The Work of aid to other, is medication placed in our own pain.– Joanna de Angelis, received by: Prof.. Divaldo Pereira Franco.


Open this open letter, disseminating a message received from our beloved and Late Brother Francisco Cândido Xavier (Chico Xavier), addressed to the then New Church of the Way, our former denomination, through our Sister Suzette Duarte, in Sagres, Algarve:


Reborn from the ashes.
Millennia after the last supper of the Lord Jesus.
Behold, thou art the first Spiritualist Church.
Church of the Lord Jesus Sananda.
May the doors of the new PATH open for all those in need.
Without looking at the creeds, races or faith.
Be ready to serve.
Be prepared to deliver knowledge.
Take knowledge of the Gospel and its coder.
The Pastor should not turn off your study.
Must instill their study in those who seek clarification, who confess their willingness in preparation.
Diversificai Allan Kardec.
You should stimulate the minds of those who seek the Lord in their eagerness to Faith.
Brothers! Much is required of those who work with knowledge.
One your Church interior, for abroad he produce the fruits of light.”

Chico Xavier / Suzette Duarte. SAGRES, 23/08/2007.

Chico Xavier desencarnou in the day 30 June 2002.

Dear Brothers:

Allow me to inform you that the Lord, CHRIST, is already among us. Yes, in his second coming, as left us informed! Two thousand years ago he got us through the LORD JESUS, that was your custodian. Now, in this time of change and new energies, in what's emerging New Earth, he comes back again. To be and to live the LOVE, the truth, Justice, to peace, for that, in good time, It can manifest itself! Remember that everything depends on us, only. Do, because, earned. Let us salute the light, the Lord! HALLELUJAH! The blessed who comes in the name of the LORD! HALLELUJAH!


In my time in Coimbra, more properly in the decade of 80, 20th century, I started studying Allan Kardec, giving, Like this, following the spiritual studies that I started in 1976, after returning from Angola, by, to a question of mine asked a friend, I have been advised to study LOBSANG RAMP…

LOBSANG RAMP was, because, my First Grand Master on Earth, since his Work, that I compelled, totally, when talking to me about what I wanted to know, showed me the way forward, but… Didn't tell me everything…

People say that, Whom God Promises, never miss… And so it happened…

On this path that I started to follow, in search of Spiritual Truth, found it, in the gone 80, Allan Kardec, that helped me do the Full. Yes! Allan Kardec completed the puzzle that LOBSANG RAMPA had started.

Therefore, from 1983, and after I heard from Allan Kardec, I started to study it, while consulting, weekly, a Friendly Medium, that allowed me to have experiences with Mediumship…

But it wasn't just that, what Life made me find and have…

A fellow friend from the University, of the Faculty of Arts, tell me about an existing Spiritist Center 200 meters from my residence, that I started attending…

As I discovered the Truth of the Spirit, either by the study of Allan Kardec, either by mediumistic encounters, be, still, for what I lived and received at the Spiritist Center, I started to have another Consciousness from GOD FATHER.

I started to get to know the FATHER better, the source, the creator.

I started to understand why HE is LOVE, Mercy and Kindness to Infinity, but what, at the same time, it is also FAIR to infinity, where His Mercy and Kindness, only apply to those who have merit.

And, I assume the posture of being His beloved Son, I asked YOU, humbly, to authorize me to develop my Conscious Mediumship, as well as, to be able to speak with the Lord JESUS.

HIM, maybe for everything I was developing, seeing some merit in me, it can only be like this, I say, because I know that He is never fooled… Sou, today, Conscious Medium and I speak, Yes, with the Beloved Divine Master, Sir JESUS ​​SANANDA.

Yes! He started down at the friendly medium that I helped on Saturdays…

On one of these Saturdays, after having come to speak with us, our beloved São Judas Tadeu, the Medium remained in a trance, but the Entity that, according to our thinking, was ‘incorporating’, it took too long to be ‘ready’, to talk to us.

