minds and hearts.

Light waves are intensified, human on Earth feel its effects, one way or another, realizing the expansion of Light itself, or feeling something uncomfortable. Anyway, Light bath served and has served to lift you up more and more intensely, showing more light or showing points to be illuminated. The time becomes increasingly shorter due to compression of the linearly timelines, that converge quickly to the Golden Era - NOW – even thou, not having another twenty-four hours a day your, expansion opportunities, instead, increase and require further alignment with your US.

This alignment with your US has requested something very important: the forgiveness" – It's time, loved, forgiveness. To take this wave and forgive for all that you think they have done wrong. Time to forgive the past, the present and venture into the bright future that is now. Yes, loved, the future is now. Experimentai, loved, Simple breathing and feel the comfort that we send to you. Constantly we send our love so that you can feel and acknowledge you as you are. We never punish you, you never saw beings as sinners. The idea of ​​sin is completely fails.

Bless, loved, your experiences, forgive you and forgive all who have passed through your life, leaving some dark thread. All that you Compreendei, in some way, did you suffer, still suffer the most because they had to carry the burden of executioners. Perdoai your e-your-lifted. It was only necessary experiments to both sides, which served the time required. Now it's time to let go. They are just experiences and you need not, in any way, you grab them, but only for the joy I have experienced things that serve you as learning and expansion, because this has always been the primary idea. This is how you descended to the low vibrations: in full joy for having the opportunity to experience extreme situations and know which you might expand you even more here in Luz, illuminating the darkness around you. I turned, loved, turn again to the primary joy…

Perpetueis not your suffering through self-flagellation, called here of guilt, blame for something you have done or have failed to do. Everything is Light, loved! And all you have experienced has been and will be a blessing in some way. Have you not read that God broke apart and went down to the physical in thousands of particles to try? To try things? Ye, loved, ye are Gods, I have said my beloved son, Jesus.

Guilt spread poison in your physical bodies, results in a reduction of red blood cells and causes considerable decrease of your natural defenses and, further, blocks the channel of communication with the spiritual friends who watch you and want to share with you the love of the spirit.

Beloved, time is running so that you can lift you in love, raising your vibrations and crystallizing your cell by forgiving others and yourselves.

Remember that every experience that you were offered had the blessing of your Higher Self, that architect all plausible experiences to progress in the Light. This my message, deixo codes of Light to, if so you desire to, they come by your eyes as you read and enlighten your hearts, giving you encouragement that you may lift you up.

You you carry the burden of guilt… Oh, Yes, beloved child, beloved daughter, I speak to you to right now: lets go all the blame, resentment and any other feeling than love. Try now breathe and feel my mother's hug. Breathe… Breathe…

Now I feel my presence near you, My son… Feel the peace that flows from me to you and, as in perfect sync, unifiquemo-us peace nessa. There is no difference between us. Always share the same love, because we come from the Supreme Love. We come from God. And God is. Here there is no guilt, There's no pain, there is no resentment.

View now smiling, to celebrate with all who have gone through your life, all, without exception. View endless joy, loving hugs and, Yes, allows the tears fall down your happy face. It's party time, is forgiveness time, is acceptance time. This is the moment. The whole burden comes off your shoulders. Recognizes you as a divine being, loves you and is proud to have you accomplished the arduous task of experiencing the lower vibrations. Oh, beloved!… You feel all this love feeling that now flows from you, where only what is Peace, Forgiveness and feeling of accomplishment.

When you get forgiveness, quando thirds, yourself, the blessing of forgiveness, will be called for new experiences. New people will appear in your lives, new opportunities, new energy… This will happen, loved, soltastes because the bonds of guilt and denial. Denial not accept something that has done to you by others, or denial by not accepting something that you think you have done wrong for yourselves. But, to let go, the new will come to you and acessareis the luminous world that is so close to you. It is a simple breathing.

Beloved! I leave you now pouring over you all my blessings and involving everyone in my mantle of protection, because I am Mary, Your Mother.

Gabriel: Always Grateful, beloved Mother.

look Here more my plumbing.

look Here more posts by Mother Mary.

Proofing: Luis Fernando Rostworowski e Solange Yabushita


Revised text and placed in European Portuguese, by Alvaro de Jesus.

Mother Mary



(The Nazareth Grotto)

1ª Parte

Dear ...

Taking into full consideration what the Lord told me yesterday, I will go, from this sacred momentum, 18H25, do dia 30-09-2015, speak only of His Truth, subsumed in His messages and letters, as other works me too arrivals.

Perhaps what I leave with you here is the beginning of a book that will edit.

be that as it may, iniciemos, because, our written Mission.

“VIDA DE JESUS, dictated by Himself ", is a work dictated by JESUS, in 1835, the ancient city of Avignon. This work consolidated and founded Spiritualism, as stated in the Preamble of its First Edition.

Logo a abrir, the Lord, beginning his narrative, day:

– "My Brothers! Listen to the story of my life on earth as the Messiah. I was the oldest of seven brothers.”

From a page 48, where he begins his narration, to page 352, where He ends, We have 304 Divine Teaching pages, Truth and Light, that every man should read and live in Himself.

After all this work, logo a seguir, na page 353, we find the testimony of the Apostle Peter, that the Resurrection of Jesus, which tells us that he lived in the night from Saturday to Sunday, immediately after the crucifixion of the Lord, from the tomb where lay the physical body of the Lord, in Joseph of Arimathea company, Great-uncle of Jesus and owner of the said grave.

Before I relate to you what Pedo lived and consummated with Joseph of Arimathea, let me tell you that I have never accepted the resurrection of the body, as we are told in the Creed Catholic.

Pedro, I am feeling very sad for having denied the Lord 3 times, and being Saturday evening, architect solves a plan to prevent the holy body of the Lord was desecrated.

Let the night fell and, with all care, not seen, He went to the tomb where the Lord's remains were, taking with him a sheet and washed his bat, for thinking that such staff would be enough to draw back the slab that was covering the entrance of the tomb.

Come that came to the tomb and wishing to start the task that had brought him there, He found he could not move away, by myself, with his bat, the input slab.

However, hear someone's footsteps approaching, and, ducking to not be seen, We are awaiting the arrival of the evening tour approaching.

Recognizing treat yourself to Joseph of Arimathea, I donate or do grave, decides to get up and greet you, informing him of the desire that had brought him there.

José, wondering the presence of Peter at the tomb, He understands his will and tells you that will help in the imagination, starting both the task that Peter thought he could accomplish alone.

Despite the difficulty and time spent on this task, can open the tomb, remove the sheet where the Lord was wrapped, changing it from what Peter had taken, I sell, However, the night was already high, by asking about the grave to which they were to take the holy corpse.

The Apostle Pedo indicates a tomb that Joseph of Arimathea does not accept, by their owners reside in the city and at all times be able to discover in it the presence of the Lord's body, pointing another, further from the city, whose owners had gone to live in Rome and, so, being abandoned.

Peter agrees and start, therefore, a transladação do santo corpo.

Having reached this tomb, there lay the body of the Lord, sell que, However, the Alvorada is born.

Decide not to return to the first tomb, They agree to keep absolute silence about what had just hold, and, firing up, follows every man to his house.

Eis, In summary, Pedro do story.

The women, on Sunday morning, fulfilling what time the obligation was, when they returned to the tomb to continue the funeral hygiene care of the Lord's body, find the open tomb, and the sheet that Peter changed, in floor.

All very simple and natural to accept, to be the result of a mere human action, but what, ignored, It was not known or even thought.

There were no angels or guards, but only an open tomb, and a sheet with blood traces on the ground.

The rest guesses.

If Jesus had begun His narration saying that was the first of Seven Brothers, Pedro acabava-a, truly, by revealing that he had been, More Joseph of Arimathea who made disappear the Holy Sepulchre Body, where women arrive on Sunday morning.


2ª Parte


However, CHRIST, in His Letters, says: 'My body was found in the Nazareth Grotto'.

What do you mean?

Let's see ...

The Lord JESUS, in life, informed his Uncle much-loved Grandfather, Joseph of Arimathea, Uncle, Grandfather knew of His mission as Christ, had chosen 'die' by crucifixion, asking that his great-uncle loved to accompany him to see some of them, Indeed it happened.

More informed and had asked that his Uncle, Grandfather, after his crucifixion, ask your body to Pontius Pilate and give him burial in his tomb, but what, after the transladasse, with some of its employees, for Nazareth in cave, where he, JESUS, lived moments of great happiness in his youth, giving you a sketch so that I could find.

Today, the reading Christ's Letters, we know that Joseph of Arimathea fulfilled all that the Lord asked him: The buried him in his tomb, and led Him to this Grotto.

Joseph of Arimathea have helped Pedro in the first translocation, It was only a detail of the way, because when Joseph was on Saturday night at the tomb, out, or intended to go, merely, analyze how could he hold, unseen, future translocation of the body to Nazareth.

Joseph of Arimathea, by suggesting to Peter the tomb where they took the Lord's body, He became more comfortable, after that, make the second translocation to Nazareth, what happened, and that takes Christ to be able to say that His body was found in Nazareth cave.


This is the Truth of Christ, started in His Work 'LIFE OF JESUS ​​dictated by Himself', and confirmed in His Letters.

I am very Thankful to God for all that I know, and all this understand and accept.

Given this, fits, now, every one of us, His Truth, We Should be BE.



Archangel MESSAGE zadkiel

October 2015


Channeled by Linda Robinson


Regards, Beloved!

I am Archangel Zadkiel, with Holy Lady Amethyst, and we are accompanied by a Host of Angelic Realm of Light and the Hators. Today, we want to tell you about the heart as a portal for Love.

Your planet has just undergone a powerful energy influx. This was accompanied with the many waves of energy that YOU kept experimenting during the last months.

These are times when you can make rapid progress in your ascension path, when they flow with this energy to the higher dimensions.

A key factor that you should be able to flow with this energy, abide is centered in the heart, a state of Love. A nova energia, as well as the energy of the higher dimensions, They are based on Love.

It is a power of purified thoughts and intentions, through the heart center, with a desire for the highest good. It's wanting the best for everyone, as well as for yourself. It is to see situations from a higher perspective. It is to focus on the oneness and see the divine in each person.

It is also seeing the divine in the animal kingdoms, mineral and vegetable. It is to realize that everything is composed of divine energy.

When you consider situations in this way, you are wanting the best for everyone and everything. This sets the stage for ascending to higher levels and dimensions.

The heart can be considered a portal of Love, that can transport you to those higher dimensions, when you focus on the comprehensive energy of Love and Light.

In the upper dimensions, your vibrational frequency is the factor by which you are recognized. As it increases, you can access even higher levels. Each progressive level or dimension is made up of higher and more refined energy.

The more purified and elevated your vibration and your energy channels are, the easier it will be to access the higher dimensions. When your energy channels are clear, the center of your heart is a portal of Love, and your Love is able to radiate with a clear and pure intention.

It emanates a pure vibratory frequency that involves everyone and everything you came into contact with..

Besides, radiates towards the ethers and through the dimensions. That way, you are able to elevate yourself to higher dimensional levels. When your intention is for the highest good, you, gently, you will rise through and beyond the dimensions.

To help your ascension through the dimensions, you can intentionally practice techniques to keep your energy channels clear and your heart energy pure. Forgiveness and appreciation are two such techniques.

Forgiveness removes blockages that can impede the flow of heart energy. When you forgive yourself, and forgiving others and the circumstances involved in any situation, you are removing blockages and raising your vibrational frequency that flows from your heart.

First, forgiving, want to feel that you had, or not, a role in the situation. This frees you to move forward with the rest of the forgiveness process.

Then, forgive others involved, as well as any circumstances surrounding the situation. At completion, you can feel a lightness around the energy of your heart. This is a sign that the blockade removestes, and that your heart has become a more open Love portal.

The appreciation is another method to open the energy channels of Love. When I express appreciation for the blessings and the circumstances in your life, this opens you to flow more Love. The question carries a high vibration, and that opens the channel of your heart more broadly to carry more Universal Love, that flows from the Creator and the dimensions. At the same time, raise your vibration so that you can more easily access the higher dimensions. It is a dual process: bring more Light to share and raise the levels of the heart center simultaneously.

When you practice forgiveness and appreciation, you are able to concentrate on the Divine Spark that exists in everyone and everything. The Divine Spark is the essence of All That Is.

Concentrating on the Divine Spark will allow a continuous flow of Love to rise in you and radiate from you.. You recognize the uniqueness of everyone and everything, and become a channel of Love and Light. The center of your heart becomes a portal of Love.

Beloved, we are happy to be focusing on the center of your heart to make it a portal of Light. This is an energy that can elevate humanity to higher levels of consciousness, and we honor you for being an important part of this process.

Know that you are very loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst… and we involve you in love.

And so it is.


Text revised according to European Portuguese, by Alvaro de Jesus

Archangel Zakiel and Lady Amethyst



Beloved Children:

May the blessings of love bring peace to your body, minds and hearts.

The blessings that, in this moment, fall on you all, flood your world with pure Divine Love.

Accept, because, this miracle of life, absorbing, consciously, these blessings, to put them into practice in your day-to-day journey.

The joy of living returns after a long time, time, consciously, I had to embrace your pain, letting them flow into your conscious to clean, purify and transform, making room for the expression of gratitude.

Yes, gratitude for the hits and misses, thanks for the clarity that enabled you fix your pending, to no longer carry pains and hurts of the past, gratitude for breaking the shackles of the past and the freedom won.

