Message from Master Rowena

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My beloved…

There is no right side of things.

Things are what they are.

People are what they are.

Life events are what should be.

All those who seek not to make mistakes, are impeding the flow of life.

Life is a constant learning, an eternal come to be.

Watch the Sea.

The waves form in a ebb and flow of themselves.

When you become a very critical person, naturally it will also become very cruel, demanding, bravo…

And that will be the energy you want to send to the World?

When it's critical, will also draw critical people closer to you, also cruel people, also demanding people.

When you are kind, loving, available, calmer… Naturally you will be attracting people who want to share your energy.

It is the ebb and flow of the waves.

And then some may say so: But I was born into a difficult family. I come from a very demanding creation. I'm wanting to break it.

Even though the waves crash on the beach, they continue to be part of that same water, of that same energy.

Relationships break here, rebuild there.

You don't break free from what you are.

You came from a core that is compatible with your energy.

You feed that core with your thoughts, with your career, with your choices, with your marriage, with your fights, with your failure, or with your success. And this group, Similarly, feed-o if.

That is why, the path of Spiritual Ascension is, and should be, the way of Love.

So the path of Spiritual Ascension is, and should be, look at yourself.

As long as we have eyes to see others, see other people's defects, to criticize, name… We will be losing focus on ourselves.

Hear more.

Watch with love.

Because, while your eyes are dirty, loaded with judgments, will see the ugly.

When your eyes are calmer, you can see that, even in difficult situations, there will always be a light.

You are the Light of the World.

You are the Light of your world.

You are the Light.

Note that, of this whole Ocean, and waves that come and go… From births to more births… You are a spirit that has gone through many lives.

Who are you?

Who is the central point of your being?

Choose that point.

Look at that point.

And understand that everything around you is part of your energy.

And if it is in a deep process of transformation, will know, certainly, that there is no absolute certain, not an absolute error.

Things are in your life to teach.

And even the pain, we can and should pay gratitude.

Because we learn a lot from what doesn't work.

We learn a lot from what doesn't work.

Focus on your light.

Live your good.

Be beings of love.

Pink flame, I work with, love you. Offer you love.

We are representatives of the sacrifice of love.

To make the craft of love sacred.

I am Master Rowena and I love you.

I offer my rose garden, the softness of my castle. A castle made of love, meeting of souls and spiritual evolution.

In the subtle world, there are many addresses.

And the entrance key to these addresses is their vibration.

Where to vibrate - There you can enter.

At this time, we are working on your energy, so that they can raise the vibration, underuse thoughts, let go of hurts and tune in love.

Blessings and light.

Go in peace.



Text revised and adapted to European Portuguese by Álvaro de Jesus

THE WAY - New Temple of the Lord

From the city of Porto, Portugal, for the whole planet

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– Read, in silence, looking into you, listening to the audio… you will see that, doing so, help!




Received by Tatyana Mickushina on 20 June 2018

Dr Translation. José Caldas

Received from Maitreya Publications – Porto


I AM Sanat Kumara. I come to you, today, loved, to convey to you the decisions made at the last session of the Karmic Council.

It is My sad duty to inform you that Our Mission in Russia, that we have pursued in the past 14 years through Our Messenger, was concluded.

The Karmic Council was compelled to take such a decision, since all of Our attempts to transmit Our Teaching to the people of Russia have been unsuccessful and all of Our initiatives have been rejected.

The confirmation of this situation on the physical plane was the desecration of Our Messenger 's Ashram and the repeated arson that destroyed everything that was created with such difficulty over many years. We cannot continue Our mission in such circumstances. I will tell you more: no near future, no Messenger will be sent and no mission of the Light will be undertaken by Us in Russia. And this is completely justified. Will someone try to knock again on the door of the house from which he was chased in the most brutal way?

For many years, We tried to reach the hearts of people in Russia. What we received indicates that we were rejected. All of our efforts were in vain.

As you already know through Our Messages and with the help of Our Messenger, we try to give humanity the best and most perfect Teaching that it was in a position to accept in the present moment. The historical moment and the place of application of Our energies were carefully chosen. This time it was Russia. We hoped that through the qualities of Faith and Devotion to the Supreme Law inherent in his people, we could point out another path for the development of civilization, not based on the cult of pleasure and consumption, but in the highest spiritual cult based on the values ​​of Faith and Love.

We did everything that was in our power, loved. And we have nothing to blame for our Messenger. She stood firm in the face of all the treacherous attacks and actions. However, we cannot act against your free will. The collective conscience of the people of Russia made their choice. And this choice is not connected with the divine path that we teach humanity on Earth.