I tried to help, trying to get up, but, immediately, the head of the Medium made the symbolic negative gesture, like to tell me:

– “Wait!”

I waited, Yes, and after a few moments, the Entity puts its Hands open, extended forward, and I, with great joy and humility, I asked:

– Who You Are?

– “I am the Divine Master!”

– I knelt immediately, it's him, also immediately, tell me:

– “Do not kneel before me! Get up!”

I got up and waited…

He prayed to the FATHER for me and for all of humanity…

It was a short time, and left…

Came back the following Saturday, and on every Saturday, during 2 years.

A lot told me, it's a day, stated:

– “The mission that brought you to Earth, this time, I didn't give it to you, it was the father! You are at the service of FATHER, and you cannot fail!”

Didn't tell me, however, what mission would that be…

Time passed and, one day, when I was walking down Tenente Valadim Street, of this city of Coimbra, on the way to the Regional Directorate of Education of the Center (DREC), where I performed my duties as a Public Official, behold i heard:


I stopped, ajuizei, understood and asked:

– Mr! If it is to rebuild, this Temple already existed, what was it called?


Upon hearing this designation, and knowing that the Lord JESUS ​​is the WAY, TRUTH and LIFE, I thought to myself: Yes, If the LORD JESUS is the WAY, the TEMPLE that I will rebuild, it was the Temple that He left for this Humanity, through His Apostles, o qual foi ‘demolidopelo Imperador Romano Constantino I, o Grande, When, vendo que não conseguia vencer os Cristãos, a eles se juntou no ano 325, Século IV, criando, ou fundando, a sua própria Igreja, a Igreja do Império Romano, desigando-a: Igreja Católica Apostólica Romana.

Quando o Senhor viu que eu tinha compreendido e assumido a Sua Divina Mensagem acrescentou:


Ainda tendo Sua Divina Presença junto de mim, e pensando que no Ocidente não é muito comum usar-se a palavra Templo para designar Igreja, subsituí o termo Templo por Igreja, e disse a mim mesmo que eu iria reconstruir a CHURCH OF THE WAY.

Dear Brothers and loved:

In the telepathic dialogue I had with ‘Your VOICE’, I was told that after my retirement, I would start the Reconstruction of this Temple, and should, However, prepare me. So I did, trying to document me with more studies related to His Message, as well as the New Comforter, Since, thanks to having this New Comforter with us, that Temple would be Christian, Yes, but drinking in this New Comforter, shaped in what constitutes the Work of the Insigne Professor Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail, best known for his pseudonym ALLAN KARDEC. The days and the months were passing. A certain Thursday, at that Center where I developed my Lightworker action, our Miss Heavenly Sister, This leader spiritist Center, seeing me come, told me:

– “Brother Alvaro, This booklet was my late husband, Alvaro met… The Guides, However, they want me to give it to you… I don't know why, because they do not ma said, but, If it's for you, it's yours.”

Received and thanked the kind offer and continue the work this Thursday. When I got home, I opened the little book to see what reason was there for him to go to me. To read it, found on page 26 the following message, dictated by the spirit of the name José, ‘ first home to a spiritualist’ (SIC), built on Earth:


"After the departure of Master, leaving to humanity, as divine heritage, the love that had spilled between men, Pedro, feel the great responsibility it had assumed with regard to the material and spiritual assistance of the immense amount of sick, body and soul, decided to establish in Palestine the first Spiritualist home He called CHURCH OF THE WAY, named for find located on the side of the road, headed to Bethlehem.

Peter was tireless in Christian work, supporting, comforting and healing all those who seeking Home in order that they should stop their sufferings and sorrows. At his side were John the Evangelist, Philip, Stephen, James, Nicholas, Nicanor, Procerus, Helm and other.

Lame, maimed, blind, paralyzed, patients of all species, some walk, other stretcher, carried to the Church on the Way, where the disciples of Jesus, your Fraternity and commanded by Pedro, all of them extraordinary psychic apparatus, exercised true charity advocated by master: ' giving away for free what for free had received '.