Today, for all those who understood the greater sense of being embodied at this time, begins the resulting harvest of all learning gained along the way.

Your souls, Finally, They can prove through your attitudes and actions, using the experiences that have brought you to this new reality, to consolidate in this the manifestation of Christ-man, the thinker, sees and feels through the optical Love.

The latent love in your hearts, ultimate expression of your essence, it can, Finally, be turned into action.

O double act, the real act, o conscious act, the loving act exercising solidarity, the act that reveals understanding.

Act on behalf of the Father, act to manifest the virtues of Father, act to strengthen the will of the Father.

This is the moment! When light muita, lifting moment of vibration of your bodies, moment of your being the core, your essence christic, breaks the density of your illusions to manifest clear, showing you the true path, the right path, the way that transforms separation unit, sorrow to joy, shortage in abundance, selfishness in solidarity, the light path.

Here the lens path in front of you, loved! Way hard-won, hitherto hidden path through the maze of your emotions and dense thoughts, path where it is not for separation, where all go together in achieving the same objective, the purpose of serving light, serving your fellows, serving your Mother Earth, and all the life forms that inhabit it.

Behold, the learning long lives returns, without the weight of emotions, to be used in building a better world, the world where all intents and actions converge to the common good, the world where life is thought, We felt and experienced in the light that does not accept inequalities of any kind, which accepts no limits of any kind, which accepts no shortage of any kind, the world of infinite abundance that stems from Christ consciousness consolidation in all of Earth's Children.

Beloved, this momentum so special in your life can be the momentum of consolidating peace among all peoples, the peace that leads to unity of all faiths and religions, the joint peace, Peace without borders, Divine Peace which merges in the Infinite Love and realizes the Divine Unity of all minds and hearts.

May your fervent prayers in these 19 years of meetings in the name of love and peace, which consolidated a powerful egregore light, continue today and always, for the sacred food that follows them can continue to be the substance that nourishes the mind, the hearts and lives of all your brethren.

We appreciate your expressions of gratitude, and that life returns to all the love and peace that you have helped build.

Beloved! I leave you now pouring over you all my blessings, involving you all in my mantle of protection, because I am Mary, Your Mother.

SP – Message of Mother Mary – 24-2015 received by Jane M. Ribeiro to 28/09/2015

Mother Mary 2


Message of Mother Mary

In 21-09-2015

By Jane M. Brook – São Paulo/Brazil

Beloved Children:

May the blessings of love bring peace to your body, minds and hearts.

This is a time when life has charged your loose ends from the past, so that you may start the cycle that makes you a new level of consciousness.

Unique moment in your journeys, moment of redemption.

Surrender, because, the voice of your soul, focusing your attention on the heart, to may be the judge of your own decisions, looking at those that were wrong, in order to bring them back to your time and, thus making, transform their effects and releasing the weight they contain.

For the Father there is no right or wrong, ugly or handsome, light or dark. There is only light, and it is this light that need rescue to may return to the Father, the infinite source of pleasure and abundance, the fullness and the splendor.

Without the liberation of density that created, as a result of your bad choices, impossible you will manifest the light that lies in your heart.

Seek, because, recognize everything that needs to be fixed in your time, Since your thoughts that do not contain the power of love, until your attitudes devoid of compassion.

Compassion is needed in your world, but for it to be exercises you must get in your mind those prejudices that limit your vision, and prevent the manifestation of solidarity and love around you.

Prejudices are an evil that leads to discrimination, in every sense that that word contains; discrimination of ideas, concepts, discrimination due to the skin color, racial origin, of religion.

The separation stems from discrimination can no longer be tolerated in your stage of evolution.

She only promotes hatred, It only leads to the practice of violence, She just raises the selfishness and hatred. Violence and selfishness must be tackled, with great firmness and determination, by latent love in your hearts, love that only release light, light in the form of understanding, light in the form of solidarity, light in the form of attitudes that disarm your brothers, turn fields decimated by wars in fertile food sources, foods that can nourish the hungry, foods that give you all the hungry the dignity of living, to return the hope for a better world, a world of peace.

Peace is essential for the continuity of your journeys.

Without peace should remain at the mercy of darkness, without the seed of peace fade, without peace, the beauty of the smile of the child becomes the crying hurt the children of war, without peace there hoping to calm days and quiet, without the deep state of peace consolidated at the bottom of your hearts the world of illusion will continue to prevail in your mother earth.

Let, because, the illusion back, seeking to see beyond the containing fisicidade, focusing your attention on what is essential, What is true, in every opportunity to reunite what has been separated, in restructuring what was destroyed by the greed of man, your Woods, your rivers and seas, your pets, everything that contains the memory of time, your minerals, the land where pisais, the monuments built up with consciousness to keep alive the spirit of the man the meaning of eternity.

Yes dear, the eternity that emerges through the consolidation of your past, present and future in the NOW, in the sacred moment where life offers you the opportunity to express what's true in you, your divine pattern that brings her contained the story of your journey on this planet, and the multiple universes ever expanding.

Beloved, the greatness of this unique moment about to manifest itself on your planet is understood by all of you, for the completion of your preparations happen quickly, releasing all the spaces where the darkness was present, for fill light, clearing definitely your home on this journey, your beloved mother Earth that returns from the depths of pain, the limit and suffering to shine like a giant Sun behind him contained the essence of all of you.

Beloved, be persevering in your prayers, generating through them the fuel needed for the awakening of all your brothers.

Beloved! I leave you now pouring over all my blessings and involving all on my cloak of protection, because I am Mary, Your Mother.

http://BR ListView.groups.

Mother Mary 1




Selácia message,

16 September 2015.

Energy changes like these that are now going on can be disturbing-so many things changing so fast! A blessing maybe that impregnates the surface is a sudden flash of an insight into a very old question that has been unable to resolve.

Eclipses and cycles until the mercury retrograde can trigger these insights. It's like a spotlight that shines in incongruities and old patterns previously indecipherable. Know in advance what the next two months offer this potential can help you get to the end of the road with a dilemma, Maybe past lives.

Consciousness is like a key that helps you stay tuned to a door right ahead.

When you act according to what you know, exploring actively things, the key opens the door.

Have one of these problems will not disappear – no matter what you do-impenetrable to any solution that has already applied?


Consider, for a moment, that, Maybe, the roots of its problem are very old, dating back centuries in time. If experienced healing of DNA and related modalities of healing, are you familiar with the challenges that a person can have over countless lives, While his soul learns key lessons and, sometimes, assumes karmic patterns.

From time to time, a soul will choose to take a huge karmic debt, so much to help themselves and evolve, How to help humanity.

Choices like these, translate into, many times, in oaths and promises – people who promise or undertake to do or be something specific. For thousands of years, actually, oaths and promises were common throughout society.


Many times, There was a connection with the religion – as the oaths of poverty and vows of celibate chastity. Women who entered the monastic life, for example, generally assumed 300 votes to be completely sorted.


Not all oaths and promises are related to religion. Some involve a profession, as the Hippocratic oath. Other past centuries include the Vow of Poverty, a sworn statement made by a person that she did not have money or property.


Still others are those which an individual makes, during a lifetime, or even between lives, pledging to do something specific. If you made such oath or promise before this life, chances are you don't remember him(a) today.


Why would I worry about an oath or promise made long ago?

As a matter of fact, If I were a priest swearing poverty, I wouldn't need money to secular things. Similarly, If it were a commoner to swear the oath of Poverty, would be simply in accordance with social laws stating your condition.

Flash forward quickly to now.

If you made such oath or vow in his past life, It was recorded in their DNA and accompanied him throughout their existence since that made. Votes like this are not always active, but can be stimulated by situations – such as an economic crisis or the loss of a spouse who was the family provider.

When this happens, Although it is nice to deal with money and never had trouble before money, could experience conflicts with the money.


Similarly, Let's say you had a series of difficult lives, with a certain group of people. Maybe it was forced, or otherwise, the follow scenarios strangers in this group. So, during a life taken just before this, promised that when come again with this group and their energy was eccentric, It would be the one who'd move on, stopping definitely madness.

Maybe in this life have found again these people, without understanding why would be attracted to your circle. So, over time, with understanding and moving through cycles of energy as we now, you suck, Finally, the message.

Actively explores what this message means – who, What, how and why. When observing the great scene of his dilemma, has, Finally, a context for the madness. Is encouraged to understand finally their long struggle and see that the end is in sight. Holds the key to the door!


Another type of promises made before this life is the one that involves the use of gifts and expertise. These promises can relate to a past atrocity witnessed directly. Maybe you have experienced and learned from it, understanding how this could be avoided. If so, may have promised to eradicate, in the future, these injustices that saw.

Today, perhaps without fully understand why that, has been extremely fond of an atrocity of days. This can result in a strong desire to do something – working with homeless animals or helping a particular group of needy people.

Promises involving the use of specific gifts relate also with something that dominated in another life-like singing or drawing. Maybe, between the last existence and this, on a soul level, has promised to use his gift in this fundamental and meaningful life.

At the beginning of this life, might have had an interest in developing this gift, but the circumstances may have kept him from acting according to that interest. Today, Maybe it's in some kind of crossroads with his life's work, in part because the promise of that past life is in your energy field, waiting to be discovered.

If this example resonate with you or catalyze other knowledge, be sure to check with your highest wisdom about what the most appropriate next steps. Something wonderful could be waiting for you on the other side of the door!

Put, now, below the decrees of the Archangel Michael for breach of Contracts:


Channelling of Ronna Herman


• Print a sheet with the decrees.

• Book of 10 a 15 daily min, preferably at birth or at sunset.

• Stand in front of a mirror, look tight and straight to your eyes and Frontal Chakra.

• Read the decrees aloud to yourself.

This practice will promote the necessary reprogramming the subconscious, allowing you to live in FULL FREEDOM, According to the new and higher vibrations that will be present on Earth in this year.

Always remember: in every sector of our lives, especially in spiritual enhancement, PATIENCE is required, PERSEVERANCE and discipline!




  1. I renounce any expectations concerning my evolution and spiritual progress. Live in the moment every day, concentrate in order to restore harmony and balance in my body, my spirit, of my emotions and all with my higher self.
  2. Void all agreements made with my mother, father, Kids, stepchildren, husband (or woman), ex-wife (or ex-husband) or any others that I may retain in the third dimension.
  3. I renounce all invalid concepts about my value, my perception of love, joy, of peace, of security, the harmony, of abundance, of creativity, the vitality, of youth, the health and well-being, of old age and death.
  4. I renounce the need of wanting to save the world or any human being who is. I am aware that my task is to accept my mastery and live to be an example of life and of love without expecting anything in Exchange for no one.
  5. Freed me of all the prejudices and cellular memories about my physical body. Claim my divine right to beauty, vitality, health and wellness conscious, What are my natural state and that just follow the impulses of spirit to perfection to manifest.
  6. I renounce any expectations about my creativity and my work. Work and create for pleasure, aware that the abundance and resources come from the Spirit and my self-confidence and not just my effort.
  7. I renounce any conditions of the third dimension that government institutions or the like me want to impose. Will not be able to control my person, or my abundance or security. I have full authority to express security, be independent and run my own destiny.
  8. Freed me of all waste and karmic debts, as well as improper power in me and in my physical body, emotional and mood. Solve all the constraints with satisfaction and to expand clearance light and join the co-creators of paradise on Earth.
  9. Freed me of all the false conceptions about my ability to achieve knowledge, the wisdom and pertinent information from the spirit and the higher dimensions. Get, Like this, new knowledge, concepts and wisdom that allow me to learn, grow and serve as a living example.
  10. I renounce any judgment, mind-set or expectation for other beings, knowing that they are in their right place and evolution. Transmit them love and LIGHT!




Message from the Creator

18-09-2015 – 15H18

By Alvaro de Jesus

Beloved (a)…

If someone ask others if God can manifest itself, here and there, through this or that your son, of course, many will say yes, that God may manifest itself.

De facto, If anyone can demonstrate, According to wish and be prepared to make, Why can I not do it, If I'm the creator?

No genius, because, Let it be me, your Creator, to come tell you this.

Everything in you to understand and accept what I'm, here and now, to tell you.

You know that I can always talk to you, well, I'm in you.

And even if you still don't know it, or don't understand, you're also in me.

Beloved (a)…

I keep telling you that made you free, and, so, are you the master of your fate, authorizing I what are you going to asking, and watching you.

your, through your guides and mentors, You asked me, before coming to the incarnation, what you experience, because everything that you do and you, are experiences that wanted to live in benefit of your lighting. Yes beloved (a), you're here, again, For more lighting granjeares (Light).

I told you, by this same beloved son, I'm sending Masters, Paths, for the find and listen to them, for the may understand, follow and help, so that happens to you more awareness of who you are, and come more quickly to meet.

You're, I repeat, Free, and you're living what you want try your coming to this incarnation.

If you're free, nothing I can order, but allow me to advise you, You must have all the care that your happiness is full and always according to your brighter mood.

Beloved (a)…

Your will is my will, However, If you understand that your will have to subsume in my, for there to be unity in us, easier you will understand that, Therefore, happy you will be in Glory and in the fullness.

Stay in your Peace, following your heart, without forgetting that I'm in you.

I am what I am.





“Planetary Movements – Galactic Wave”


By: Luzz Moon

Come make an appeal, an appeal for sending light violet. Love, charity, the zeal, the cure, the next aid and mercy, need to dwell in the hearts and materialized in equities.

We can observe the movements of humans on Gaia and the face of the planet, from different angles and time lines.