Therefore, finished. We will no longer try to reach your tightly closed hearts over and over again.

What will come next? Then, the great and just Law will enter into force – a Lei do Karma.

When people don't pay attention to Our instructions, when they reject Our messengers and persecute them, it creates karma. We have said many times that karma with Our Messenger is equivalent to karma created with Divinity. And this is one of the heaviest types of karma on Earth.

Therefore, now will be the time for the descent of karma.

Suffering, misfortunes, disasters, wars, losses, fome, disease …

The suffering, sometimes, is able to purify souls and, with time, this may allow opening a new opportunity.

Yet, now, we are moving away. We will no longer knock on the door of the house from which we were expelled and where we are being persecuted. However we never fully close the door.

We always leave it slightly ajar.

However, there is another opportunity to change the situation. And this opportunity is based on those people who have already achieved certain spiritual conquests. The Teaching is given to everyone completely free of charge and detached. And everyone can use it themselves.

However, there are souls who have already achieved certain conquests in past incarnations. These are the Knights of the Spirit! The Warriors of Light!

You can change the situation! Your turn has come!

You are the ones who must defend Our messenger.

Every arrow of lies directed against Our Messenger must find the shield of Truth in its path..

Any attempt at defamation must be cut by the sword of Truth.

Any provocation or act by the opposing forces must find the rejection of Our warriors, shoulder to shoulder under our flags.

Betrayal is one of the most brutal sins. For you, the time has come to choose: or defend Divine Truth at any cost, even from life itself, or pretend that nothing concerns you, and you will hide your cowardice and laziness by bending to adverse circumstances.

I repeat one more time: at a certain stage on the spiritual path, your duty is to defend the Truth at all costs.

For you, doing nothing is the same as betraying.

No present moment, this is the only opportunity to change the course of events for the better.

The Divine cannot be subject to ridicule and contempt. There is no greater value than defending the highest Law in this world.

It's your choice: immortality or a putrefying world?

We completed Our Mission in Russia. And now the time has come for those who heard Our words, read Our messages, but they have done nothing so far.

The time has come to show that they have learned Our Teaching.

There will be among you, some or some, that are worthy of Eternal Life?

Do your duty!

Art Kumara




Mestra Kuan Yin

Channeled by Linda Li

25 of February 2018


Kuan Yin diz:

My dear heart, eu sou Kuan Yin. I come today with important news. The Divine has decreed that Gaia's ascension is successful. The Divine wants to keep the momentum, so that the path to ascension will only improve and be smoother for everyone involved. This is the message. And this is what we will do, make sure Gaia’s journey is light and enjoyable.

I love him, dear heart. In the recent change, the Divine and the company of heaven, noticed some strange behaviors among our Lightworkers, and I want to address this here so that you know what to do in the future.

What we perceive from some of our Lightworkers is that they are visibly absent in terms of ascension. In other words, there are some light workers who are not participating in the change, even knowing that change is happening. That is, they started to ignore their divine mission and their own ascension. The reason I say that they ignore it is that, if you know you're on the way, and it is known that you are the participant in this divine mission, and yet, chooses to pretend you are not aware of it, or pretending that nothing happens, this is to ignore your divine duty, and, as a result, you may have to step down, or give up the work of light workers. So, that's what we're seeing happening and that's why I ask you to reflect on this and decide what to do next.

Divino and the Company of Heaven have given you many opportunities. But choose to ignore them, or if you give up, simply, we will have to take action and do what is necessary to be effective and decide what to do. After such a long journey, you may not realize that now is not the time to leave. You contributed, really, a lot for this ascension project. Came, lived and went through eons of time. And now it's time to reap. Time to reap your enormous effort and reap the rewards for your hard work. So, advise you, sincerely, to take time and think about what you want to do. Or give up everything, take the pieces, keep up the good work and bring the gold home. Depends on whether, dear heart.

Dear, in the coming days and weeks, the Divine will begin the process of “choice”. We will select a few hundred souls on the planet to be leaders. We need leaders, dear heart. Not just government leaders, but leaders of societies and leaders of ascension in general. What we look for in leaders is the desire to help Gaia, and serve, serve or divine, the company of heaven and humanity. We need these leaders to be ready because the next phase is here. We need to start. We need to put these leaders in position so they can start serving.