The first sign of mediumship demonstrated by the Men of the way, How were the disciples of Jesus, took place during the celebration of the feast of Pentecost. The chapter 2 -vers. II, III and IV of the acts of the Apostles, perfectly describes the scene: ' Suddenly came from the sky a sound, like a mighty wind, and filled the whole House where they were sitting. And appeared, distributed between them, tongues of fire, and sat upon each of them. They were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and began to speak in other languages, According to the spirit enabled them to speak. '

Jerusalem regurgitava of outsiders and patients from Mesopotamia, Lígia, Phrygia, Egypt, Crete, Saudi, Rome and other countries and cities, some looking for health, others to perform good deals.

When mediums, the Men of the way, they started talking about, the crowd was perplexed, because each one heard them in their own language.

As happens today, many, mocking, said to be the disciples of Christ in State of intoxication.

Jesus appeared to his disciples, telling them: "... You have received power, down upon you the Holy Spirit, and ye shall be my witnesses both in Jerusalem, as in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. "

Didn't mean the Master, only, the disciples of that time, but, also his followers of all time. So said: Until the ends of the Earth.

Pedro, John and Philip to be arrested for the second time, were conducted to the Sanhedrin, having the high priest Gamaliel, inspired by the high, proclaimed before the doctors of the law and the officers who had arrested:

- "Give a hand to these men, Let them; because if this counsel or this work comes from the men, perish; But if it is of God, You may not destroy, that ye may not be, Perhaps, found fighting against God. " (Acts of the Apostles - Cap. 5 - Verses 30 and 39).

Also, today, This happens.

The first Christian home he continued his work of love, supplying the needy of the material and spiritual bread bread. For this there were responsible for the distribution of foodstuffs and others tasked with spreading the word of the Master.

That all Christians feel the Church of the way, as the Church of Christ, the one who serves in unconditional love, giving away for free what for free received from God. "

Pretty José!

Today, for our other studies, we know that it was not PEDRO who founded this Temple, but rather the Lord JESUS ​​himself.

The first Christian Temple on Earth, Founded by the Lord JESUS ​​and left to His Apostles, under the command of PEDRO, It was called 'The Way', although our Spiritual Brother José, have named you “CHURCH OF THE WAY”. I was, for a few moments, in great state of JOY and GRATITUDE, by living so sublime moment. The Beloved Guides of our Sister Celeste could not tell her why she should give me the little book, because no one knew, still, This my mission. And, On the other hand, wanted to prove me, unequivocally, the name of the Temple that the Lord JESUS ​​left us. Temple that, today, again we call THE PATH.

Dear Brothers:

I'm sure will ask: Why a Spiritualist Temple? The answer is quite simple. Because, If we're spirits, Beloved children of God, created in His Image and Similarity, therefore, It becomes necessary to be a temple to look into us, We study and clarify, While Spirits, in the light of science that has us as its object of study, Spiritist Science. If God Father Creator created us in his image and likeness, therefore, without fear of words, We are what He is, IE, a spirit, the need, However, met, in order to evolve, light up and ascend.

If there is a Science that we call Spiritist Science, that has us as its object of study, It is easy to understand that there is, also, by your side, a TEMPLE that speaks of such Science to the PEOPLE.

We can say, without error, that arises on Earth, Finally, a science and that TEMPLE, And actually, have as final scope, in the purity of principles and values Crísticos, the sacred mission of leading Man to his Evolution, Lighting, Happiness and Ascension. As? Through its effective spiritual awakening (Awaken your Consciousness), in order to awaken and return, consciously, to the Father's House, IE, to the Holy UNITY with its CREATOR.

This is the great mission of THE PATH, that we have been rebuilding since the day 04 August 2007, IE, talk about Science, in such a Doctrine, to everyone who wishes to know you, While spiritual being.

This is what we propose to do as a Sacred Mission: take the truth of Christ, in the light of that science, all of goodwill, in order to develop and evolve towards the light.