Today, in meditation, I saw and felt only light, only love. But there is an urgency within these movements. Urgent calls for our humanitarian involvement, because the hunger, the headquarters, the cold, cannot wait.

I ask the Lightworkers that send waves of violet light over the whole Europe, on each heart, every glance.

There must be mercy in the eyes of those who arrive and look who hosts. There must be solidarity. A hungry child, thirst and need for care can't wait for political decisions, arbitrary and cold. The light asks passage, Yes, and nothing will stop it, but love has to enter in the hearts.

There are many reasons on migratory movements in Europe. There is the war cleverly concocted for centuries to control these countries. This human mass won't put themselves at the mercy of political games, and backfired.

How could predict that this human mass choose to time lines more prone to rise? They know, at the bottom of their hearts, that if they stay where they are, run the risk of being stuck with retrograde timelines.

In these movements, There is struggle for survival and there is also the attempt to escape desperate being camouflaged among the hikers. Camouflaged among the population, There are those who wish to clutter, because they believe that scattered amid the chaos, will hide the light.

They won't be able to hide the gold particles that Gabriel told us yesterday and that had already been revealed by Cobra.

Statement of Gabriel talking about the Golden powder:

Text of the Snake talking about nanotechnology. Operation Star Dust.:

But what matters now is our participation, our Union.

Salusa had already told by the Himalayan earthquake, If we can't help physically, We can participate by sending light. The light is immensely more powerful than everything and is always ahead.

Send your light for Chile, to Europe, for Africa. Send your light for the whole world. Send your light into and out of it. Send your inside and outside of all beings, Whoever they are.

Mercy and fraternity can materialize in actions.

This is my plea. The light violet appear merciful and fraternal activities.

We Are A.

Kiss in the heart of All.

Author: Luzz Moon

Source: http://luadeluzz. blogspot.

See more Luzz Moon Here

Planetary Movements - Galactic waves





What do you already know the spirit world? What have you learned? How many times have you caught yourself to correct others, for failure to act on what you believe? How many times have you caught yourself to think about things in a new way, innovative? How many times have you surpreendeste to review concepts, to reconsider situations, under the spiritual point of view? How many times have you realized things in a new dimension?

I believe many. I think your head is full of new concepts, new life strategies. How to do it, how to react to that? But the question I ask you at this point is: Aplicaste have all this in your daily life? Already ages according to your new consciousness, with your soul?

You know what to do, and how to make. But you are doing it? Are you honor your commitment, theoretically assumed with your soul? You are putting it into practice? Think your na vida. Pensa no teu dia-a-dia, from hour to hour à acordas em to you deitas. What is the spiritual coherence? What commitment?


Do “Light book”




To my dear comrades of the Portuguese Air Force (AB-4 – SAURIMO-ANGOLA), I appreciate that keep this Elucidating.

To my dear students REIKI, thank equal.

Those already Beloved Masters, The same, The same.

Walkers to Jesus, forget it…

Beloved / Beloved:

The elucidating I present to you here, It was dictated somewhat by sadness, and another little indignation.

JESUS, Contd sad, also angry.

ANGOLA deserved and deserves much MORE!

PORTUGAL deserved Very MORE. I do not say 'and deserve', because I believe in who is.

I say so myself, without leaving one millimeter of responsibility to be Social Democratic, and 4 de Outubro a 4 years I will see if I'm right or wrong, not to say "and deserved '.

Place isto, let the SUBJECT: ANGOLA!

So, We proceed to…



(End of Time)

The end of the Portuguese Empire, dictated by decolonization 'exemplary', as it was called by all traitors who made, resulted in it:

The Christian Church, if it were, truly, active part in the People Amado Evangelization and suffering of Angola, I should have had, in 1975, greater apostolic action, not allowing the secular effect could lead to the decolonization of Angola, in the way it was made, This is, against the people of Portugal and against the people of Angola.

If this Church were, truly, CHRIST, everything was done in defense of these Beloved PEOPLE. But no, settled down, eating in the valley and in the mountains, as always…

Any former Combatant, even if not Believer in God who is Life, Truth, Love and Light, can not sit still, indifferent, to see what here, because of all, if he lives and shows.

I do not speak in defense of God that Christ has revealed to us, because that God is EVERYTHING and nothing needs, I speak rather of principles and human values ​​that, By already belong to the Human Gender, Our should be, forcing us to know Being, to defend the know, demanding that the other also respected.

A Missionary gives everything for Christ's Truth.

If such Principles and Values, living in us, would fit and inserissem that GOD, would be better, because it would mean we were already consciously Awakened and knowledgeable of His Divine Omnipotence, Omnipresença and omnisciencia, leaving, so, all that is darkness.

But much more we need to be having this knowledge God enough that promotes the lighting and Mastery.

We have been in a position to notice and constant complaint, lifting veils on the true Spirituality, continuing, However, receiving silences, not seeing rise, and therefore on our side, in the heart of who gets in and read, the real Flags CHRIST.

So to be, sorry to say it, but this shrug means and is proceeding, cowardly, against Message from CHRIST.

Many of We already vibrating in the FIFTH DIMENSION, others for this aprestam-, but, the vast majority do not even believe it exists.

The Church of Rome, porque their own, fall, half dragging humanity.

We are d 'THE WAY.

Porto – Portugal

The truth




“Children Heart:

Many hope for the coming of Christ, so that a new era of peace is established on earth. But I assure you that, long, Christ waiting for a space in our lives to be among the men through ourselves.

Not only Christ in spirit but the spiritual Christ in us. He is already on Earth, beside every creature, We are waiting for you to open our hearts in the experience of love and brotherhood with terrestrial humanity.

We are all brothers in Christ, regardless of creed, race or citizenship.

A homeless child, war refugee, the hungry and abandoned child at the door of our house, It is also our dear sister, just like the child who sheltered in our home, all enclosed or affection and care.

Our hearts are invited to expand a little more, go beyond our own interests, go beyond the circles of our biological family and approach of our human family.

Jesus wants to show his face of love through our actions.

Jesus wants to come, today, and expected by our charitable arms, look at our friend, sweet by our word and by our courage to love!

Heifer "

Dr Bezerra de menezes





Adriano Pereira 27/09/2013

I asked my Higher Self: How to find full happiness in life?

Response My Higher Self: First should value yourself, no matter what others find or think of themselves.

Now, what is important to you at this time? Make no mistake about it any.

Mental clarity is good sign of health, prosperity and abundance, in every way of life, whether material, emotional or spiritual.

Knowing what you want is the same as knowing the path to happiness.

Search what you want is a symptom of good venturança.

Having a North to life is the most important decision that a human being can have.

What matters have now, as an individual, It is the full understanding of all facets of your being. And this full understanding will come through the pursuit of your inner wisdom, for his life it is very wise, but it is hidden and stifled by the struggles of life and the old traditions and dogmas of your current world.

Therefore, do not be afraid of the future, let your inner light shine, let it shine externally for what it is, and not for what they think or believe others think of you. They also have their problems.

Follow the clarity with life, joy and gratitude for all that is, that has, and all your dreams, food is to have joy and happiness in life.

The website Teachers Ascensionados

Message link:

I Divine





Message Saint Germain:

Come talk about the path of personal lifting each. Us, Bone Teachers, We are nothing more than teachers, loving and patient, teaching our students brother, to rediscover the path of personal power, to meet again with the true self, which remains dormant for eons.

All power emanates from within your own heart. And this is one of the absolute truths of the Universe.

We are temporarily disconnected from the knowledge and wisdom of your own mind, and this is due to the Earth fall, the third dimension and its consequences.

You are unconsciously disconnected from the energy world around you, because everything in the universe is energy.

You are being deliberately kept in ignorance of who you are, from whence it came, and the true purpose of life and the universe.

You are loved unconditionally by the Creator of the Universe.

They are assisted and supported by angels, guides and ancestors, who are all the time around you, inspiring you the best way.

The evolution of the embodied human on Earth has to be conquered by yourself, through their own efforts. Like this, your guides, angels and ancestors, can only inspire you, They can not do for you, because if they did there would be the personal merit of conquest and overcoming, and, Consequently, there was no evolution.

With this view of the conditions and circumstances of the present moment of humanity, to do?

There are times we insist on the key point of the process of spiritual evolution, the opening of Prosperity, Love and Heaven's blessings for each. Through teachings that you have been given through various messengers and channels, in the various regions of your planet, through translators around the world who strive to translate these teachings into the various languages, allowing the propagation thereof, so that more and more receive guidance and instructive messages about the process of spiritual evolution.

However, many are the information soon, and it is important to consider that humanity is trapped in the third dimension there 13 a thousand years.

The current and modern Earth society, we can consider the work of Allan Kardec, as a turning point, to enable the world to know and to know that there is life in the spirit world. That was about 160 years ago.

From then on, several new messengers, mediums and channelers, They began to receive and to publish these teachings, even in small quantities, and most without any disclosure on the part of your press.

But they came, and found the pioneers in the study of the Universe.

We consider the latest 10 years, as a new milestone, where new plumbers met his messengers, allowing, Like this, the spread of channeled messages and their dissemination worldwide.

A partir de 2012, there was an increase in the level of consciousness of humanity, and many, to mount up,, They passed also tuning in to the other side of the veil, there is a large increase in the number of new plumbers and messengers, and in many cases, the same messenger supports the development of many plumbers.

The Earth has fallen for thirteen thousand years, and only in the last 4 years there has been a considerable increase of messages / teaching.

Analyzing well, it is understandable that humanity has difficulty in understanding and assimilating in their daily lives these teachings. But the will of humanity is immense, she wants to evolve.

However, most, still waiting for a magic formula that allows its evolution to quickly and painlessly.

For a quick understanding, study these truths:

-'There is only Love';

– 'Only love is real'; and,

– 'Love is in your heart'.

Meditation is a great tool to fetch the love in your hearts, because everything that you need, everything that you need, everything you seek, is there! Do not look elsewhere.

And so, considering that the universe is Love;

That Love is in your heart;

That all power is from your heart,

Everything, absolutely everything you seek is within your heart, therefore, Dear, Pending à madness? By a magic formula? It does not exist!

The only thing that is requested to all mankind is to go into your own heart. To find your own light. To let your light shine! What for, to shine, your Light to become a Beacon of Light, for this Light Lighthouse attract people, situations, as oportunidades, plenty, without effort.

This is the synchronicity of life, and it is up to each endeavor, spend-it, concentrate, focus, to have the courage to sit, close the eyes, and just breathe, to allow to remain silent, as long as it takes until the silence is broken by your inner voice speaking to you, so that in meditation darkness see the light and the wonders of the world, it is the silence and the darkness that comes close eyes, and then the Light and Celestial Music. But effortlessly.

How to achieve this? Many try to meditate 4 or 10 minutes and give up. Monotonous. Nothing happened. Meditation is just one tool, It is not the magic bullet, but it takes practice, training. And anything you propose to do in life, if there is no preparation, training, training and more training, no one will be able to do what is proposed.

The magic comes to radiate your own Love, unconditionally, and this requires more than training, It requires sincerity of purpose. Intention of sincerity.

Comes from Inspire / Expire your own Love.

Feel the love around you, soak up the love that surrounds it, absorb this Love, unite this love to his own love, let your love grow in size with the union, and radiate this greater love for everything and everyone around you. It's a good way.

Love! This is the key.

You are Love! It's a truth.

I am! It is the divine union of the Self / Love.

I Am Love! It is the divine power on earth.

When you realize that he is a Divine, and radiate his divinity in everything you do, wherever you are, every breath, your life will change in a wonderful way, You will attract love into your life more and more Universe of Love, and the universe is abundant.

Namaste! Saint Germain.

Channeled by Adriano Pereira


Saint Germain


“How to help people in Transition?

Or Galactic Plane – Accessing Akashic Records”

By: Ashtar


Please, ones, read the tune of this song

Gabriel Greetings, Family,

We are at an important moment of your progress as a collective. Just a moment, really, major internal changes and improvement in your ways. Dear family, you are at a crucial point of your earth's history and now you will be further called to what you were actually there to do. Remember,, as wayshowers, It is deposited in each of you the true confidence and, your every step, gesture and word, They are being observed and considered, for many, examples.

Sees, loved, which represent, what ever representastes. Even if, for a long time, systems designed to keep every one of you in ignorance of the cocoon you have suffocated, in any way put out the bright light of your heart. Lives and more lives have passed on Earth; however those, they wanted to see your defeat like race, planeassem against you, never apagariam the flame of your heart that has remained constantly lit in the internal memory of your mission.

The point, now, the beloved Earth through space, where he bathes, increasingly, na Christ Light, is a point long spoken. In this, loved, note that your actions take greater proportions within the capacity of each one of you move in powerful currents Electric Light. Your actions will become more views, both by those who desperately seek a point of light, as for those who still live in the darkness of misunderstanding. Like this, beloved Family, enlighten and bless the lower vibrations with the pulsating light of your heart, recognizing that those who resist the light and remain in darkness just need love to get rise. Remember that no being who has planned against humanity and crimes practiced against it will go unpunished in the face of higher law, but always consider sending the purest love of your vibrations so that not too late for redemption this, or that be, still living in darkness.

The area of ​​the space that now atravessais, on your way to the higher dimensions, will bring many electric shocks to all your bodies. The intensity of these currents will be raising as the plan progresses and the pulse of the Creator becomes more intense. One of the first things noticed by you, in mission on earth, will be the restoration of your memories, colocando-your, again, in contact with your divine heritage and strengthening in you, increasingly, Self Esteem, as, when remembering that those who truly you are, like an explosion of light, see will be the constraints implanted in you by the brothers of darkness to dissolve rapidly.