We have about a hundred established positions that are available. We will also create more than 100 positions worldwide, and we need, definitely, more souls to fill those positions. So, if you feel you are ready, if you know your mission, send us your wishes, let us know you're ready to serve. We will take you into consideration. We know that there are some souls who are truly ready and that we cannot wait to choose them and give them more responsibility. Clear, when we do that, we will always be sure that your mission can be completed. In other words, we will make sure that they conduct and complete their mission.

This is teamwork, and we are proud of this type of partnership, and how the Divine and Ground team work together to get the job done. We will always be sure that your mission can be completed. In other words, we will make sure that you conduct and complete your mission. This is teamwork, and we are proud of this kind of partnership.

In addition to choosing leaders, the Divine also wants to make sure that newly awakened Lightworkers have our attention. We need to make sure that they are also working. We are a team. You do your mission and we are here to support you. This is the key. The key is that we both have to work together to carry out the Divine mission. None of the Lightworkers can accomplish what they establish without the help of the Divine, because the design is that we work together.

You are here on Earth, at work and we are here to support and help you. Together, we do the work. This is the design.

I love you all, ones.

Eu sou Kuan Yin. So is.



Linda Li – https://lovehaswon.org

Translation - Feliphe Gama www.portalreinodaluz.com

Source: Light of Gaia



Light, Love and Gratitude


Text Revised and placed in European Portuguese by Álvaro de Jesus

THE WAY - New Temple of the Lord

From the city of Porto, Portugal, for the whole planet

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A new era

Friday, 24 March 2017

Por Saint Germain

You are your greatest achievement.

You can go around the world! Doing things today, in your day-to-day, that your parents, your grandparents would never dream.

You can access information that, an entire city ago 50 years ago, would never have.

You can see pictures of your home, from all over the world.

Can watch a movie, to a documentary, travel on this planet, or in distant spheres.

It can, at a touch of your finger, talk to the other side of the world.

In your house, without getting up from your desk, you can visit a friend who lives in another place on the planet, cross the ocean, break the barriers of time.

In a few minutes, in a few seconds, will be there and your friend will be here.

Many of the diseases have already been cured, hunger was wiped out in many places on the planet, inclement weather such as heat and cold, were also tamed by man.

How many transformations, you who are incarnated in this moment, you are living daily!

In any movement you make, find opportunities, learnings and challenges and, even so, many do not understand that we are already in a planetary ascension process.

Yet many doubt that we have entered the age of aquarium, because the new one still puts forward and the old one comes back.

Ancient fears, prejudices, politicians without love, extremely materialistic people, this is the old man. And the new thing is the many technological advances.

You are living a moment of transition, you are leaving the old world and entering the new world.

Once again the school planet, once again the Earth reinvents itself, wins distances, cure diseases, transforms the face of the planet.

Do not doubt this great transformation.

Look at your day.

Compare your reality with the reality that your parents and grandparents lived, compare what you live today with what you lived in your childhood.

You don't need proof, you are the proof.

But this is all, my loved ones, it's worth nothing if you don't have yourselves.

All these transformations, good and bad, that the planet lives, that humanity enjoys, don't mean anything, if they remain sad, if you continue to ignore your inner light, if you continue to avoid the exercise of peace and forgiveness within you, and with the people around you.

The new is not just an external and material movement.

The aquarium era, the new age energy, need to shine on itself. In your beliefs, in your mind, in your feelings, in your emotions, this is your transformation field. This is your field of miracles.

You doing the miracle on yourself.

You looking at the people in your life, around you, and transform, as difficult as that may be, your relationship with them.

Modernize your emotions, do not allow more than old feelings, as vanity, proud, materialism, take care of your mind and limit your thoughts.

Don't let the fears of the past, greed, The pride, envy and pride, invade your emotions and prevent you from being the new man.

In the material world, transformations are evident, the body of the planet, the physical body of the planet is altered with the transformations.

But much of the planet’s emotional body, which is also your emotional, still suffers, stuck with pride, to ego and greed.

We want to ask you here:

– Why do you need more money?

– So that you need more material goods?

– Who does your effort serve, question your conduct, relieve your own pains, you are being called to a new spiritual moment of great advancement for men that has a connection with true spirituality.

You are being called to this profound process of expansion of consciousness and transformation.

Beloved, if the planet in the objective world had all this evolution, that came from the men themselves, of the mind to think, why it doesn't happen, also, the time to evolve spiritually, let go of pride, let go of the ego, let go of vanity and be who you are?

Access, deeply, your kindness and work, internally, to clear your own karma.

Beloved, it's your moment of transformation, your healing is in you.

