Beloved / Beloved:

Neste dia 30 June 2016 recebemos uma chamada telefónica e depois um E-Mail contendo um convite de Irmãos nossos de Seoul, Correia do Sul.

Estamos a analisar esse convite, tendo em conta que somos o TEMPLO, e que este TEMPLO é o TEMPLO que o Senhor JESUS fundou e entregou ao Seu Apóstolo Pedro, and than, the father, por ele ter desaparecido no Século IV, deseja ver de novo reconstruído.

Como nada acontece por acaso e sendo hoje um dia 9 [30.06.2016 (3+6+2+1+6=18 (1+8=9)]…


Dear Manuel Alvaro da Silva de Jesus,


I am Polina Dimitrova, from HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light). I was really glad to talk to you today. Thank you for making time to read my email. I would like to introduce to you very briefly our organization HWPL and the project we are going to held in Portugal.

What is HWPL?

HWPL is international non-profit organization working for world peace and ending war. HWPL has 5 sectorsPolitics, Religion, Youths, Women and Media.

Our main projects:

1) Making of International law for Ending War

2) Alliance of Religions through WARP Office

What is WARP Office?

  • WARPWorld Alliance of Religion for Peace
  • WARP Office is not a physical office. It is a regular meeting of religious leaders and scholars. The people from each religion share and compare their teachings from their Holy Text.

Why WARP Office?

  • Proper understanding about other religions
  • Find true teaching from the Creator
  • Give right education on Peace to the youth generation

If there is one Creator there should be one true and complete teaching. Through examining and comparing our Holy Texts by special chosen topics and put aside teachings and believes who differ from the Holy Books, we can find the will of our Creator.

In this project, leaders from different religious share what their Holy Scriptures say about peace. The purpose of this meeting is making newsletters and peace materials for education in our peace schools. We have established over 100 peace kindergarten, elementary, middle, high, schools and colleges. I believe the responsibility of all religious leaders is educating their members about peace and how to bring peace in the world. Religious leaders have the duty and responsibility to lead their people to be better and to bring about a better world. So HWPL gives the opportunity, the platform for religious leaders to fulfill their duty by educating about peace and sharing their religious ideas of how peace can be made.

As a member of the Religious Sector of HWPL, it is my pleasure to invite you to WARP Office in Portugal.

When & Where?

Before the official WARP meeting, we would like to have a briefing session where we can give you detailed information about HWPL and Dialogue of Scriptures in Portugal, and also can answer your questions.

  • Before the 10th of July (you can choose the date and the time)
  • Online through Skype (please send us your Skype ID)
  • Language: English

If you have any questions or ideas, please let me know.

Thank you.

I will look forward to your positive reply.

In pursuit of Peace,

Polina Dimitrova

Regional Coordinator

+82 10 5760 1101



When we start a new Life cycle of this temple ' path ', desejamos muito. de coração, ter-vos como Caminheiros.

Se possuís vontade de vos encontrar ou descobrir, de saber quem sois, algum Dom Mediúnico, or, se desejais simplesmente ajudar-nos na Reconstrução e divulgação do Templo, would love to know of your availability, in order to be able to find and match your help.

Onde Todos ajudam, nada custa. DEUS sorri e Abençoa.

Receive our gratitude.

The Direction



Since now, If reports that the next World Congress will again take place Spiritualist in Lisbon, neste ano de 2016.

However, and why only now arrived in, We give here a story of what happened during the 2nd Congress, also held in Lisbon on 1998:

That Divine Blessing descend upon all.

Na Light,

The Direction.