Many of you have already experienced this smoothly, and some more intensively, but as we move forward in the Plan, realize more fully the return of your memories. There will be stops, there will be no breaks for the plan to take place, We are on an accelerated, but controlled, advancing and with the legal and safe measures for the Earth and all the body support physical life and fits to new vibrations. Thousands of our Mother Ships, as well as patrol ships, guarantee to your Earth days protection for the Earth to go, surely, in the higher vibrations without major hassles. Understand that this is a lot of work we do in love to your mother planet and every one of you in it you are. You, loved Seed of Stars, We are coming from various constellations of this universe, some members of the fleets of the Ashtar Command and other commands blessed to watch and ensure the worlds in their trajectories evolucionais. Now is the time, loved, to remember who you really are, it's time to raise the torch of love and radiate the light of your heart!

Gabriel: Beloved Ashtar, sorry to interrupt, but this honor to receive your message so unexpectedly (as almost always like to do with me, what makes me happy and always very confident). I'm actually trembling with emotion and gratitude!

Ashtar: (Loving smile) Good, always remember, Gabriel, that when you (and any other) is in alignment, It is the exact point where we can unite with you more directly in telepathy, not only through messages like this, but through various other ways that love contact with you. If you listen to music and go in tune with us, we like to enter the frequency where ye are listening to music and, for her, our message, and as well as through any other form. What we want is to feel that we are here, even if, for a short time, invisible to you, but we are here, a raising of vibration.

Gabriel: I would like to ask you a question within the theme you're going, if it's possible… Ashtar: (Smiling) – Yes, breathes, find your loving heart and ask. Similarly, wait for my answer…

Gabriel: Ok! Come on. Some people are wondering how they should act when changes, say, begin to take place on the physical plane. Changes which will not leave margins for doubt. Yes, Clear, we know that there are many things happening, but I say to people, that, with all due respect, They feel the need to see something more tangible. So, what should we do to help these people who, possibly, They enter into despair when faced with what for so long believed not to be real and the great movement that will be on the planet. It could also explain to them how they should act and to all who read this message. (I hope I have been clear in the question, I'm trembling and excited. Breathing and waiting for reply…)

Ashtar: Beloved! Oh amados… Star Seeds, wayshowers, that's right, that's what I mean when I say it's time to wake up and show themselves as they really are. Light the lights on this planet. Many people, ones, They feel the energy emanating for you and in you seek comfort for their pain and confusion. Many, And many other, They need to find your center and you now see the whole plan to unfold in a more conscious way, And ye shall make the lamps lit in the hall, where those other dear souls follow.

The important, very important, by the way, It is that they must always respect the free will of these souls, ones, to seek close to you, asking for some guidance. As, when many begin to see Mother Earth to adjust physically, displacing their tectonic plates harmoniously in order to flush out the denser energies of her womb, as, the movement of water in some regions begin to rise, seek a safe place, and here I do not mean a physically safe place, why, see how, the beloved Earth already fits every day and for many of you is almost imperceptible these settings, um but I speak emotionally safe. It is the time, dear human being, emotional security.

Dear wayshowers, is safe emotionally, is safe spiritually, are safe in your loving heart, why, in crossing the Galactic Plane, emotional security is the greatest force. East, help, expounding, are a living example of security and love, soothing the souls that the tremors and internal fears seek the best and highest place. Many who made fun of your explanations become the 1st to see you and we ask that, in the name of love, offer them the warm embrace of trust and warmth, renewing faith in them, Strength and Love, giving them a safety gaze, so that glance, they resume their strengths and, that point onwards, may be the way showers for others yet to come asleep.

Safety and respect for the free will fellows, beyond what I have already quoted, They are the best way to help the souls who seek you. Do not have any fear of anything at all, because there is nothing to fear. Just as we said many times that they can count on us and that our space family is here. In the same way we do with you, passing security and faith, we ask you to guide them to internal security souls who seek you, only with a loving look. We are doing this with you now reading our words and then hear an audio recording. We look to you (Close your eyes… and see us…)

Gabriel: Oh God! What beautiful eyes I see! Thank you, Mr! I see big and beautiful bright eyes! Are your, Ashtar querido?

Ashtar: We said that we look for you. (Smile)

That your steps are examples of your way, loved. It's time to lift up your vibrations and remember who they are, the time has come and these electric currents of light that you feel now go your bodies are clear signs that you are aware you and you anchor in more Light, accelerating the process, increasing your extrasensory abilities and to become again the galactic beings in various confederations that are here, now, around the Earth, waiting again for its members.

Beloved Family, I say farewell now in this transmission, confiando-your, once again, our words, requesting that, if it's possible, the surrender to the greatest number of people possible, and do not be afraid, people who understand our words are already on your way, believe that no movement is made without a harmonious and blessed sync, where all things are connected.

Feel our words in your hearts and have discernment; We ask, again, with all the information they see, some, loved, by personal choices wish to pass for us and, in order to bring panic and fear, use of catastrophic ideas to promote despair. Always remember to read and listen with your heart. Our messages do not have the intention of bringing despair, but only the feeling that we always talk: the Sentimento Familiar, the warmth and coziness of the family.

Mother Earth passes and will continue to undergo physical and spiritual changes, as for all ages, because everything in creation is expanding, everything is in improvement. Do not believe nor give credit to news of global catastrophes nor any idea of ​​nuclear war, we are here to ensure, as we said, passing by as best you can plan and with the greatest possible comfort.

We love you always, at all times. Feel our embrace, Family hug.

And so it is.


Your brother,


Gabriel: Gratitude always, amado Ashtar!


– See more at:


Reviewed by Alvaro de Jesus.

THE WAY - New Temple of the Lord



The Fifth Empire homeland





“Your Earthly Mission” – September / 2015

Message: The Arcturians

Posted: 08 Sep 2015 02:04 PM PDT

The reality is layered frequencies that are incorporated into the holographic projections of the Earth 3D / 4D. Your difficulties these levels of reality are not just about the people known as the Kabbalah or dark, but also have to do with the reality of the frequency at which you are tuned.

If you observe the four-dimensional astral plane lower and lower levels of survival of the third dimension, you can see that the cabal still have some control in these frequency layers of reality.

As a matter of fact, many of those who want power over others, They migrated to these lower levels of reality, because they can not tolerate the higher light that is flowing deeper and deeper into the tetra and higher dimensional layers of Gaia reality.

Meanwhile, More and more of you, including the very Gaia, They are changing for the highest frequency layers of reality in which energy is energy that quickly sent back. Kabbalah and others are governed by fear and anger are quite frightened in the energy that they give off to return quickly.

They know the energy issue to the world and we did not want her experience back to them. Selfishness, the taking of others, or power over, and fear experienced as anger and domination, It is not something they want to experience in your life.

Therefore, they seek refuge in the lower frequency layers of reality where the emitted power does not return for a long time. Dimensionally in the lower realities they govern those who also live in this resonance. To live up to the lower frequencies of reality have need to free the three-dimensional concepts of "what is important". Very often, precisareis also release your attachment to wealth, because money has become a negative force in the physical Earth.

The need for "more money" has been the reason for murders, wars, domain and selfishness, power over others. Money is not, absolutely, a component of the habitat areas of higher fifth-dimensional and four-dimensional layers of reality. As a matter of fact, but not lower astral plane, money hardly is a fourth dimension component.

When you expand your consciousness to brain waves ever higher, begin to release the three-dimensional concept of working hard to earn money that you may "have enough" or "having more". Kabbalah does not want others to Earn Money, as this is a threat to them, because money has been a major element of their power over others.

Fortunately, as the frequency of your consciousness rises, ressoais increasingly now in flux. Therefore, gradually, We are moving away from you "time" three-dimensional. As you continue to expand your awareness to the realities that resonate above the wealth, acquisition, or power over others, your creativity expands and also expands your freedom.

As more and more of you make this change, those who are still struggling and working hard will begin to ask if they could also find out how to flow through life with peace and a sense of abundance.

This "feeling full" is not about money or the things money can buy. Abundance is a state of mind that reminds you of your own ability to direct your attention and intention for peace, love and happiness, create your life itself.

As leaving your job, move to the field, planting your own food and exchange it is necessary, you will find that you are perfectly happy with less "stuff". These types of tips choices Kabbalah as quickly as the unconditional love that you sent is of higher dimensions.

Eventually fluireis to the turning point, quantum change, transmutation back to the higher frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF. What will happen when most people choose to think mainly on Earth, and others in creativity?

What will happen when only a minority of people think of accumulation, success and power? When people are NOT lost the fight and dream "get more", can flow more easily into the higher frequencies of reality that resonates above the illusion of "need more". Need most is the opposite of being thankful.

When "do you want more", They are claiming that "there are not enough". So encheis that thought with fear and anger emotions. That thought and emotion combined create a negative thought-form.

This thought-form travels the world to spread the fear that "there are not enough", which activates fear and collective anger. Besides, this thought-form returns to the sender and creates, really, MORE "there is not enough".

Inversely, quando thought: "Thanks for the substance at hand", your thoughts match the feel gratitude to create a positive thought form. This thought-form advertising: "I am grateful for what I have". Then your thought-form travels the world to spread gratitude for all that you have. Eventually this thought-form back to you, issuers, with the blessing of "more than ye have".

The challenge for many of you is that the rules of 3D game have changed and many did not receive the memorandum. In the old version of the three-dimensional Earth ye had to work hard to continue and you could not imagine which you might create your own reality.

Fortunately, the "old" three-dimensional version of reality has been much higher light, rather than hard you labor, You feel that you are working in a smart way to discover new ideas and technology that makes life so simple, that you feel you are creating rather than working.

So, because your life is full of creativity, your consciousness and, consequently your perceptions expand to frequencies increasingly reality high. In other words, Now you are to flow into the New Earth! While avançais to the threshold of Newfoundland 5D, the Galactic Federation, representing your ancestors and higher expressions of the US, waits for the big meeting. In this pre-five-dimensional habitat zone there is more money, because it is no longer necessary.

All have replicators that can create, instantly, anything that you need, from food, furniture, cars and homes. You also must free personal tricorders, which are also bio-scanners, language translators with voice recognition, anti gravitational cars, etc., etc..

As a matter of fact, ALL these devices are now being "discovered" in your reality in this transition. However, Kabbalah NOT want these devices to be shared with their "worker bees". So, many work hard to put food on the table while the dark just schedule your personal replicator.

Fortunately, as it continues to flow for frequencies increasingly high reality, you will see more and more of this technology in your daily life. This will occur because the cabal and other dark who have concealed this technology, will no longer be able to resonate to this reality layer.

Therefore, the technology will be released free of charge to all. This technology will be available to all, because the first to expand your awareness to the knowledge of what is really driven by few, while many "work hard", They appear and say: "Did you know that you can have this advanced technology?”

When your conscience allow perceive more and more of Newfoundland, you will be received by your families Galactic and Celestial. When these members of your top look I dimensionally "coming from above", Also you will find your Lemurian family and Atlante, which shall go up the Gaia Center.

Clear, going up and down are three-dimensional terms based on the polarity of above and below. Your fifth dimensional reality will be exempt from these polarities. As adaptardes more to your perceptions dimensionally higher, the polarity concepts, separation, power on and even conflict, disappear from your reality.

Your families Galactic, Celestial, Lemurian and Atlantean will assist you in creating a New Earth, personal and collective, watching, loving and supporting all newly awakened who released his fear and turned to unconditional love and multidimensional creativity, as a new way of life.

Earlier enter and go out of these higher areas of reality, because precisareis of practice and mastery over your thoughts and emotions, manterdes to a constant presence in this higher frequency Earth.

Fortunately, dimensionally your higher thoughts, and your loving emotions, then direct your attention to your fifth-dimensional physical sensations ever expanding. Some of you will adapt slowly these sensations, some will adapt very quickly and others do not adjust in any way.

Those who can not adapt to a higher frequency version of reality live your three-dimensional life as if nothing had happened. They remain in the same illusion that led them through numerous versions of life on Earth 3D.

When "die" in the specific time was selected by them, before taking a new incarnation, They will be able to study at the Mystery School tetradimensional to be prepared to release its dependence on third dimension.

Yes, the third dimension is very addictive because, often times too, NOT you have the satisfaction of "a job well done". Without feeling that satisfaction, some have increasing problems. Therefore, They try the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result.

See, Kabbalah has gone deep in the educational system to make it difficult for people to learn new ways of perceiving and living your life. Fortunately, so remember how to get and maintain a fifth dimensional state of consciousness, remember that you are the longer your Masters Energy Field, forgetting, However, this fact, when you enter in your 3D earth vessel.

As soon as you remember, constantly, of your Multidimensional SELF, not precisareis learn, try or wait. Your Light Body fifth dimensional align, instantly, your consciousness and your perceptions to the reality of fifth dimensional resonance.

This reality often the vessel physical terrain that led you for your three-dimensional reality, will transmute, instantly, in your fifth dimensional Lightbody.

As your three-dimensional physical body echoed to the three-dimensional habitat areas of Gaia, your fifth dimensional Lightbody resonates with Newfoundland fifth-dimensional. In other words, your fifth dimensional state of consciousness will align you with your fifth-dimensional perceptions of fifth dimensional Earth.

So that ye can perceive this reality frequency, you can choose to live this reality frequency.