Master your own existence and you will be very close to your divine self.

I am Saint Germain and I bless you with my strength and my light.

I work for the evolution of the planet the subtle spheres, in the same way that there was a great junction of enlightened souls and beings from other spheres who were here and are giving information, inspirations for inventors, to create new devices, so that they activate healing energies, also beings of great love and a lot of light are roaming the planet and working actively to modify the energies in your heart, in your mind.

The time has come for man to develop the greatest feeling of love, not eating the animals anymore, underusing your food, underusing your thoughts, transforming your energy into love and not violence.

It is the profound moment of transformation on the planet and many of you are being called.

And that is why some feel and will feel physical discomfort and even illness, because the physical body needs to adapt as well as the emotional body to the new vibrating waves.

The age of the aquarium has arrived, the time has come for your transformation that you are listening to, to feel our presence and this call. Take the power to free yourself from your small beliefs to see yourself, themselves, as children of God.

We are emanating a lot of light, we're, in this moment, to welcome dark things and feelings in disharmony that we are taking from you, to put new feelings, peace and love in your hearts.


(Mestre Saint Germain)


Source: mariasilviaorlovas.com.br

Data: 22/03/2017

Channel: Maria Silvia P. Orlovas


Text reviewed by Álvaro de Jesus

THE WAY-New Temple of the Lord

From the city of Porto-Portugal, for the whole planet.





Saint Germain


I will address a subject that has afflicted the hearts of many students and initiates on Earth, and try to show everyone that there is only one way.

The initiate who seeks to attain enlightenment has, necessarily, that go through stages of purifying your body and soul, and, through a strong intention to rise and connect with your Higher Self, will open channels of communication with all hosts of Ascended Masters of the Universe.

The Lightworker, the Light Bearer, or whatever name the initiate designates, is a thirsty soul for enlightenment, that struggles with itself to move from a material state to a spiritual state.

Every initiate is welcome and is also assisted and guided throughout his journey, that was predicted and planned before incarnating in this life.

No one is alone, be a student, started or not.

However, the initiate is a soul whose goal is to achieve personal enlightenment in this life, and also contribute to the Divine Plan of Planetary Ascension.

As time goes by, increases the anguish of the initiates for not seeing progress in their elevation, generating a feeling of anxiety, leading them to loss of motivation.

First of all, I clarify that the choice to live and go through the process of enlightenment was exclusively yours. Heaven only asked for voluntary souls to collaborate in the Collective Ascension. Seen this, it is clear that the intention has always been exclusively personal, and as a result of the lack of personal persistence, anguish came, because the soul knows it still has a lot to do, and the incarnate being is divided between the chaos of his world and the media manipulations that distract him from his path. Again, all this is up to the initiate to resolve with himself.

You, and each one of you, has all the tools necessary to succeed in the lighting process, and frankly speaking, has enough strength and inner power to win, even counting on our assistance, but the power is yours, the intention is yours, the Light is yours.

Like this, the initiate is more than a student of the Light, is a being graduated in knowledge and wisdom who puts into practice in his life the teachings and secrets learned from the masters.

What is missing for success?

Just courage, determination, intention and a personal plan on how to rise, either through meditations, prayers or whichever way you prefer, since he got engaged, and comply, with your intention to go inside yourself, and find there, everything you ever dreamed of.

The journey is not easy, but it needs to be covered.

I'm Saint Germain.

Channeled by Adriano Pereira


Source: Teachers Ascensionados


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What Lacks for Success



Lord Sanat Kumara e Lady Venus

Through Thiago Strapasson



There is empowerment in the air, you bring back what has always been yours, the power of authenticity, the wisdom of the essence, unconditional love. They are wonderful energies that return in this moment, that grow in your hearts to flame your soul gifts.

You come into contact with these powerful energies that transmute old habits, old ways of being, so that the sacred gifts that you bring in your beings are reborn.

These gifts, that we speak to you, are related to your ability to look at yourself, to be compassionate and loving, to express your talents and wisdom, those who cross your path.

How many doubts arise at this moment?

How many inner conflicts are you experiencing?

Where the old man became uncomfortable and appears, therefore, that inner desire for something more, for what is not well known and perhaps not yet known. But it is a fact, you all experience that inner discomfort, that causes some anxiety, a restlessness that makes you always busy.

That, loved, it is your new Me to come out.

Ancient life no longer matches your vibrational reality.

The effects of these emotions are diverse, some will be busy with games, with social networks, others will seek meditation and contemplation as a benevolent way to calm down, some will still do exhaustive physical activities, there are those who will sink into work and even less high escape habits.