Science/spiritist doctrine we will talk, through all the Work codified by our Beloved Brother ALLAN KARDEC.

Do, therefore, together and the good of ourselves, in the Great White Brotherhood, your study.

Here I leave you my invitation to come, in FREEDOM, our Saturday Lectures, preleccionadas between 3:30 and 5 p.m., at O CAMINHO Headquarters: Rua de Cedofeita, n.º 455, 1.º andar, Sala 9, of this city of Porto, PORTUGAL

In the face of Fraternal Action-that we want to promote and carry out Evangelizing near you, We couldn't represent her with best symbol. Hands of Love… Hands of Peace… Hands of Light.

Could not be more plain, Since, such Hands, are: Hands of Father, Hands of Brother, Hands that love, Hands of Light, Fraternal hands, Helping hands, Hands that help, Hands that teach, Hands that support, Hands that comfort, Hands of come to me, Hands of mercy, Hands that are their own Hands!

In our lectures we are warning, by observation, After two millennia, Little Man lives according to the contents of the Lesson of Christ JESUS.

We launched anchors in your hearts, in order to focus your attention on what is urgent to KNOW, under penalty of failure and don't win this current Incarnation.

Yes! We talked about why our multiple incarnations in the flesh, our coming into this world/EARTH School, even though, However, few in this believe, or have as the only way to evolve according to the Law of Cause and Effect.

We say that it is not enough to read the Gospels, while explaining in detail, IE, totally, the reasons or causes that make us come to Matter, to successive incarnations, and live and suffer everything that each one LIVES! Know, or at the very least, of the Divine Rules that this Way of Being promotes and makes us live!

We affirm that PURE Charity is done by Us according to our free will, always in the Unconditional Love that we dedicate to our neighbor, that the Lord JESUS ​​asked us to LOVE, how we love ourselves.

We lift some of the veils that descend upon us, at the time of our Reincarnations. Veils that are a godsend and we are needed, Since, many times, We saw, through the family, to meet our brothers who, Pretéritas lives, We owe anything, or they us, Since, as the People: “Here are, Here comes around”! Yes, GOD, in his infinite Wisdom and mercy, It makes you pay or receive, today, through the Family Love, What we owe yesterday, for feelings contrary to LOVE.

Today, in these current Times of Change, of Planetary Transition, of Cosmic Reintegration and Ascension to the Fifth Dimension, more should O THE PATH reborn in the Hearts of Men, fulfilling us to talk about it and disseminate it by all natural means.

WAY will be called, not for lies, like yesterday, on the road that was going to Bethlehem, but by Christ be, He even, THE PATH.

WAY, for being in the path of life where we will find sufferers, the needy, the wronged, the afflicted, the abandoned, the no lights! Yes, We must not forget that the Christ came and exists for all.

WAY, by this time of renewal and transmutation, that leads to higher Dimensions of life.

TEMPLE will be called, Since soon, because it was the Temple that PEDRO received from CHRIST – First Christian Temple on Earth – and left us, and the Ecumenical think, Comprehensive and Plural, where you put everything on the table for analysis and study!

WAY, for being the Way to be reborn, the this time and it is going to revive, with the help and our beloved fraternity spirit guides, the teaching of Christ: that is the WAY, the truth, and life!

THE PATH will be, so, TEMPLE! No longer a, But yes ...


Of us depends on, only, thus he is, because we want and we want, as Planetary Project of the Lord, in his second coming, coming already observed since 03 June 1985!

We will start by Heart, the soul of each-”The Kingdom of God is within you and all around you”, JESUS said-to, After, go to the physical terrain and reedificarmos, therefore, the Christos Temple, that will be Light, that will be Truth, that will be Love, that will be Peace, that will be Wisdom, that will be Life, that will be, through Christ and in Christ, the Path to our Enlightened return to our FATHER CREATOR.