Remember that your fifth dimensional Lightbody I chose to send his essence for three-dimensional vessel, to assist Gaia in Her planetary ascension. Therefore, your fifth dimensional Lightbody is your natural body, and your three-dimensional physical body is a three-dimensional creation that is connected to the 3D Matrix.

You are a Multidimensional Being who chose temporarily use a vase three-dimensional terrain. We chose to use this vessel in this "time" to assist in the Planetary Ascension. Their mission was:

. Align your fifth-dimensional consciousness with its three-dimensional ground vase. . Forget the real Multidimensional and become a human physicist.

. Remember your Multidimensional and, gradually, return to its light body.

. Return to your light body for return to your conscious knowledge I tetra and fifth-dimensional.

. Upon returning to his conscience multidimensional, transmute, gradually, your 3D vessel so that it is founded with his fifth dimensional Lightbody.

. Transmutes his vessel personnel land, Elemental por Elemental, ALSO transmute the vessel planetary terrain de Gaia - Elemental Elemental by.

. To return to your fifth-dimensional Lightbody, Gaia assist with the return to His Light fifth dimensional Planet.

Remember that creation begins in the higher dimensions and down into the lower dimensions. Consequently, the higher dimensions never left or disappeared. However, the higher worlds disappear, Yes, for YOUR perceptions so that your lower consciousness to the three-dimensional and four-dimensional brain waves.

However, when widening your consciousness into the NOW of reality zone in which you are using your Light Body, perceive, easily, Newfoundland will ALWAYS existed. Since there is NO time in the fifth dimension and above, there is no beginning and no end. There is only ONE NOW.

When you learned to walk, caíeis often. When you learned to speak the words erráveis. You you had, only, to practice, practice, practice and "grow". All of you are now growing and return to your Multidimensional SELF. Are so patient and loving with your self as you would be with a beloved child.

As a matter of fact, YOU are the Beloved children of the Universe. As the top light to infiltrate more and more into your reality, shall leave the "time", and fluireis for NOW the reality of higher frequencies.

If ye believe that ye shall suffer or work hard, you will create this thought-form that will align you with this version of reality. I am training at Masters. However, because you are Multidimensional Beings, I need not learn anything, except:



We are the Arcturians.


Channel: Suzanne Lie PhD


Translation: SYNTHESIS Blog

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With the reading of the Letter of Christ that yesterday you send, more lucid we as the difficulty that some Brothers have to understand His Message, or, inclusive, taking into account the veils even fallen, if they understand themselves.

De facto, before we met and know the whys of this or that, we can not understand, and perhaps accept, this or that.

People says that "no one is born taught". So, what we have just said is the Truth, as the truth is what Christ says in part of his letter yesterday we transcribe and send.

Therefore, we must remember what He says:

– "Remember, when approaching other, to be careful with their "egos". This is the only way that they have for survival inside until they have achieved a real and lasting vision of Divine Consciousness and they realize that they have within themselves something of transcendent themselves – a source of strength, power and inspiration. "

And complete it, stating:

"... There is no possibility, there is no way to persuade the person that caused harm to others. And there's no, because there is no interior lighting, from Light, to show that person a better and fairer way of living. LIGHT is fully blocked by the magnetic ego consciousness. But the pain that people experience (since all she has done to others will return to itself the same extent and more), get-la-a question, Lastly, the existence, and asking questions is the way we receive the answers "DIVINE LIFE. ""


Notice this part of the text:

"... There is no possibility, there is no way to persuade the person that caused harm to others. And there is no way because there is no interior lighting, from Light, to show that person a better and fairer way of living. "


This part of Christ's teaching helps us to understand the reason for not having more adherent to the cause that our Heavenly Father / Mother / Creator want to see reborn, this Plan and this Time for Change: Reconstruction of the Temple.

How can we understand, himself, and no one be offended by this, of the Pope Francis can not interpret the letters of Christ regarding the Truth Not Sin Against God Haver, and, so, stop the way, leaving, furthermore, and forced naturalmente, the sacrament that his church invented, called Confession, He said that this sacrament has nothing to do with God.

On the part of Francis or his Church, it is not a pure, simple or mere negligence. No!... Looking culture and intelligence, we have a gross negligence, willful, This is, causing damage, (There conscience continue in its dogmatic, regardless of what Christ tells them, teach and play).

The Pope Francis is not a simple sacristan, who has obtained the 2nd Primary School.

There or it comes from your Guilt, and the natural death of his Church.

In the late 80, one of our 'Elucidandos', We left written in the Spiritualist newspaper that was published in Viseu, that churches would close and that would be occupied by another Truth. The Christ, in His Letters, confirms what we said.

Nothing is by chance'…

Let us wait, therefore, to see the unfolding of this whole matter ...

The truth



Spiritualists dissertations, Chapter XXXI, 15TH message, The Book of Mediums - About Mediums

All mediums are, undoubtedly, called to serve the cause of Spiritism, the extent of their faculties, but very few there are that don't let caught in traps of self-love. It is a touchstone, that rarely ceases to effect. This is how, about 100 psychics, one, It is both, you will find that, for very small to be, I did not consider, in the early days of his mediumship, bound to get higher and things destined to large missions. Those who succumb to this vain hope, and great is the number of them, become inevitably prey obsessor Spirits, that will not subdue them, flattering their pride and catching them on their weak. The more you wish to rise, the more ridiculous it will be the fall, When not disastrous.

Large missions, only choose assigned to men and God even puts them, without them the look, in the middle and in the position to provide effective competition. Will never be too much that I recommend to the inexperienced mediums being second guessed what can certain Spirits say, in relation to the alleged role they are called upon to play, for how much, if the take seriously, only disappointments will reap in this world, and, on the other, severe punishment.

To persuade well that, the modest and obscure sphere where they are placed, can provide great services, assisting the conversion of unbelievers, lavishing consolation to the afflicted. If you are out there, will be conducted by invisible hand, that prepare them the ways, and will be put in evidence, so to speak, your despite.

Always remember these words: "Whoever humbles himself humbled and the humble will be exalted."

The Spirit of Truth.

Picture that Suzette Duarte took at Paria do Sol, Algarve

Photo kindly provided by Suzette Duarte.




The Message of the Divine Mother Mary that Jane Ribeiro received yesterday, containing, However, today's date, morning 08 September 2015, for being the Christmas Day LORD JESUS, tells us all.

“Awake beloved! Look around you!

Where is the world inhabited by loving and fraternal beings, that turned the battlefield into fertile fields where abundance is shared by all?

Where is the world where the holy waters are kept clean to nourish light of its inhabitants?

Where is the world where the air takes the subtle prana nourishes life?

Where is the world where the sun's heat does not burn, but feeds the body with the light of God?

This world exists, loved, and there is generated and shared by the Creator Father, I and whose access was revealed by the example of my Son, who came to show you the way, the truth and the real meaning of the word live.

It is time to dive into this world of peace, of joy, brotherhood, health and abundance.

It is time to rescue the legacy of Master, the legacy that has the power to transform your lives, the legacy that does not contain promises of easy achievements, but that returns all the power to transform their selfish desires in the purest light of love.”

The Middle East and Europe are experiencing a very serious crisis, with hundreds of thousands of migrants to flee real horrors that war promotes.

Hardly find a place of peace in this our sacred Mother Earth (GAIA). So the questions that our Divine Mother makes us and leaves!

Interests and more interest, fights and more fights, hatred and more hatred… Egos and more Egos…

That's not how we climbed to the fifth dimension…

That's not how the Earth rises and becomes a Regeneration Plan.

It is not that the man rises and reaches the Ascended Mastery.

Not that we won and we are LIGHT!

Se a TERRA, as informs our beloved Master Saint Germain, since Christmas of September 2015, IE, since TODAY, by Christmas of September 2025, will see if free from darkness, tell me:

– What is needed, to make it happen?

– “There are big pain the Father to see the destination 3/4 Humanity…” – Jesus, Christ, in 31 December 2009.

Given that 3/4 Humanity is in shadow, what needs to happen for this shadow rise and be LIGHT?

And who is part of these 3/4?

This Christmas Day Jesus, and already, what we do, The for helping to have and live births of Light and Peace?

Who understands the ultimate meaning of the message of our Divine Mother MARIA?

Who understands the effort that we ourselves are doing here, virtually no media?

However, the Catholic bishops of Portugal were, in tour, Roma visit your Pope…

When they spent these Catholic Bishops on this tour?

What good result for Humanity this tour?

Mother message MARIA, It is the repetition of many other, portrays a shadow across queen na TERRA.

What responsibilities has been the Roman Catholic Church, along 17 Centuries, with the emergence of this whole shadow?

Who has the courage to say?

And!… What to do?


Read, with RSI's eyes, ' Farewell’ and you will realize what 'Your Voice’ says, and because the says.


Thank you to all who understand us and help, for the sake of the Lord and Humanity Project.
The Peace be with you all.
The Directive Team.



Message of Mother Mary

(08-09-2015 – Natal de Jesus)

May the blessings of love bring peace to your body, minds and hearts.

Moment of rebirth, time to remember the passing of Master Jesus on your planet.

Moment of deep reflection, to look at this cosmic event, that is renewed once more, Eye Heart; time to look at the core of your being the real meaning of the path taken by my Son, the way to go for you all, way that only concludes when the ego surrenders the truth of light.

You are light, loved, and that light needs to manifest itself so you can light up the world!

Without the manifestation of light your lives will continue Limited, your minds remain plunged into darkness where life reveals a constant struggle for survival, the conquest of space, by the pursuit of illusory pleasure that the world of matter offers, and leading brothers to fight against brothers.

Separation! This is the essence of your current world.

Separate minds, separate hearts, separate lives, people, nations, religions separated by the illusion that the truth is contained in a single flag, and that this flag must be defended by force of war, and the barbarism contained in the "no" because those who seek merely a place to live.

The devastation rife your Mother Earth at all levels.

Contaminated water, ar poisoned, polluted lands and the folly of the human food the destruction of all life.

Your Mother Earth, that for eons passively accept all kinds of violence, finally reacted at this time, because the torture she foisted reached unbearable levels that almost led to its total destruction.

The waters were collected, or contaminated densificou ar-se, the land forces lost to germinate seeds that do sprout healthy food to nourish healthy bodies.

And the bodies sickened!

Awake beloved! Look around you!

Where is the world inhabited by loving and fraternal beings, that turned the battlefield into fertile fields where abundance is shared by all?

Where is the world where the holy waters are kept clean to nourish light of its inhabitants?

Where is the world where the air takes the subtle prana nourishes life?

Where is the world where the sun's heat does not burn, but feeds the body with the light of God?

This world exists, loved, and there is generated and shared by the Creator Father, I and whose access was revealed by the example of my Son, who came to show you the way, the truth and the real meaning of the word live.

It is time to dive into this world of peace, of joy, brotherhood, health and abundance.

It is time to rescue the legacy of Master, the legacy that has the power to transform your lives, the legacy that does not contain promises of easy achievements, but that returns all the power to transform their selfish desires in the purest light of love.

Beloved! The life of your teacher speaks more than any words that can be said.

Balls, because, your walk in the Master's footsteps, for light to illuminate your lives, for peace to be redeemed by your hearts, for the joy manages understanding, so that the share is the emphasis that raises the vibration of all this brotherhood that, Finally, is expressed as children of God.

Beloved! That your prayers continue to generate power, to dissipate the darkness of all minds and hearts, making clear the understanding that you are all equal before the Father.

Beloved! I leave you now, pouring over you all my blessings and involving you all in my mantle of protection, because I am Mary, Your Mother.

SP-08/09/2015-Message of Mother Mary-17-2015 received by Jane M. Brook

Mother Mary




Who is your world?

By: Maria

Who is your world?

Stop for a few minutes and think: Who is your world? Is your world your child, his father, to your preferences, of your job… Or their fears?

What I think builds his world every day, and most people suffer from negative thoughts, repetitive, addicts.

Most people wake up always thinking the same things, and lives always think the same things.

So, o she was young, the new morning comes, and in everyday life, be it a strong routine very committed work, or Book: a retired man, or a person who does not have time to meet, whatever your routine, thoughts - if not care for themselves - will be addictive, always touch the same key, building, day after day, the same world.

So we teach: keep a minute of silence at the time of your wake, and ask the Divine, to your Divine Self:

"God… Father and mother. Divine creator, Divine Presence - I Sacred me, manifested in my mind a new world, a world of other possibilities. I want to be part of this new way of seeing life in me. "

And stay there, in silence, imagining a blank sheet of paper, where everything is open for write, With love, with light, with kindness, with humility… And with all the good feelings to choose.

This simple exercise can save your life, You can change your story, can cure diseases, can clean family relationships… Can all.

Because, believing that blank page, Today it is assumed that, na time to agree, open your eyes… The next morning… Can see, do, feel, understand, all different.

The different energy connects to you and you will project that energy, this vibration, in your world…

Watch out for their reissues.

Watch your machine thought.

Beware memories of the past.

Beware of everything that has engraved within himself.

Because that is exactly what is manifest every day of your life.

E us moments before sleep, some minutes… Seems, sit on your bed, close your eyes for a few minutes, breathe deeply and thank, the good things, the bad things, by difficult people, for all that lived, up for his mistakes.

And if one day had absolutely no grace - with nothing to think it is worth thank - thank, only, by ter lived, by ter finished. And ask:

"Dad, Mom, God… Divine Creator, my beloved I AM Presence, Master of Light, my guardian angel, wipe me all the negative impressions. I make peace with God and the Universe. I thank you all I had and everything I am, and give me the lap of the Divine. "

And so, single, with his words. Puts his sense of gratitude to God, and falls asleep. Delivered its energy to God, as if I was really forget everything, and open the mind and heart, to switch off and forget.