All of these are ways or attempts to ease that inner pressure that you feel, that discomfort that can sometimes translate into deep pain. As if this whole search was a temporary anesthesia that prevents you from feeling what is happening inside you.

However, you are really in your sacred sanctuary, through meditation, where do you get, through deep peace and well-being, balance the whirlwind that naturally leads you to seek something for relief, and when you choose meditation, there you will find the real medicine.

All these pains and eddies that torment you are, in deep, an internal call for interiorization, for that, through this, dissolve that whirlwind in the aura of peace of your inner sanctuary.

You are in a moment of great mobility, where monumental changes are taking place.

And you, loved, you feel these energies, you feel that vibration that is in the air.

You know that, imminently, there is something going on. And, therefore, anxious for that freedom, for this new that is already in the vibration around you. This is because you are in a fine line between the old and the new and you can feel the vibration of these two realities, as if both vibrations, both dimensions, were already coexisting in the same environment.

The new is before your eyes, but you still experience the old.

But this new one is not only externally. As a matter of fact, is the internal, that desire that is allowing a change to adapt to the external reality, to your new selves that bubble in the center of your hearts, in the depths of your souls.

These sensations that make you uneasy, that in the same day or minutes they have different poles of humor and understanding about something. You live extreme! But this is what leads you to the center.

You feel different emotions, the opposite poles, euphoria to mourning, from passion to hate, of wanting to repudiate, from trust to fear. But these extreme sensations lead you to seek your centers of balance, to find each other in love.

At any given time, even if they fight against, you cannot stand and, therefore, you stop to understand yourself, for you to study. At that moment you take care of those emotions that bubble up to take you away, After, bring you to balance. Take care of your essence, of your truth.

Brothers, loved, when we ask or say to go inside, we are at the bottom asking you to understand the need to manage this whirlwind of energies that you live, turning the mind away so that the soul prevails, to seek the essence of your hearts.

These movements of sensations, of emotions, lead you to the expansion of consciousness, because it makes you realize that you are more capable than imaginable, stronger, wiser and that you have infinite possibilities in your beings. You are big and skillful. And you already feel that in some moments of your day.

I tell you, loved, that all that you live will be something for which you will be grateful when you expand and move away from the veil. Because it is a time when you will have an opportunity, never seen before, to face you enlightening your beings on the way to perfection.

How many conflicts cross, daily, your ways?

Do you think it is only you?

But no! Everyone lives this process! You have, in your world, the habit of sharing, only, your glories, your achievements, as if for others you were living in the divine perfection of the ascended kingdoms. But no, my sons, you are still in an environment of confrontation, of enlightenment and that leads you to prove yourself, to highlight what you are.

Digo-your, because from our perspective we see this, there is not any human being that, in this moment, don't be experiencing this whirlwind of sensations, because this is what will make you dilute, progressively, the veil to manifest the changes you so long for.

I am Lord Kumara and I bring you this message today, with the beloved Lady Venus, so that they accept the inner reality that you live, as well as to understand your brother’s unusual behavior on the journey, because you are all experiencing this moment of expansion.

With much love for all that you represent.

Lord Sanat Kumara e Lady Venus ”


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Source – Avatar Heart

Reviewer: Angelica T. Tosta

Grata Thiago!



Gratitude, Stela! Gratitude, Thiago! Gratitude, Angelica!

Source: http://stelalecocq.blogspot.com/2016/02/lord-kumara-e-lady-venus-te…


Revised text and placed in European Portuguese, prior to the new spelling agreement, by Alvaro de Jesus

THE WAY - New Temple of the Lord

Porto city (Porto) – Portugal


Lord Sanat Kumara e Lady Venus



By Lord Surya

Channel: Tatyana Mickushina

22 December 2014

I AM Surya.

I come from afar to your planet.

I come to bring you a message at this moment of change in the solar cycle.

Today we’ll cover a very important topic. That is, our conversation will take place on the eve of an important decision to be taken by the Karmic Council.

As you know, in this moment, the Karmic Council is meeting in session. And this is a very important meeting.

The fate of beings currently evolving on planet Earth is now being determined. The last thing I want is to scare someone. However, you need to understand that the course of your development has deviated significantly from Divine principles.

We refer to altruism.

We refer to the capacity for self-sacrifice.

We refer to the service to Humanity.

We refer to the Fraternity.

However, what we observe in your lives is just the opposite: selfishness, the aggression, hatred and self-destruction. All of this is obvious and does not require major evidence or demonstrations.