However, soubemos que o nosso Amado Irmão Chico Xavier, durante uma entrevista que deu a um Reporter de São Paulo em 05 January 1954 , deixou dito que viria uma Religião Cósmica, nascida do Cristianismo Redivivo e do Novo Espiritismo.

Now, the WAY é esse Cristianismo Redivivo, pois ser o renascimento do Templo e Mensagem que o CHRIST deixou, através de Pedro, na última Ceia, what if, conforme se alcança em ‘Obras Póstumas’ de allan Kardec, o nobre Missionário e codificador viria novamente à Encarnação para ser o Reconstruor do que foi demolido, IE, that WAY que desapareceu do nosso horizonte no Século IV, quando o Imperador Romano Constantino I, o Grande, ao ver que não vencia o Cristianismo, resolveu fundar a sua prórpia Igreja, a Igreja do Império Romano, denominando-a Igreja Católica Apostólica Romana. O Amado CHICO XAVIER teve, because, razão ao dizer o que disse sobre a vinda da Religião Cósmica.

It will cure, again, the sick who have faith that Christ spoke, and whom God, in his infinite mercy, allow receive such grace! Everything has to be earned and authorized, Since, as you very well know, GOD never was or will be for sale!

Nela se despertará o Homem para a Vida de Luz que este Terceiro Milénio e esta nova Idade de OURO, will bring you, Although through a birth with some pain and suffering, your fault, for not being able to conform its existence by the dictates of the Eternal Law of LOVE of Its Creator.

It will give faithful witness and concrete of the will of the father, that is Life, Love, Truth, Justice, Peace and Light!

It will address the existence of the high Spiritual Spheres, These superior Life Plans, of these kingdoms of Glory, announced by Christ.

We'll talk also of the plans below, do UMBRAL, where many Brothers Park, because they have not, still, accepted or found the Truth and the Light of Christ.

In it we will speak of our beloved brothers ascended masters and its tasks, bem como dos nossos Irmãos Extraterrestres, our Cosmic Family, that under the command of ASHTAR SHERAN they monitor us and help us if necessary, não se mostrando ainda, However, for obvious reasons.

We will address, himself, the study of the path we can take after our disincarnation, speaking of the THRESHOLD (spiritual plans of suffering or much suffering), the aid stations that are, the colonies, the Spiritual clinics and hospitals, where we have to pass the way of our sphere, World and/or dimension.

Nela se falará e ensinará a Justiça Divina, This Justice that never fails, Although we can be applied at various Times, or in several Reincarnations.

Without forgetting to read and comment on the Messages of Light that arrive daily on Earth, from the Heavenly Plans, like ‘Ringtones’ (Small Messages) of the CREATOR, and everything that the Angelic and Archangelic bodies send us, because they don't get tired of coming to us.

God, My friends, being Eternal and infinite, as we, Your children, we are Eternal and Infinite, tem e terá sempre todo o Tempo para ver o pagamento de nossas dívidas, translated in our faults of our past, 'Because everything will have to be paid until the last ceitil'.

It will speak of the law, the doctrine and the truth that the LORD JESUS came here to reveal. LAW and FACT which we have to conform our whole life, not unlike, as still happens.

If you Called, If you see that you can enter this reconstruction, bringing your ‘brick’, translated in your sincere and fraternal support, comes! Become JESUS ' Hiker and partner of this Association, What is Legal Person Religious. Visit us or calls us your Membership certificate. Be more a spiritually awakened, through the WAY that he indicated: The UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and UNIVERSAL.

Who want to come to meet d ’ That everything taught us and gave us, by this reissued WAY that you advertise in these times of early third Millennium, come!

All, here, await you in love!

If you live out of our Headquarters (Porto), You can always receive our messages of Light. For both, send us your request via the form that is in our Home Page. If you want to promote the revival of THE PATH in your City, Please contact us, pois teremos muita Alegria e Honra em levar o Abraço da Verdade, of knowledge and light to all.

Stay in the peace of the Lord,

Manuel Álvaro da Silva de Jesus

(Sacerdote Melquisedeque e Presidente de Direcção)