This connection are simple exercises. However, massive exercises power. A quiet mind shuts down, the body sleeps, eyes close and you relax. Think never solved problems. The logical thinking is only part of your being, and many things are not solved just by wanting, ou for thinking.

So… At such times, when you lie down and when you rise up, do not think, loosen up, give yourself and be enchanted, with the Divine force that is itself.

Receive… My beloved, my blessing and my light. I am Mary and I take care of everyone who asks my presence.

Maria da Terra. Mary of the Angels. Maria Men. Of Heaven Maria.

I loose myself for God to use the power that is in me, to help all beings who ask me for help. That's how I am. I do not want for my, I for my delivery.

And I want to tell you that you can also do for your delivery. Learn to put yourself in God's hands and ask the Infinite Power:

"God, Dad, Mother - Divine Creator, I AM Presence - makes me, what God wants me to be. "

Offering itself as instrument. And God - our Father, Divine Creator - will use it to help, to do good, and to bring incredible peace and happiness to your life.

We work here, in line with the Green Flame, by White Flame, with the Violet Flame.

Activating vibrações as cure, vibrações activating deep as love.

We call the Divine Presence of the Flame Rose, for that Love will be present.

We call the Divine Presence of the Flame Ruby, for that Love will be present.

We call the Divine Presence of the Flame Yellow, so that it forms a Wisdom and light cycle.

You are loved. Develop the Great Power of Love.

Love… Love… Love.


I received from our Dear Sister and Director of the Temple 'THE WAY', Emilia Martins.

I reviewed and put on my Portuguese.

Stop, because, and we continue to be the instrument that our Divine Mother identifies here.

God, my brothers, even if we are in our lives outside, never ceases to be with us. It behooves us, However, have LO and well within the side.

I am Alvaro de Jesus


THE WAY - New Temple of the Lord




You need not seek fortune tellers to find out what awaits you, nor need of those others, you discover the past you've met by their own trends.

Life is alive and imperishable gift.

On the screen of hours, We are the last that was and will be the tomorrow to come.

The seed planted summarizes all our thoughts about the future.

You will have to cultivate.

Not gather figs on Apple and vice versa.

Aware that all thoughts and acts are sowing target, Select the material you consider suitable to your happiness and centralizes it in well to similar service.

Than at present give, gather the results after.

The future starts now.

Gives today to life which possess the best and, the morning, what life is better, you will answer.

Francisco Cândido Xavier Emmanuel spirit of the book ' Jewel ', publisher CEU.

Beloved Chico Xavier



(Weather e Vigia)

Dear Brothers:

The Lord's Peace be with you.

I refer often to the message of the Lord Jesus, CHRIST, dictated 31 December 2009, because it is the cornerstone of what He feels for us, and because it is a very serious warning, if we consider our attitude and position in relation to His Message and Good News.

He complains, with full reason, that His message did not pass, and you need only look to the side to confirm it without reservation.

It identifies who failed and are absolutely right in what he reveals to us.

He asks us for help, We are showing us what we should do, but certain his sheep continue to feed in meadows that are not Him.

Responsible those who received the message, but many of these, most, particularly those placed in positions of maximum Head, They saw Him the back, doing what gives them the real Ghana, not caring what his CHRIST, they claim to follow, teaches them come and ask them to do. Stroll up, vegetating, for the life, without knowing live.

We will not talk more than we do of our Mission, fulfilling it simply, as new, through these words we do it quietly, but with full responsibility. See you who is seeing, listen to him who is listening.


All of that came in, All you was sent. All you have received!

And you have as little or not at all, according to His Command.

The Earth is a star that has, as you know, two movements, turning incessantly about herself and about your Sun, like all the other stars, but it seems that, for many, It is being killed, inert, causeless. The Earth is Mother GAIA and very few A Amam according to what she is.

And this is so, because these top leaders silent, omit, They hide from the light and speak nothing that leverages the People's Lighting.

LOVE that Jesus is coming and presents us lovingly wrapped in His Light, but ignores the people that all this is LOVE and JUSTICE.

LOVE and JUSTICE, that they are always divinely accompanied by the Truth and the Light.

Thou art this LOVE, This JUSTICE, this TRUTH and LIGHT, but we do not know if they Te can you recognize, just in serious omissions ranging offering you and You, afraid, smile, more coves.

PORTUGAL is the Pillar Base where the FATHER LOVE Will sits, but we have had so many traitors, nested in a moldy secularism that only sorrow gives this noble People.

THE CHRIST, in His Letters, tells of Si, PAI and we also, going so far as to humiliate and say it was the Son of Man, like us, and, We likewise and how, son of God, in Christ responsibility, By already being Ascended Master, we call Divine Master, so the Terms and love Him.

Beloved! Jesus is here, Us, It is THE WAY, and only expected your decision to Te Embrace.

There is much to reminisce about being who You are, what are we…

Much to buckle ... coming out of illusion where we enclausuraram ...

Much have to walk, choosing true ways of Light ...

We have much to Top, accompanied by Christ if this is, truly, our actual conscious will ...

The path descended and are here, by the will of the Most High, with all that is LOVE, JUSTICE, TRUTH and LIGHT, in Responsibility.

Ye have with you 'FAREWELL' His voice unto us through Professor Pietro Ubaldi. Do you serious study, taking into account all His good Notices, a prose that is back. But let the, but because this atrophy and kills a lot of people ...

JESUS, CHRIST, almost finished the message that upon you identify, reports to the head of the darkness ...

Take heed to identify this boss, lest you die you hands, by extension…

'THE WAY-New Temple of the Lord'

First Christian Temple, coming from Pedro, and also, Second Chico Xavier, First Spiritualist Temple.




Our Dedicated and Thomas Confrere Ana Luísa, has just sent us this very timely, which proves us that 'THE WAY’ vem de Pedro, Yes, but already in the Lord Jesus lifetime he was spoken. It appears that the Work 'Joseph of Arimathea', de FRANK C. TRIBBE.


Spiritual center founded in Casa do Caminho 02/09/1965.

Be welcome!

The Casa do Caminho – A summary of your story.
The Casa do Caminho was undoubtedly the first Christian community in human history. Simon Peter its founder, presided him destinations, assisted by the apostles Nathaniel (Bartholomew), Thiago (son of Zebedee), Philip and John. The other apostles took some time because they went out to spread the gospel of Jesus to the Gentiles people, They are mostly martyred. It is said that the main mansion was a simple pavilion but a large carport covered with fragile walls, deprived of any comfort. We arrived later John Mark, a direct auxiliary Pedro.

The apostolic collegiate comprising the extension of the tasks that fit them, more laborers sought. Not considered fair to let the word of Jesus to serve the tables. Came the deacons represented by Stephen, Procorus, Nicanor, Parmenas, Nicholas, Timon and Barnabas. It was built a house attached to the activities of prayer and Gospel.

“And it was of one heart and soul of the multitude of them that believed and no one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but all things were common to them. There was therefore, among them that lacked: for all who were possessors of lands or houses, selling them brought the proceeds of what was sold and laid it at the apostles' feet. I spread out all fear um, according to the needs that each had”.

The Casa do Caminho was a tender plant, coming from a divine seed, titanic face attacks, a hostile and adverse environment. On one side were over a hundred people receiving daily food, Apart from support services to the sick, orphans and destitute of an equally and among them, Prostitutes, misconduct creatures, incurable addicts and mad with varied hues. On the other hand, the atrocious persecution of Judaism which required a permanent concessions relationship.

So there monetary dependence of Jewish society for the maintenance work. The apostle Paul, while visiting Jerusalem, dismayed at the state of Casa do Caminho, in dialogue with Pedro, obtemperou: “we need to find a way to free the gospel truth of the human conventionality. We need to install here, service elements that enable the house to live in own resources. Orphans, the old and usable men will find activities beyond the agricultural work and produce something for essential income. Each work in accordance with its own strengths, under the direction of more experienced brothers. As we know, where there is work, there is wealth, and where there is cooperative, there is peace. It is the only resource to emancipate the Jerusalem church of self-righteousness of the levies, whose antics know from the beginning of my life”! Besides, adduced Paulo: “Barnabas and I can return to the places visited (newly founded churches), in addition to seeking other, hoping to lay up resources for the needs of the Church of Jerusalem”. Paul understood as insufficient efforts narrated by Peter: “organized planting services for resettled and prevented from leaving quickly out of Jerusalem. With that the House has no need to buy vegetables and fruits. As for the improved, They are taking the burden of nurses from less advantaged health.

As you can see, these details have not been forgotten and yet the church is burdened expenses and debts that only cooperation of Judaism can mitigate or undo”.

Elsewhere the Casa do Caminho, Paul admonished: “we meet many patients, offer a home to bed more unhappy; but there has always been and there will be sick and tired bodies on Earth. In the Christian task, similar effort can not be forgotten, but the lighting of the spirit must come first. If the man brought the Christ at heart, the picture of the needs would be completely modified”.

We know that churches have multiplied, however Casa do Caminho in face human injunctions and, the absence of the Council of Apostles and elders, without saying the evil persecution of organized Judaism priesthood, They made it crumble in time, defeating the lídimo example for humanity to live in a new community system. The Casa do Caminho was a milestone in the history of Christianity and an unforgettable example of the spirit of self-sacrifice and brotherhood.

Heart of Light




What I stated on the act of our brother Francisco, Pope of the Catholic Church, to have ordered the clergy forgiveness of all sins until November 2016, It may not have been understood by most, that we understand.

However, today in studies of Letters of Christ, pages 223, We read what you put here.


"When I was on Earth, repeatedly advised people to forgive and to refrain from judging, criticize and condemn.

The church has interpreted it wrong, giving it a meaning that you must 'please' God by loving others and abstaining from negative emotions. This is not at all what I meant. There is no "God" that needs to be "pleased" by their behavior.

You are the master of your own destiny and "always reap what you sow".

All previous pages were directed to give you details of how to avoid sowing weeds in your vegetable garden, how to stay healthy, happy and prosperous. "


Given this, as we said, Francis did exactly the opposite.

If there is no God that needs to be "pleased" by us, and, this treadmill, there is no sin against God, Christ tells us that repeatedly advised people to forgive each other, refraining from judging, criticize and condemn.

So, before this, if Francisco had some action, this could only be:

"Considering the new Christ's Teaching, that there is no sin against God, to all the clergy and providing information and orders the purpose of the sacrament of confession.

In the face of this new school, They should be removed from all churches confessionals.

The whole People of God must announce this new Christ Teaching, that there is no sin against God, at the same time it should remind people the duty to forgive each other, abandoning trials, criticisms and condemnations. "

Francisco had here a beautiful alibi Christ-to be able to correct the hand and come to light! However, He chose to do otherwise.

Before it, We can only say that, in fact, Pope Francis is leading his church to natural death, announced by Christ in these same letters.

We recall that Christ, these Letters, gives many messages to the Churches.



ONE LORD OF LIGHT MESSAGE Maitreya – The Cosmic Christ

At the beginning, He is the man conscious of his divinity – one with his Eternal Life Source – he himself was not unaware of being one with the Father in the same Essence, one that has always existed, exists and will exist. A single Essence, mediante a qual, It was and will be created all that ever existed, exists and will exist.

God, name given to set SOMETHING unnamed because how would call the entire ALL?

IT is so sacred and so on Full SI own – containing all of all things – that you can not conceive of anything, ALL where this is not present.

Understanding such lofty Truth will bring to man, the certainty of his divine descent. He will know it is a potential god, ALL inhabiting this and having it your Self.

He is the man of the same essence of the Father, he and the Father are ONE really.

Jesus disse: "What has seen me has seen the Father ...." Ponder over this truth that can not be challenged and your weight, Pray to God, so that it will become real in you. Only when the compreenderdes and accepting, Truth is that this will become yours and you free, opening the way for the acquisition of multiple and sublime Divine truths.

Within your being or in your "etheric memory", It is written all wisdom and all your knowledge. You may bring them to the surface of your outer consciousness, if apelardes the Supreme Truth and ponder She. Receive, therefore, the promised revelation, for it is Law.

Now you know who you are! It is your take your Divine Heritage and live according to It.

If you find yourselves under any restrictions, It is a lack of belief in God's presence in you, that everything can.

The Father has given you all that HE IS!

Accept this truth and bring them in your world the law of perfect living in God. Only ye can give effect in their lives peace, the joy, the abundance and eternal love.

The chains that bind the man, designed by himself, It does not exist in God's plans. They can and should be dissolved by your faith.

Be books, created in God's image! You are PURE SPIRIT.

Do not forget that you can do nothing for yourselves, but yes, through the PAI – Christ or Spirit – within you, all you can. Therefore, what should be your attitude? Simply, So let Be!

Of-vos in Verdade. A very few were made known as pure reality! If absorverdes the Truth and you live in unison with her, ye the Kingdom Key.

Now is the time of man search, take you back Home… And where is this Home?

In your heavenly state of consciousness, or your true state of being.

However, do not you know these truths is quite. You must live them, you must feel them, turn them into yourselves. So you can, truly, say: "I and the Father are ONE!”

Deixo-your, But I AM with you, when you ergueis to find me.

MAITREYA The book "Medical! Heal thyself "- Excerpts.


Lord Maitreya






When it elects a new Pope, he is chosen and voted by their couples, among the Cults, Righteous and Wise.