How the course of history on the planet can be changed? What can be done so that Divine models and actions are installed in the information space of the planet and in the minds of people on Earth?

This is exactly the topic to be discussed at the current session of the Karmic Council.

We are carefully analyzing this year's results, especially in its second half.

Life on the planet has deviated greatly from the Divine course.

Necessary and appropriate measures must be taken immediately.

Like this, we await your conclusions. However, each of you must also analyze whether you have done everything possible to help bring the Divine models into the lives of men, in any area of ​​human activity, in any sphere of life on Earth.

When people's lives move away from the Divine, whole life changes dramatically. First, starts by changing just a little bit, but then it changes more and more. Thus, distortions of Divine energy arise and grow in all areas of human activity.

This is similar to a cancerous tumor that invades organ after organ until the death of the whole organism. Our task is to prevent life on planet Earth from dying.

That’s why we’re going to take emergency measures and do some “surgical interventions”.

Sometimes, it is necessary to sacrifice an entire organ to save the life of the organism. It is a very reasonable risk.

We are taking all possible measures to try to preserve all the organs and systems on the planet without, However, compromise the healing and healing process of the global situation on planet Earth, making it irreversible.

And here is the point where the efforts of each one of you will become indispensable.

This is because each one of you is part of the energy system of the planet Earth. The frequency with which they vibrate for most of the day affects the overall energy field of the planet.

When they plunge into a spiral of negative thoughts and feelings, become a negative energy generator; contribute to supporting and sustaining all the imperfections in the world; vote for the destruction of the planet.

On the other hand, when you keep the love and joy flowing from your heart, despite the negative external influences, submerge in the positive energies of rejuvenation and create a positive atmosphere that affects the entire planet.

Many of you are constantly submerged in imperfect and negative states of consciousness.

It’s perfectly understandable, bearing in mind the non-divine context in which you are permanently immersed and which prevents you from resonating with the Divine world.

That’s exactly why, in our messages, we constantly present to you the image of a knight, a warrior, a spiritual warrior and we make the analogy with a battle.

Because, in reality, things are anyway. No present moment, a giant battle is taking place on the planet between light and darkness, between the negative energies of the past and the new energies of rejuvenation that arrive on the planet of the Higher worlds.

We tell you: “We need to act!”

We are inviting everyone to direct their efforts to maintain balance and inner harmony.

When they allow it, your spiritual level is able to eliminate any negativity from the surrounding environment, with the power of a prayer, of a prayer.

However, there are very few people who are examples of a high spiritual level.

Like this, so that the rest of the population on Earth can achieve and maintain a positive attitude, concrete actions are needed on the physical plane.

Yet, not all actions on the physical plane will produce good positive results in eliminating negative karma.

We have given this teaching many times and I will repeat it. Your actions will only produce beneficial effects in eliminating negative karma from the planet and in creating favorable conditions for spiritual evolution on Earth when they are inspired by the right motivations.

When they are driven by false or wrong motivations, engage in karmic activities and continue to produce karma.

The only correct and acceptable motivation is to work for the Common Good and for the Service to Life and Humanity.

On the contrary, the wrong motivations are those that are born from the pursuit of any objectives belonging to the physical plane: fame, cash, vanity, the pursuit of pleasures or the fulfillment of personal desires.

It often happens that a person thinks that his motivation is directed to the Common Good and Virtue. However, in reality, that person is driven by other unmistakable motivations that he hides very well, even of herself.

Like this, how can you be sure that your motivations are the right ones?

Dear! Jesus already answered this question: “You will know them by their fruits”.

Not by actions or words that may seem right, but by the fruits and results of those words or actions.

If, years on end, continue to argue with the people they come across, if they complain permanently about them or even about those who are angry, envy or resentment, despite your apparent service to the common good, and if it goes on for too long, it is very likely that your motivation is not the most correct.

When you are sincere and your motivation is the right one, any action you take on the physical plane eliminates negative karma and all your resentments towards others melt like snow in the spring.

This is because each projects its own imperfections on the others.. When these, which are the result of past karma, are consumed in the flame of service to Humanity, then they will stop seeing such imperfections in others.

Yet, your self-improvement and the removal of your imperfections require enormous persistence and a great deal of daily effort.

The only person in this world that you can change is yourselves.

Change yourselves and the whole world will begin to change!

I AM Surya.

Lord Surya


”Letter to Humanity – To the Newly Awakened”

Galactic Federation of Light

Our messages reach the world in different ways. They are heard and felt by many, some welcome them into their hearts and others simply ignore them, still others just need an incentive to access them.

Anyway, our love is poured out on everyone and under any circumstances, because this is our role as a family: support you in your homecoming. You have been reduced or, at least, made you believe that you were alone in the Universe.

We know that, for those who have long welcomed our message, this sounds like too much primary information for today's times; something you already know, but now, in particular, we address the brothers who are beginning to feel the wave of change and need a direction.

We address those who are waiting for something like this, to take their first leap forward.

Dear Brothers, we were often mistaken for invading beings and portrayed on the big movie screens as dangerous enemies by those who know of our presence. These have them as a threat to their plans, because of what we have to offer the planet and because of the condition that they, those who do not wish to see your progress, they would have to abdicate their thrones and allow our assistance in the same way for all, without particularities, because we will provide equal assistance to everyone. They would have to get out of selfishness and start to act in a legal and favorable way for the people. NOTE: Understand that Hattonn is addressing everyone who hides the Truth from the People, whoever they are.

Our message of love and fraternity did not please them, because it doesn’t please your domineering plans.

On many occasions, we get in touch with your leaders offering support to help in the development of the planet, and them, therefore, a message was returned to us in a selfish and pretentious way.

They accepted our agreement, only if we first give them our energy sources. And, Clear, they wanted us not to present ourselves to the public under the excuse that “it would be too much for humanity, no moment ". As is known to us and some of you, any information from us that comes to them, is analyzed by our dear Hatonn, our brother responsible for the communication brought to your planet. We were instructed to move forward, Firstly, with the message. Then stop contacts with such leaders. NOTE: Here the Channel is listening to many consciences (see at the end of the message, what Hatonn says about it).

And we hope that more worthy others will arrive to receive our primary message.. The time is now, dear human race, to which we now turn with the blessings of Hatonn and our beloved Ashtar. We believe that the world scenario is about to undergo a drastic change, with corrupt leaders being removed from power and new, more dignified beings put in their place. NOTE: This refers to Politicians, Religious, Managers, Businessmen and Bankers.

Previously, in some opportunities, we landed with our physical ships for a formal contact with the leaders of that time. After being instructed to stop direct communication with your leaders, we initiate our communications through various channels located around the world, those you call mediums, so that our genuine message would be delivered to humanity.

Decades have passed and our message, genuinely, spread through beings committed to truth and love. These mediums, according to your soul plan, had their pineal stones cut and prepared to bring our message at first sight. We will go back in time to 50 years ago, when many of these facts occurred. Today, more intensely, our activities increase, just as more and more people around the world are faced with the ability to channel messages.

We get closer to the leaders and, this time, there will be no setbacks. This time, the whole human race is having its fields of perception activated and many who do not consider themselves mediums, channels, are able to capture our messages when they still “travel” towards the pineal of the most popular plumber. This is because everyone begins to have their spiritual faculties restored and, coming soon, no one else will need a medium, specific channel to listen to our message.

First of all, because we intend very soon to be present on Earth in our natural way of being, still without reprisals from those dark remnants with whom we once communicated. Like this, we will deal directly with you, eyes to eyes. In second, as we said, your spiritual faculties will return completely and you will be able to listen to your guides and mentors telepathically.

Of course, those who were bothered by not having continued our meetings where, when they saw that our message spread throughout their world, started a campaign of constant disinformation. They prepared worksheets with the names of the most well-known channel mediums, as well as any medium where our message was being spread. They carried out attacks in a ferocious way in order to discredit our message and bring fear to the population. They created a false plan to defend humanity from evil beings from space and, using people's fear as well as financial resources, prepared war arsenals in order to shoot against our ships that surround the sacred Earth.

For the safety of your planet, In this ocasion, we move away. They also used blackmail against us, threatening the planet and the life on it, if we landed on Earth and contacted someone else.

There are many facts that will be revealed and all your questions will be answered and you will know your true history on this planet and beyond.. What they didn't expect is that more and more Star Beings, members of our local fleets or not, you would be putting on the physical clothing and being prepared to be a powerful anchor of the energies of the Central Sun, as well as being transmitters of our message. An example is this young man known to you, to which we are addressed and we ask you to deliver this message of ours.