And, from the election, after the white smoke, one that has been chosen is to be the maximum representative of the Catholic Church.

Now, if this church is said Christian, This is, whether it is a church that follows, in the Truth Purity, the teaching of Christ, else it will not be expected than follow Christ within fashioned in His teaching and the purity of that Truth.

If we ask our heart this church has done it without blemish, which is that our heart responds in?

Knowing that the Laws of God are laws that have valence, not least, across the universe, and knowing that this universe has many millions of galaxies and, are you, many millions of stars and, are you, many millions of inhabited planets, asked:

– It should not be this Pope attention to this Cosmic Truth and conform it all his apostolic work, respecting always, natural and compulsory, Teaching coming of Christ, knowing that they are sent and representatives of our Divine / God / Father / Mother / Creator / Universal?

But, what if, as we say in our hearts, if such laws in force beyond our universe and have, so, power and value across the Cosmos, who is to make that Pope?

Will rule against legem, IE, develop action contrary to these Laws? This will, or is this what he should do?

Our heart says: No! Not so what he should do!

We ask, now, this our heart, why the Christ, in His Letters, unto death, by the year 2030, to all the churches who followed an erroneous Christianity?

Not by their leaders to follow up something that has nothing to do with Christ?

Yes! That's it! O Christ nem is senile, do not save.

Therefore, Pope Francis to have given orders to all the Catholic clergy to forgive any and all 'sin', regardless of their severity, assumed to be Heavenly Legislator, created new law, contrary to Christ's teaching, that nega, Since soon, the existence of sin, and put his church in line of those to die naturally.

A child, after learning the minimum on Ubiquitous God's Laws, You know it, or know that this is so.

There is 157 years Allan Kardec gave Estampa, Earth and His Humanity, its First Great Work: 'The Spirits' Book', a set of 1019 questions and answers about the whys of Life, under the coordination of the loving Spirit of truth, as the Lord Jesus, Christ, I had predicted in there 2.000 years, but, the new comforter for him announced, Spiritualism, was, by the Roman church, simply ignored, if not attacked and burned at the stake, as happened in Auto Faith Barcelona.

In the XXI Century, right in the Third Millennium, a few days ago, Francisco, again, making a clean sweep of this education and this comforter, determined, ex novo, about something that Christ says not even exist: sin against God.

Therefore, Francisco, as I have said, following an orientation that has little to do with Christ's Teaching, He puts in the crosshairs of Truth your church, so that disappear by the year 2030.

It Francisco, doing so, who kills the Catholic Church.

We not cured here of whether Francisco is the black pope announced, or if it is the last Pope of the Roman Church, to announce the prophecies. Heal, Yes, what will happen to this church, read and interpreted that was the Christ.

Read up what Christ says about it in His Letters and prepare ourselves for that death, taking into account, repeat, what our Divine and Beloved Master Jesus, CHRIST, tells us about this grave moment.

In the light of His truth, I am,

Manuel Álvaro da Silva de Jesus

Walker Mentor 'THE WAY-New Time Lord'



Porto, 03 September 2015, morning 2.

Álvaro de Jesus 1




The fantasy begins to neglect and to show up just like it is, and, for that reason, a Vida, It is our ally, You will pulling certain carpets ...

We are obliged to think about the truths, said Christian, we were evangelized in our early youth, This is, during the Catholic catechism ...

Everything was sin, as, for example, miss Mass on Sundays, this being a serious lack, do worthy title 'mortal sin' ...

Fifty few years later, fancy us laugh about it ... but not, we can not laugh, because ignorance imposed on us and was much affected us, marking our life and many of our brothers, our at least until the late 70 of the last century, Find the new path…

Let's talk about sin ...

Who knows me knows that I have often say that, after receiving from God two goods, He has nothing else can offer without, both, You say ...

– Yes, accepted!

The first of these goods Life is Good!

The second It is the Good FREEDOM!

Then I, your, He or she, having this freedom that He has given us for our creation, ONLY accept anything more from Him if our Will. SIM! It is as thou hast read ...

Heads up! He regards this as no one ....

So ... things, Welcome D 'He, are so.

If you are so, and He has given us this freedom, even though we can not tell you everything else that He wishes to give us, asked:

I act so, This is, I doing what I want to do, and being so in His perfect knowledge, since we also created simple and ignorant, I will have to act so O offends?

Does my Freedom, He has given me, The offends?

If you created me and I come to the Incarnation for me Remembering and Develop, requiring experience everything to help me in this evolution, I do that I'll doing, these experiences, The offend?

Some experiences will be fruitful, others less so. Which ones The not offend and which The offend?

Who answers us?

What is the church where I was born taught me about it?

He taught that little was not a sin and that I should be fearing (fear) goodbye.

That my former church, when I was little more than a child she told me of a punishing God, I had an eternal hell for those who missed, for example, to Mass on Sundays ...

An eternity to suffer for that reason alone? Yes, It was so ... That's what they told me ... And I believed, for I was a child ...

I freed myself of it in the late 70 last century and started a new direction ... and I was seeing the teaching minority that my former church.

I saw more and more worried about her, as he progressed in the true spiritual knowledge.

Until ... the Light made on me and knew my mission ...

Today I am the priest Melchizedek Order (for those who do not know, Melchizedek is our Beloved Sanat Kumara, o Cristo Venus), and I'm there to rebuild the Temple 2.000 years, which is also, nowadays, First Spiritualist Temple of the Earth ...

I read news that my former church and I'm anxious, disgusted even, to see her so cheating and, even worse, impudence and ignorance that is not 'holy' ...

Just asked you which of my experiences offended God, and which offended Failure.

Eventually conclude that none of them offend Him, for if I am (if We Are), how I am (the way we are), Him I owe (Him we should), IE, It was that made me so, how I am (like you is).

It is for this same reason, for we be FREE, that Christ can you tell us:

– "There is no sin against God."

So ... cheated my former church when he said exactly the opposite, when he evangelized me in fear ...

There is no sin against God, Yes, but God has His commandments, His Laws, which is quite different thing.

So, I now know these Laws, I also know, as an adult aware, His Laws that only these I can be happy ...

I removed from my vocabulary the word sin, taking the utmost respect for His Laws, because I know that these are His Laws, se eu as observar e seguir, to enlighten me and allow Ascender.

But I read that my former church continues to speak of sin, and, the breed-, come say, through its highest representative, that by being in the year of Mercy (?), all sin is absolved by November 2016, including the sins of abortion and that would lead to excommunication.

I find that by ending the Most Representative that my former church does not know that Christ said there is no sin against God.

Does this Maximum representative of my former church does not know what Christ said, if this church has all the books, authorized and unauthorized?

So if you know, why not follow the Christ and ends with the word sin and fails to make confessions?

It is passa?

It was God who said that the highest representative who were in the year of favor?

It was God, there is no sin against Him, who said that the maximum representative of my former Church, It could absolve all until November 2016?

It was God who came to say, this maximum representative, that His laws were in Promotion period ... read up on time BALANCES?

It was God who came to say that His laws were temporarily, until November 2016 suspended?

There is no sin against God ... how does this maximum representative JUSTIFIED news that came out yesterday on the Net, whose title is:

How does this justify Francisco, is before God, or before the Men?

That is that Francisco is truly speak?

Chance Francisco is blockhead?

Chance Francisco is untouchable?

Chance Francisco does not know that the people are no longer fool to believe everything to be said?

Beloved / Beloved:

Greater is our task, because we have to come to the aid Francis and tell him to read what they have tidy as excommunicated Works: those of Allan Kardec:

Today, in 2015, we can and should do it, therefore teach the ignorant is always a Mercy Work.

Na Light,

The Team Directive,

THE WAY-New Temple of the Lord



Mount Shasta, Master Saint Germain and You.

Realizado na sede da Pax, in 29 August 2015.

With Sloane Lacerda and Carmen Balhestero

Plumbing: Carmen Balhestero

The humanity, in these times of demonstrations and conscious choices, He is faced with the power of true harmony of immortality, Longevity and Rejuvenation.

That it may have the ability to change your vibrations, your genetic code and your developments, just that you may only consistent your thoughts with your intentions and show, Like this, on your heart light, the flame of unlimited potential in order to continue getting closer to your 5ªessência, the flame of your victory, and reencontrardes, Like this, all the power of your I AM Presence.

You know that I am presence of humanity is above the anahata on top of head, However, the certainty of living particle of God dwell in your hearts, and threefold flame through the left ventricle, where reencontrareis the oneness of unconditional love.

Beloved children, through the 7th sphere of light have the power to accelerate your lives.

With speed we mean that it is not necessary to age, instead, is the time of longevity through the immortality and renewal of your strength.

May you understand that speed doors means getting closer to bliss, Harvest grace, the unconditional love force, in light of your individual happiness and planetary.

More and more rays are coming from your three-dimensional bodies, that you may reflect on the strength of the truth of the soul.

* When a being assumes the entire Christ Consciousness can reach a huge axis around her biological body, hundred meters in all directions.

May we understand that this is the time to stand up and running in your biological bodies according to your energies and your three-dimensional decisions in full communion with the power of your free will, in full communion with the light of the foundation of the I Am presence.

Beloved children, all that the Spiritual Plan can do, we are doing, dispensations in Christic, in energy and radiation, However, just each embodied awakening to this new breath, for that true strength can be generated, and for all of last rays are increasingly strengthened through the light of victory.

Through all the crystalline vortex of your Beloved Mother Earth, more precisely on Mount Shasta and Arunachala mankind has the power to reach the true manifestation of enlightenment and healing the human ego personality.

* We want to draw attention to the importance of this year 2015, because through all the veils that are broken in heaven, humanity has the opportunity to glimpse new dimensions of consciousness and new dimensions of existence.

Want to manage your power and increase your longevity? So, You can understand that your minds are responsible for 90 percent of all who live in your lives.

As you know, by irradiation 27 February 2014, Sathia Yuga came all the way around the planetary irradiation. Na era da luz, the lie has no more strength and energy of the truth comes out.

Increasingly will how serious is your life, but not the seriousness towards stark, but the seriousness that you must not play with the positive energy or other, However, all that dispensais through your attention and you shall consciences get back, because the radiation of cosmic energy boomerang returns, so that the light all the kingdoms sustain the energies of a new dawn.

You can remind you how the energies of the divine plan are solid and simple, pure, light and maintain the grace of life every dawn just like your beloved Master Jesus, Christ, like other Avatars have brought the dispensation of enlightenment of mankind, many will ascend the opportunities and meet the energies that magnetize your power.

* A partir de 2025 on your three-dimensional plane, no longer will the dark energies, We will live these next 9 years the power and ability to pierce, transmute and quickly accelerate the process of this unique moment, where every being has, and each conscience is responsible of CoCreate this new time of well bliss and light.

You see today several fully misshapen realities, that do not match, in this moment, with the same energy relevant, the same developments, as each mind takes, drives and activates the greatest strength of the own Christ mind, and every being lives what he believes.

** May we understand that we act these next 9 years from this Christmas September 2015 up to Christmas 2025 (1) the power of transmutation of the ego personality, strengthening of the Christ consciousness, However, we need all of you, here present, and all those who are in tune, that are increasingly close to the heart of light in order to be able to understand the truth hits hard on the heart and brings the breath of irradiation good news; the Greater Light Power returns, and that all beings live ascended three-dimensional shape and free, now in physical body, for this is the massive mastery of Greater Plan, this is called Victory.

Your souls chose to be gathered on behalf of Light and serve these times of change, then you may choose the longevity again, rejuvenation and immortality, because everything that is consistent with the energies of the perfection of God belong to human egregore.

What we learned in the past is in the past, now is the time to brighten up the strength of the Christ Mind, and once again relearn the lessons of God the Father-Mother.

And the Lessons of God the Father-Mother are simple and only 3.

Light, love, discipline.

Light, love and discipline are the forces and bases of this new time of change and truth.

***We count on your I AM Presence and by your example, with your discipline, your energies, poderdes to be increasingly gives light coming mais Mount Shasta, Arunachala, of all the vortex of your Beloved Mother Earth and all the forces of Mother Nature.

Beloved children, thank all tasks, and asked for you continue to be consistent according to your choices. I shall live with what you believe, you shall act in accordance with your conscious choices.

Many will be the predispositions and vibrational changes, so, that we may continue to enjoy the light of discipline, and consciousness, the light of silence.



Dear Brothers, these moments of transformation consolidai your Christ Consciousness.

Understand that the levels Crísticos belong to humanity. That means you could find and christed revealed the Omnipotence of the I am presence in physical body.

You must provide your Christ Face yourself, to your I AM Presence.

Through the ordinances of the Course in Miracles celebrating, in this year, 50 years, humanity is faced with the opportunity to transmute fear illusions, threshold and pain, of suffering and impositions of the ego personality.

The limit does not exist for God the Father-Mother, and you are limitless beings, and the Course in Miracles behind the dispensation of this new moment that you may re-create this new paradigm in this New Age of Light.

For millennia the humanity obeyed the rules of the ego personality and abused of power. The manipulative power brought chaos, the mess, conflict and fear. It is time to transmute fear into love, is the time to no longer glimpse the theory but living practice, the light of consciousness that comes up.

Dear Brothers, neste momento your e-agradecemo your e-abençoamo, with you, we are in the Renaissance Christmas next to be fulfilled, in you, Glory Sublime Course in Miracles, over the limit of the processing, the pain and the illusions created by the ego personality, and the Light of the I AM Presence anchor the greater light that prevails.