We call you all, dear human beings, to unite as a single race, without religious divisions, political or philosophical. You are a wonderful species and you must be well aware that, a little above your heads, our ships float waiting for an opportunity to show us as a family. There is nothing to fear, ones, your loving state will always be your compass towards safety, universal peace and love.

believe me, we guard the beloved Earth and all its inhabitants with our heart and, for many times, we managed to avoid nuclear catastrophes, as well as helping you when the sacred earth moves in its particular settings. It will not be difficult to find us flying over volcanic eruptions or areas where ocean elevations have caused some damage, since we are constantly working to harmonize these environments, as well as intuiting people to move away from areas liable to physical damage.

As we said at the beginning of our communication, we deliver this message to those in need of a north. We ask you, beloved star souls, already well acquainted with our recommendations, to deliver this message of ours. NOTE: Put it on your websites or facebook.

This will remain as one of the main messages to be delivered to those who are, one way or another, rocked by seeing you so loving and confident, where they wonder where this trust and love would come from.

Do not be afraid to deliver this letter of ours, so that they know the source and know that they are also welcome to experience the same joy and confidence.

They are considered by us as special as any other on your planet. There is no difference for us. Those you call special channel mediums are yourselves. We want to say that none is better than the other in its path, but each has a soul plan to be followed and some decide to assist the plan in one way and the other in another way.

Once we intuited this young man who writes this message giving an answer about the channeling process, when he was asked how to channel. The answer we gave was very clear., my dears, there are countless ways to channel the energy, to be a bridge to love on your planet. “Our messages reach the world in a variety of ways.” – We quoted at the beginning of our communication.

Like this, our sent energy can arrive in the form of writing, just like now, as by the application of the sacred energy of Reiki, from Reconnective Care, and Spiritual Embodiment.

This last, when the medium gives up his body so that the Source manifests itself in its own way. And also by the Healing Codes, Musical Channeling, as well as spiritual paintings charged with light and countless other ways to bring energy to the planet that, if we were to name them all, all the books in your world would not be enough to store our words.

Then, ones, you are extensions of the Divine in your form and, as bridges to love on the Planet, consider smiling and blessing because those are also ways to channel the energy. Each one of you has an important role on your planet and our approach is, no doubt, to join you in fellowship, where we wish to offer what we have for the restoration of beloved Earth.

Also as mentioned earlier, do not consider us as your saviors, much less like gods because we are not. We are members of a great galactic community and we come to you, in this moment, because we have you as members of the same community. There are those who try to impersonate us..

Here we quote low vibration beings. There are also those who create messages out of their minds and there are still those who are tricked into deceiving people by taking our genuine message and misrepresenting it for their own greedy purposes.. Finally, your heart, dear human being, will always tell you the real source.

No message of ours that reaches you from us will have any trace of violence., arrogance, fear, claim to domination or any other point where your free will is violated.

We honor your free will as well as the divine spark in your heart, just as we are also aware that each one is his own master and creator of his reality.

We wish with all our heart, that create the reality where we are present as a family and share our love with everyone.

Finishing our message, we ask veterans on the road to hand it over to as many people as possible.

Knowing, as our beloved Ashtar already told you, that those to whom this message is delivered are already on their way to you. We also apologize for having extended our letter, but we honor our hearts that long to be with you as a true family.

Oh, loved, how much more do we have to tell you!… We thank this boy for lending his faculties to our communication with Earth in the form of writing..

appreciate, young friend!

Gabriel: my dears, what can i say? My pleasure! (very emotional… It's too much for me, a lot of emotion these last few days).

the certainty we have, my young, is that everything is heading in a way that puts us closer and closer to humanity and this is, in the same way, very exciting for us.

Gabriel: My dear, or, My dears. Allow me a question: “The speaker is a group or a single being? I feel like a lord… A veteran soul… I even seem to see him… mature look, of some 50 years here on our Earth.”

My young, we are many. Us, at the moment we send you this message, we are many… But, if you feel that I speak to you more specifically, Yes, you can call me Hatonn, in this moment.

Gabriel: My God! I didn't know it was you, my brother! I thought…

Gabriel, we are a group… You have heard many consciences and do not realize that only now, no final, did you feel energy, as you said, "More mature"?

Gabriel: Yes, it is true…

So, my young! Once again thank you for all you do…

Gabriel: No, please, my brother, there's nothing to thank… Me and my beloved family on Earth are very happy! Here I take the liberty to speak and thank you on behalf of all! we are very grateful, my brothers!

we say goodbye here, beloved family, Like this, in collective, in a group of consciousness units. We love you unconditionally, we love you for being what you are. We are the Galactic Federation, your family, your partners.

channeled by: Gabriel RL



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Text revised and placed in European Portuguese by Álvaro de Jesus

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