Messages: Mestre Saint Germain e Sananda

Mount Shasta, Master Saint Germain and You, in 29-08-2015


(1) - When talking about Christmas in September, They are saying that the Lord Jesus was born in a day 08 of September. Therefore, these our beloved summon us to, the next day 08, the we have to be the true Christmas Day, doing what they show us here.

Saint Germain




Simply absurd!

As if God put on BALANCE His Eternal Laws… Or, if man could interfere, repeal, lay off, etc., to your heart's content, these Laws.

Imagine the land tribunals to enact absolution for all crimes for a year.

Who would accept it?

This news only understand if today were the day 1 of April, to say the least…





(The law is governed by Yourself)

The Pope Francis creates acquittals against nature, without having awareness of what you are doing, sem power to such, forgetting other rights and / or other Bonds.

If there is no sin against God, such as Christ assures us in His 9 Letters, and on this very well understand Him, already there, However, serious offenses, committed against third parties, IE, against our Next.

Somos BOOKS, Yes, but ... we should remember that our freedom, even coming from God, It has many limits, or just ... A well translated:

– "Your freedom ends where begins the Law of the Father." - JESUS

Beloved: We know it's there ... and everything is told!

No offense against Brothers will be 'forgiven' by God, but only for those Brothers. God does not pay anyone for us. Each of which duty ... is that you'll need to PAY.

We would say that, They will be between private accounts, in which God does not intrude ...

Francisco can never absolve these offenses, nor those relating to the law ... because Christ did not lie when he said:

– "Everything will be paid to the last farthing."

Chance Francisco forgot it?

Or continues to practice: "One in harpsichord and another in Horseshoe", as has hitherto been?

After, offense is serious Francisco forget the One who failed to reincarnate, and she found herself terminated by one or by their would-be parents, and than, even if these do not remember, signed this Maternity and / or this Fatherhood, in their lives Cards.

Everything here goes live, or by calling, to be desired, unchangeable and fundamental (intuited or not), Charter is na Life. If this is violated, there will be, Naturally, crime.

Forget or continue to OMIT the Law of the Incarnation and successive reincarnations, It is to continue to sow lies and retains the other areas of the Divine Law that only the law itself has to resolve.

Yes, the Law itself is to solve, because the Lord's words were not uttered lightly GAUTAMA:

– "I bring you dogmatism of words or threats of punishment. You are the principal judges of the court where you sentareis as defendants. Your freedom is absolute and unchallenged. You are masters of your destiny and you can choose the paths that aprouverem you. "

So is! But for all that we are the only Responsible.

Not Francisco is not ninguém, can solve cases or outstanding issues between brothers than themselves.

Absolve abortions is to invent powers, It is a crime, is to forget the damage done or committed against the Law of 'Be fruitful and multiply', how is it, even worse, forget the deterrent done against those who wished to return, the reincarnation, the School Land, here to continue your learning.

It Study, because, KARDEC, and be more LIGHT.

I am Life


Message from Spirit Bezerra de Menezes by psychophony Divaldo Franco in 27/08/2015

Posted by Spiritualist friend in 31 August 2015 to 1:53 in Dr. Bezerra de Menezes

When we introjectar Christ in our hearts, change of meaning to life, we change path and appears in our inner world an entirely new emotion, where the human being is identified, now, with the Creator and Father can keep the exchange to son and son Father.

Do not mourn the difficulties that now plague on Earth. A crise, whatsoever, It is an evolutionary experience for the intellectual and moral development of the human being.

Examine the life of the spiritual world to earth and not of the effects to the cause. Only in what happens that we need to evolve.

Enriqueçamos, beloved children, our soul, dúlcida with the peace that comes from Jesus and let Him guides the our steps, leading us through the difficult road that we must win, until it reaches the sublime ordeal of our redeeming Cross. Do not you suffer without just cause. Pain is a divine chisel that polishes the imperfections of the soul.

Of course the health blessing, Organic balance, emotional, psychic, also part of the spiritual life scheme, but we must understand that we left the instinct to reason and we still can not print the reason the good manners, in adyton Hearts or activities. And as a result, err, deceive us, equivocamo us every step, with the sublime right of redress.

Let us repent of the evil which we did, expiemos as recommended by the encoder egregious and make reparation through love and mercy.

Jesus, my sons, awaits us. That each of us fulfills his duty.

That each of us perform the minimum at your fingertips, the minimum that is, possibly, a large part to the recipient, having nothing. Our journey on earth is an experience of liberation.

No more tergiversemos, let no more fall in the gorges of the agony the presumption, by egotism. It is the broad road of love though the redemptive door is narrow.

Enter by ela, paying attention to meet the Father's house the mercy seat that is reserved in. Service is honored that fits in. Amai, It is the opportunity to autorredenção and infinitely trust in the beloved's love for Heavenly Father for His blessings penetrate our souls and release us from afflictions.

May the Lord bless blessings to you, are the votes of the humble paternal server on behalf of the spiritual friends of this temple to all of you.

A lot of peace…

Heifer (*)

(Psicofónica message received by the medium Divaldo P. Franco, at the end of the conference held in Spiritist Group André Luiz, in Rio de Janeiro, in the evening 27 August 2015.)

Dr Bezerra de Menezes

Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes Cavalcanti





Never ceased to be in the Loving heart of our beloved JESUS, your care and love for each of us, His pupils, Their governed.

But, care to say it, above that Your love for each one of us, There is the law of God/Father/Mother/Creator, which JESUS never exceed or violate. That Law, all determines, regulating, harmonizes, protects and guarantees.

Is us, because, absolutely necessary to know what this law regulates, how and why, This is, What is that, by virtue of its legislated, We have to observe, how and why, in order to never be found in a position that It would be contrary, best saying, that offense that law.

Jesus came for 2.000 years, being custodian of the CHRIST MAITREYA, telling us all we could say, He, again, reminds us now, the many messages that will dictate, the letters also dictated and offered us as Christ.

If there is, and this no doubt, LAW or Laws that govern All, including ourselves, be as any Planetary School students, be as long as we stay disembodied and Between-time Lives, WE MUST, therefore, knowing how to be students that Celeste and divine Juridismo, conforming our lives according to his ordination.

Conform, Like this, our stocks, in order not to wound him such or such laws, is to follow the ' Message ' left by JESUS CHRIST, fashioned in your message.

Be, because, free, remembering that your freedom ends where it begins the father's Law, as we've reminded the CHRIST.

RESPECT and love always your brother, whatever, or whatever their species, never forget that such a being is, like you, to evolve to the same Creator.

Your Essence, being God, also this Be, your brother.

When afivelares it as your truth, There, you will be truly God in action, and all you will have won in their Perfect and eternal Laws.

Get on GOD! Elevates you to the deity! Be It in unity with All, in UNIVERSAL LOVE.





Twenty Spiritual Exercises

Run joyfully their own obligations.

Silence in the face of offense.

Forget the favour.

Remove friends from any kindness to us.

Mute our aggressiveness.

Don't condemn the opinions which differ from our.

Abolish any malicious or unnecessary question.

Repeat information and teachings without any bitterness.

Practice patience constant.

Hear fraternally wounds of the companions without biografar our pain.

Get without allocating the means to be more useful.

Apologize without apologizing.

Don't badmouth anyone.

Get the best part of the people who share our experience.

Rejoice in the happiness of others.

Don't bother who works.

Help spontaneously.

Respect the foreign service.

Reduce the particular problems.

Serve as a good mind when the illness in fira.


The apprentice of earthly experience that you want and can apply, at least, some of the twenty proposed exercises, certainly receive the divine master, in the middle of a school of life, the most distinct notes in the course of charity.

Spirit: Joseph





In This Message, the Lord SANANDA (JESUS), confirms that we must be responsible for ourselves, because everything depends on, exclusively, of us, and that everything is or is very well regulated.


There is an urgency in time – Sananda

Channel: Maria Silvia Orlovas


It's time to look at yourself. Those who were called to the spiritual path, You must look to themselves and get an understanding of your own reflection.

In ancient times, the wise men, defined the myths – are reflections of your own walk.

Look at your reflection. Everything that exists today in your life is the reflection of what exist inside you.

If inside you there is harmony-harmony will exist in your external world

If inside you – diseases manifest illness exists in objective world.

If inside you there is strength, the power and the connection with the divine – this power and this power will come to the outside world, also.

It's time to take this power. Believing that breed them your fate and that is a real fact. It's not just a statement of books or the beauty of words and spiritual messages.

Each your attitude – every smile, every glance, each kindly – or every assault that do, promoveis the chain reaction of people, energies and facts around

And in this sense, It may seem hard to look at your past and see how many crap ever made. How many negative acts, How many misplaced words, how much I despise. How many errors, look at your past, look at yourselves and make the harmonisation of all this.

You, each one of you, You can't avoid the reflection of the actions of the past. But, Recognizing what has already been, Recognizing who is today, and recognizing the strength you have to create your destiny-can live differently. And you can sow now this difference, in your world.

Accept your pain. Take what you've done. Accept his gift is a reflection of everything that has already been. And when host, inside yourself, This deep acceptance with love… Working consciously to change everything that today lives – the changes are coming.

But, not suffering. Acceptance is the opposite of suffering. Get in tune of understanding: You've already done, has already been. The one who did, that which has been, is still. So welcome, With love, and change that which was. And change that which is today.

Take responsibility for your life, is take your strength, is take your power. When it ceases to be the victim of an unhappy fate is one that creates your destiny, love and light.

Our job on the planet, is bring awareness. Our job is to sow this conscience full of love, everywhere, for all people.

And you will be surprised to see how many people are living this awakening.

You will be surprised to see how many people, recognize in you, This awakening. You sow our strength, our conscience.

Is the time of rise of the Planet. Is the moment of the cure of many situations. And so this cure can happen, many wishes and many conditions which were balanced, may today seem: imbalance.

But the imbalance is the form of change. The imbalance provides the new interior organization and the new organization of the outside world.

So, If you live here and now, with some questions, with some unresolved situations, understand that this is the big change.

The service of the White Brotherhood, I Am Sananda. And I'm assuming, in this moment, much of the control of Elevation of consciousness.

I am here, in subtle body, working the energy of each and every one of you. To assist in awareness and in the expansion of light, of love and the strength of each one of you.

Promote the Well, thinking Well. Boys, you must strive to be Contemplatives, loving, patients, Nice.

Because this wave, This energy-love, of ease, and education to gentility-, provides that all this change is much lighter, much easier. And it happens to a lot of tranquility.

The world we know, will finish. But not in the destruction of the ego. The forces of evil. This world – the way it was, until today-ends.

Because here's the new consciousness. And this awareness will-in the light of God, in divine light-take care of the entire planet.

She will leave the individual work of each. Expand on your family, with your friends… And then around the Planet.

Be confident. Believe in the Well. And focus your mind on helping others and yourself.

Take your harsh words. Diminish the fights of ego and vanity. And so, then you serve my cause, that is our cause.

Receive my blessings and light. And stay in harmony and in peace.



Gratitude, Maria Silvia Orlovas! Gratitude, Diogo!

Source: http://mariasilviaporlovas. blogspot.…








Directed by Alvaro de Jesus

Beloved Children:
When you wish to shift from side to side, Open a path.
Way that it utilizareis for may get faster to the other side, where you wish to go.
I have you indicated Paths, through my Masters that you send, so that you may return to me faster.
Behold the story, and she will confirm what I remind you.
That ye may understand that only by UNITY with me you will be Happy.
That this shall come to concluirdes what you must do.
I'm in you and you are in Me.
Stay in Peace.
I am your Creator.






Short stories and Articles

Year 2 – N° 59 – 8 June 2008

GERSON SIMÕES MONTEIRO Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)

Changed your life by finding Jesus

Account the spirit Hilarious Silva in the book Life Writes, through the psychographics of Chico Xavier, that Euripides Barsanulfo, medium responsible for curing thousands of people in Sacramento (MG), It has been seen, one night, yourself in prodigious volitação. While spirit, flying through space aside from admirable unfolding phenomenon in, climbing always, until they recognized in green meadow. At this time spotted a man who meditated, surrounded by sweet light, and in awe of joy, It was recognized in the presence of Christ. Let your head, crushed by the unexpected honor, and was silent, feeling like an intruder, Unable to go back or move forward.

Recalled the lessons of Christianity, the temples of the world, the tributes paid to the Lord in literature and the arts, and his message to reverberate among men, in the course of nearly twenty centuries. Overshadowed by the greatness of the moment, started to cry. Thick tears flowed through his face, When it acquired courage and lifted my eyes, humbly, seeing that Jesus wept. Wanted to do something that could comfort the Sweet Friend. Recalled, However, the torments of Christ, to perpetuate itself until today the creatures of the Earth, shooting her misunderstandings and sarcasm. In this line of thought, don't hold back. He opened his mouth and spoke, supplicant: "Mr, Why are you crying?”

Jesus, asked by Euripides, not responded. But desiring to make sure that was heard, Euripides reiterated: "Cry for the unbelievers in the world?"Enraptured, the missionary from Sacramento noticed that Christ corresponded to look. And after a moment of attention, replied in sweet voice: "No, My son, don't suffer by unbelievers to whom we should love. Cry for all those who know the Gospel, but don't know how to practice ".

Upon awakening, Since that day, without communicating to anyone the divine revelation that it vibrated on my conscience, Euripides turned himself in to the needy and the sick, serving them to death.

Gerson Simões Monteiro, Director of radio Rio de Janeiro, is President of the Christian spiritist Cultural Foundation Paul of Tarsus, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ).