1. I renounce any expectations concerning my evolution and spiritual progress. Live in the moment every day, concentrate in order to restore harmony and balance in my body, my spirit, of my emotions and all with my higher self.


  1. Void all agreements made with my mother, father, Kids, stepchildren, husband (or woman), ex-wife (or ex-husband), or any others that I may retain in the third dimension.


  1. I renounce all invalid concepts about my value, my perception of love, joy, of peace, of security, the harmony, of abundance, of creativity, the vitality, of youth, the health and well-being, of old age and death.


  1. I renounce the need to want to save the world, or any human being in it. I am aware that my task is to accept my mastery and live to be an example of life and of love without expecting anything in Exchange for no one.


  1. Freed me of all the prejudices and cellular memories about my physical body. Claim my divine right to beauty, vitality, health and wellness, conscious that they are my natural state and that it is enough to follow the impulses of the spirit for this perfection to manifest.


  1. I renounce any expectations about my creativity and my work. Work and create for pleasure, aware that the abundance and resources come from the Spirit and my self-confidence and not just my effort.


  1. I renounce any conditions of the third dimension that government institutions or the like me want to impose. Will not be able to control my person, nor my abundance, or security. I have full authority to express security, be independent and run my own destiny.


  1. Freed me of all waste and karmic debts, as well as improper power in me and in my physical body, emotional and mood. Solve all the constraints with satisfaction and to expand clearance light and join the co-creators of paradise on Earth.


  1. Freed me of all the false conceptions about my ability to achieve knowledge, the wisdom and pertinent information from the spirit and the higher dimensions. Get, Like this, new knowledge, concepts and wisdom that allow me to learn, grow and serve as a living example.


  1. I renounce any judgment, mind-set or expectation for other beings, knowing that they are in their right place and evolution. I give them Love and encouragement and limit myself to offering them information when they ask for it., taking care to remind them that my truth may not be theirs.


So is!




Channeled by Celia Fenn


My beloved, you are about to go through a big change. You can say that it has been this way for many years and, in fact, you would be right, seen how the path of Transformation and Ascension has unfolded before you.

But, in this moment, and in this period of the Lion's Gate of 2019, you are really entering an accelerated time of transformation, that you will take to 2020 and that it will only reach the highest point in 2021.

It is a time when you are releasing the last vestiges of the old and activating, fully, the Soul Embodiment process, which is the primary objective of the Ascension process.

As this is completed, become embodied light, incarnate spirit, to fearlessly live the path of creative love that is your destiny, when you choose to incarnate in physical form.

as you know, loved, the Lion's Gate is a very special time in the holy year. It is a time when a new cycle of Time Creation begins, and you can end and start timelines, or time cycles, as we prefer chamá-los.

You can also skip timelines, realities and even universes in your creative quest to live your best life (lives), by merging all experience into the powerful and ever-present moment of the NOW.

The Holy Year begins in 26 July, with the planetary New Year, and is preceded by the commemorative “Dia Fora do Tempo”, in 25 July.

In this day, your ancient ancestors knew how to celebrate the passage from the old cycle to the new, with creative joy and festivity. In day 26 the new cycle started. This day was celebrated by the Mayans and ancient Egyptians as the moment when time/space was renewed by another cycle by Divine Creative Intelligence..

It was the time when the Royal Star of Sirius was and is in conjunction with the Sun and appears in conjunction with sunrise in the northern hemisphere and specifically over Egypt on the occasion of the rise of the River Nile., which represented the return of abundance to land and people for another life cycle.

The Sirians and the Royal Beings of Leo were and continue to be the Star Master Teachers who helped guide humanity on the path of ascension and evolution..

The Lion's Gate is guarded by two of the Sirian Royal Lions, who are known as the “Lions of Yesterday and Tomorrow” in the sacred texts. They are guardians who ensure that only those who are anchored in the present moment and aware of their path can move through the portal and consciously create another life cycle..

They are not just guardians, but also teachers who work with Angels and Archangels to guide those ready on their journey of awakening and creation..

Each of you who reads these words has the ability to make this conscious transit, for you would not have been drawn to these words had you not been on the frequency necessary to attract this truth and be a part of the power and empowered creation of the Lion's Gate of 2019.

The Lion's Gate begins to open in 26 July and reaches its full opening in 8 of August, or 8/8, under the constellation of Leo. After that, starts to close and ends in 12 of August.

The day 13 August is the celebration of the completion and advancement, as the planet is now under the guidance of the Royal Lion Star Teachers, by Alpha Leonis, the Lion's Heart that guides the Earth through the constellation of Virgo and towards the equinox, In September.

This period will be powerful, and indeed, you will be called to access your full power as Masters of Light and Creation and Souls Incarnated in Human Angelic Bodies.

2019 a 2020: A period of great potential and power

We would just like to say something about the frequency and power of the coming cycle and the next two years.. At this moment you are going to “close” a cycle of spiritual growth and transformation., that started in 1999 and culminates in 2021.

This is the Seeker's Archetypal Journey, as it was known by the ancients, following a path of symbols that released their power and wisdom to those whose hearts and souls were open to the process.

In 2019, the focus of the Journey was on the energy of the Divine Feminine, as a leader and spiritual master, because it is the Divine Feminine that sets the tone for creation in this millennium, which is dominated by the frequency of the number 2, which is the spiritual frequency of the Divine Feminine.

2019 it's a year 3, which is the numerical frequency of Mother Earth and abundance. boards, these numerical frequencies serve to empower the Divine Feminine in her role of Leadership and Creation for the New Earth, while enabling the ascension of the New Masculine to the New Earth.

2020 introduces a new energy, which in frequency is a doubled master number, a double 2 to empower the Divine Feminine and a double zero to suggest the Void, Zero is the germination of a new seed that will dance in manifestation by the Divine Feminine in her dance of creation, while giving birth to a new cycle for the New Earth.

At the same time, the New Divine Masculine will be anchored, fully, on Earth and will express its energies as empowerment and manifest creation and the birth of new communities of light for the New Earth.

Therefore, be sure, my loved ones, that this cycle of your lives will be immensely powerful and creative. You will give birth and dance in creation whatever you desire, if your focus and intent are clear and if you surrender to the flow of Divine Creative Intelligence, and allow the process of germination and birth on the spiritual level.

Full Soul Embodiment: Completing this stage of the Ascension Process with celebration

The focus, on the personal level, for this cycle will be the completion of the incorporation of the Soul process that began in the 2018/2019. In this past cycle, you were enabled, through the Golden and Diamond Light Codes, to activate the original DNA template for the Divine Human. This created the space for the Soul to fully descend into the body and complete this stage of the ascension of consciousness..

This process was not easy, because it involved deep healing and releasing all thought and belief patterns that were not congruent with the Soul frequency. In other words, the ego needed to release any and all behaviors and beliefs that were preventing the Soul from fully expressing its energies in the human experience..

Like this, loved, you were involved in an intense process of purification and cleansing on the emotional levels, mental and physical. This process was so intense that many of you felt like you couldn't go any further.. But, be sure, loved, this process is reaching its culmination.

In this coming cycle, the Soul will be able to fully access the Sacred Union of Body and Soul, and you will begin to live as One. There will be no difference between Body and Soul and the Body will be free to express the Soul's creative energy.. This will usher in a period of great inner peace and harmony., that, gradually, will begin to be reflected in the outside world, as more and more lightworkers and wayshowers complete the process.

My beloved! Very soon everything you do will be an expression of the soul and divine creation.. Will you be able to feel inside your body when your soul is dancing in the light, or if you are uncomfortable with your choices because they are not in harmony with your life plan.

So, you will be gently guided to make new choices that are more harmonious, and so, you will advance on your journey, creating only abundance, peace and joy in your New Earth reality.

This process of activating the Divine Human Blueprint and infusing it with Divine Diamond Light will also manifest on the collective level of consciousness..

Here you will see and feel old patterns of communal living and existence giving rise to new ideas of community and new ways of being and releasing old patterns dominated by ego and mind in order to create for soul infused ways of being and interacting..

Many of you will feel called to initiate new forms of Community as part of your Soul Mission., to activate the sacred energy of the Earth, and some will be oriented to help transform communities that already exist, for infusing them with the Soul Light of the Divine Feminine and the New Masculine.

In this cycle there will be an increase in the levels of what we call “Ancestral Healing”, individual and community and even on a national level, as all that pertains to the mind and ego begins to give way to Heart-based structures, in Soul and Compassionate Love.

The past and future will be forever changed as you focus on this cycle and make the changes that will determine that this time cycle/timeline of 2019/20 will be the one that changes everything and creates the Golden Future that you seek to create and experience.

what does this mean for you, as Signposts of the New Earth Way?

My beloved, this will not be an easy time for you, as the chaos and storms around you continue to fuel the fire of transformation and change. But we know that as your Soul becomes more of who you are, and express yourself according to who you are, you will be more confident in your path forward and in your ability to create what you desire.

Always remember who you are and what you came to create and live on Earth as a Soul and a Being of Infinite Light and Energy. Never forget how blessed you are to maintain this awareness and awareness., while many live in confusion and struggle, relying only on fearful ego to guide them.

Whatever the storms, literal or emotional, that rage around you, keep your inner peace and stay grounded.

remember that, as Embodied Soul and Divine Human, you live “inside out” and not “outside in”. It means, simply, that whatever happens in the drama of life “outside” you, you know that your interior is the place of peace, safety, abundance and love.

Do not yield your power to the dramas of fear and lack, but focus, simply, in your passion and what you wish to create and experience on Earth as a Divine Blessing.

In this period, in this cycle, There are two versions of Earth that coexist, the multidimensional New Earth and the lower dimensional Alternate Earth, since the third dimensional Earth no longer exists.

Part of the chaos you experience is the shift between dimensions, that, for most people, it's unconscious and random. But, for you who are accumulating experience with the guidance of your Soul, you are learning to move between these dimensions, and, really, Between Worlds and Timelines, with grace and elegance, and without trauma and drama.

This will also be a period when you will need to take care of your body.. It is now your Soul's Sacred Temple and it will take time for it to adjust to the higher frequencies and consciousness that comes with being infused with the Soul's perceptions and feelings..

The body may feel exhausted, as you have to deal with these frequencies and intense experiences, that are far more powerful than anything the old egoic mind can create. the fundamental here, is to always surrender.

Relax and allow your Soul and Higher Self to be your support, creating, with this support, the miracles that will take you to new levels of love, experience and joy, when your body accepts and gets used to these intense and powerful flows of energy coming from your Soul.

be awake, pay attention and be trained.

You are the Change in Human Form. This is what you came to experience.

We wish you joy as you transit this Lion's Gate. The Angelic Realms are here to support you. The Galactic Teachers are here to guide you and the Masters hold the energy of those who have paved the way..

You simply need to make the choice and focus your attention as you create the Dream..

The Future is Yours and It's Now.

Michael Arcanjo

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Translation by Ivete Brito –

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Channeled by Leslie-Anne Menzies


If you were only carried away by ambition and the desire to excel Celia in 26 September 2017 to 10:59


my dears,

You are aware that Mother Earth and ALL humanity are currently in a pattern of transition and transformation.. You are witnessing extreme weather patterns: hurricanes, earthquakes etc. etc. Everything is perfectly aligned to bring the Earth back into balance and to redistribute the Earth's "waters"..

Balance is KEY!

You are also witnessing humanity (you and the others), since this rebalancing takes place in the Being itself. much anger, rage, fear, resentment to be “freed” from your bodies, in order to help humanity access well-being.

All the old energies are leaving your bodies, after many existences, because this is necessary for them to “enlighten”. You are moving from a very dense carbon version to the new crystalline version of YOURSELF.. You cannot keep the old one and that is a challenge for the human being..

Therefore, my dears, balance in all things is now the priority.

Realize that you NEED, on a daily basis, to find that balance internally and, therefore, this will be reflected in everyone within your range of action..

This is a period of gigantic changes and transformations.. Within the next three to four years, all that is NOW, will be unrecognizable (including YOU).

You are learning to accept change more quickly and you are going with the flow., that is necessary to accommodate such changes, more easily.

NOTHING will be the same in the near future and you are being prepared, daily, to adapt and accept everything that is developing.

a reminder, my dears: You have eagerly chosen to be here in this moment to be the INSTRUMENTS OF CHANGE!

These changes are necessary for there to be positive results for Mother Earth and ALL her inhabitants.. That is why, we remind you, once again, to focus your intention and attention on the LOVE that you are, in the LOVE that you hold in your hearts, and with each other.

It is only through love and because of that LOVE, that the changes will come into perfect alignment.

We talk about the changes that are leading to the ABUNDANCE that you are and have always been.

The PEACE that you find in the very space of the heart, share it with others.

THE WELLBEING that is being created by you, because of your willingness to change your thoughts to those of LOVE and ACCEPTANCE, that you are truly.

It all starts with you.

The fact that they love and accept each other, alters DNA and allows for internal and external well-being, as a consequence.

IMAGINE when you have a Planet of Beings who truly LOVE and HONOR themselves, and each other, living in PEACE AND HARMONY.

That's why you came, my dears.

This is what you came to achieve for YOURSELF and for ALL HUMANITY.


It all starts with you, the work you do to allow them to be the LOVE that you are, and then radiate that love to your fellow men.

What can you create, dear hearts?

A pristine canvas awaits you.

the choice is yours.

As always, you are never alone, accompanying you on this journey are many Beings of Light, Star Brothers and Sisters, your Loved Ones in Spirit, the list is endless.

Other galaxies are watching with reverence all that is unfolding.

We remain by your side, we await your invitation.


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Text Revised into European Portuguese by Álvaro de Jesus

THE WAY - New Temple of the Lord

From the city of Porto-Portugal, for all the earth

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Message Conveyed by Ronna/Holy Scribe, September 2017

beloved masters, as the Supreme Creator increases the flow of the Elixir of Life throughout the Omniverse, it affects all creation. You can't hide from it. You cannot deny it.

Your lifeline to Source is getting firmer and more convincing all the time.. The magnetizing factor is getting more solid and you are attracting to you, by ever stronger means, what you claimed as your reality.

If you believe that you must live in poverty and chaos, these thought forms will be reinforced and expanded in your life. If you accept the truth that you are entitled to a life of beauty, joy and prosperity, that reality will reveal itself before you (if you take the proper steps and follow them as outlined in our many messages).

Many of you are in a stage of transition, where they are feeling disconnected and alone, as you strive to adjust to the next level of cosmic vibrational patterns.

Humanity is, slowly, to emerge from the restrictive illusion of the lower astral planes, as the expanding and accelerating frequencies of the higher fourth dimension permeate the Earth and all her inhabitants, at one level or another.

Know that your column of Divine Light is widening and becoming stronger, so that more and more Elixir of Life may emanate to you and through you, as it saturates your body and radiates into the Soul Essence of Earth.

This rarefied energy is decisive for your host planet, as this Great Being struggles to return to inner balance and harmony, as well as to lessen the intensity of cataclysms on its surface.

The higher vibratory frequency is primarily important in the process of purifying and returning the auric field., that surrounds your planet, to your original divine model of perfection.

As you purify your four lower body system, so that you can consistently increase the amount of Adamantine Particles of Light, that you can magnetize to yourself and radiate from you, it is a duty and a divine gift to be able to help your beloved planet to evolve too.

The return to harmony and balance begins as a “divine discontent” within each of you.. The Higher Self begins to increase the amount and raise the frequencies of Creator Light that you are receiving.. If you “answer the call”, unity consciousness can begin internally, here and now, in this moment.

IT'S, Firstly, of paramount importance that you recognize and bring to consciousness all these unbalanced fragments, that you have created during your many life experiences - those things that control you, those things that have created an emotional and mental prison around you in the auric field.

Then, you must become aware of these fragments and how they affect your reality. hence forward, through conscious intention, you must create a burning desire to change and to fill these fragments with the transforming energy of Love/Light.

We are always ready and willing to help you in your positive efforts., but you need to ask this and give us permission, so that we can strengthen your determination to give you the necessary knowledge, together with the fastest and best way to carry out your transformation with ease and grace.

in your mind, However, you perceive and visualize that you are viewing the Earth from a great ship of Light, and, together, we, the Angelic Forces and the multitude of universal Beings of Light, that represent our Father/Mother God, we are producing the energetic vibratory patterns of the wonderful Divine Scheme, in preparation for the inhabitation of Earth by humanity.

During the complex preparation stages, large sentient crystals were implanted deep within the Earth and in strategic places around the planet. A part of each huge crystal rose to the Earth's surface, as sentries that radiated energy and information towards the cosmos, as well as functioning as a receiver of Light, of divine wisdom and power, originating from our Father/Mother God.

for many eons, as Earth changes took place, where mountain ranges rose to the skies, landmasses submerged under the waters, and continents shifted and changed shape, most of these crystals were scattered and hidden beneath the waters, in big caves, and many more remained close to the Earth's surface, hidden only by a thin cover of earth or vegetation – waiting for you to discover them and present your gifts and ancient memories.

They are the Keepers of the Earth Seed Atom Records, and you hold the key that will give you access to the wisdom and power of manifestation that lie within them..

if you could see, really, the grid system, the web of life or the connection of all things, you would have a better understanding of the concept of Oneness. It's not just Earth that has an intricate grid system.. You have streams of Light that radiate from you and to you, each other, back and forth between all the people on earth.

some are stronger, others are weaker, but you are still intrinsically connected to everyone and everything on your planet, and even to this sub-universal expression. This can be impressive and hard to imagine, but it's the truth.

When we say that you are all one, what does it really mean and how does it happen?

This is and happens because there are these streams of Light that penetrate and infiltrate all, around and through all the Earth. Yes! Most of these streams of Light are very weak, However, more and more of these streams of Light are becoming stronger and constituting a vibration of recognition.

There's an echo that comes from within, That say: “Sim! I remember. Yes! I know who you are, and I know that before we were together. I do not know where, but I feel and recognize its vibrations and its energetic signature. You touch my soul and make my heart sing. Your loving Essence assures me that I am not alone. Welcome to my Heart. I ask you to share my journey and allow me to be a part of yours too.”

Each of you has in your Soul Essence, your DNA and so many wonderful gifts from your personal divine self, so much magical energy and a vast memory bank of universal information and stories. All these stories that are being told now, and the old memories that are being accessed. Don't you realize you were there? maybe not always, specifically, you would have been, in physical form, for he was at times a close member of your Alma family.

you don't need, in a personal way, experience everything that happened, during this great journey across the Universe and on Earth, to be part of it, or have in your memory bank, because you have a lifeline, a soul memory connection with your immediate Soul family, that creates a bond in which they have the data and wisdom of their experiences and these are also sown in the storehouse of your memory.

In the past, have you tried many times to suppress or gain power over vices, and your negative habits and thought patterns. you resisted them, you hated them and constantly thought about them, reinforcing, thus, their control over your emotions, your mind and your quality of life.

remember, we said many times, because it's a universal truth, wherever and whatever you focus your attention on, you are giving it energy and reinforcing it, positively or negatively. You must release the fragments you created, loving them and recognizing that they have served you well.

The best and most effective way to achieve this is to send a passionate thought that the time has come for them to join you., and, once again, be part of you, within your solar power center of the heart – to be filled with Light and become an empowered Facet of your divine consciousness.

know that everything, on some level, is seeking the Light – seeking balance and harmony – seeking to return to what it was in the beginning. Each stage of new awareness, or expanded consciousness, has its miracles and special benefits, that is to be savored and enjoyed.

Each time you release some self-limiting and painful thought-form, habit or dissonant energies, you are changed and you remove a little (or large) part of your disguise, what allows you to create, slowly, a new and capable person. A new reality opens for you, through which you gain access to many new concepts, as well as new talents, and your sensitivity to the exquisite nuances of the Spirit miraculously reveals itself.

you are learning a lot, very fast. Many times the mind is so expanded that you do not know what to believe and you think that you cannot accept or integrate any more new information., However, we tell you this is just the beginning.

You are becoming spiritual/human adults, whereas in the past you have been functioning as human children in a restrictive three-dimensional reality, feeling as if you are disconnected from God and controlled by the whims of fate and nature.

As masters of yourselves and spiritual adults, you are learning that you are citizens of the universe, you are starseeds, Warriors of Light and the New Age Vanguard. You have soared throughout this universe and other universes too.

you heard, for a long time, that there was a quarantine around the earth, of this solar system and even the galaxy, and that has now been undone, so that it can receive galactic information, universal and omniversal. Now we tell you that there was also a filter placed around this universe.

this universe, of which we are all a part, was one of the most recent universes to be created from the Essence of the Supreme Creator, and, so, is a universe that is situated in the most extreme part of Creation. Besides, we were limited in our knowledge of how the Omniverse works, as well as the amount of energy of higher vibrational frequency that we had access to..

See! The first universes that were created were the most powerful and closest to perfection., because they encircled the Great Central Sun of the Supreme Creator and contained the pure Essence of Creation. As more and more universes were created, galaxies and star systems, ever expanding and propelling Creation beyond the Great Void (and further from the Supreme Creator), each refraction to density meant that each new creation was less of the perfection of All That Is.

You must realize that we are ALL very small energy fragments, but still an integral Facet of the Supreme Creator's magnificence. And if we were sent with the command to create in the name of the Creator, because it was His desire to experience more of Himself, why should the Creator tell us what to create?

We have received a divine blessed gift, as co-creators, and so it was with each of you. You are co-creating gods in your own right and this is not sacrilege: it's a universal truth. You must understand that this is why you are here on Earth – this is who you are.. Don't let anyone tell you something different. remember, you are also responsible for your own creations through the laws of cause and effect.

Please understand that this universe was created with dramatically reduced and diluted Primal Life Force Substance.. Some call this universe the fallen universe, but we prefer not to call it that. This is a universe that was created specifically, so that I could experience duality and polarity.

The spectrum of Light and Shadow was projected with the Tranquil Point of the Creator's Light at the center of this universe., and the pendulum of duality was to swing only in the positive/negative, male Female, light/shadow, yin/yang energy. You must understand that some of the creator gods created less than perfection, as they also learned to utilize their Creator-given rights.

over time, the pendulum swung further and further into the dark land and duality, but it was always balanced with the same amount of Divine Light substance. Earth's duality/polarity is now in the process of returning to the center, to your appropriate and projected Light/Shadow spectrum.

There have always been magnificent emissaries from the higher realms scattered throughout this universe., and particularly in this Subuniverse, in your galaxy and on Earth, because it is here where the culmination of this divine experience of Creation is being represented in its final stages.

As we said earlier, the Supreme Creator is now taking an active role in the creative process of the entire Omniverse, and the pure and rarefied energy from the core of your heart is now flowing and affecting every Facet from greatest to smallest. Creation does not contract; it is ever expanding and you have a role to play in this expansion..

You, my loved ones, you are at a great crossroads. As you go through the process of purifying and cleansing the multiple Facets of yourself, you are leaving behind the energies that created all the pain, suffering and anguish.

Step back for a moment and visualize these last few months as an observer.. You are beginning to get the picture of what the grand plan and ascension are all about.?

Awareness and being in control are important facets of mastery. If you worked diligently with the lessons we gave you, you must be well on your way to regaining the many gifts you brought to Earth so many eons ago.

Each of you is the center of your universe. You, as co-creators, you send energy and intention, that, in turn, create thought patterns of a certain frequency. These higher frequency vibrations come out of you like rays of energy in an infinity sign., creating waveforms, which are the reflection of your conscious thoughts, intentions and actions.

As you learn to stay heart centered and soul focused, to radiate unconditional love and balanced/harmonious vibratory patterns, your world and your reality are gradually changing for the better, for you are functioning as empowered masters of co-creation – true divine emissaries of our Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator.

During these times of uncertainty and great change, remember, my beloved warriors of light, There is nothing to fear, and a lot to gain. Feel the heat of our holy breath, while rubbing your face, perceive the aura of love in which we surround you. We're close: reach out your hands and touch them. we will answer. You are loved very deeply.


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Text Revised and placed in Portuguese from Portugal by Álvaro de Jesus

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THE WAY - New Temple of the Lord

From the city of Porto, Portugal, for the whole planet

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“The Path of Disciple Elevation”

Archangel Raphael


Regards, Beloved:

The brilliance of those who start their discovery on the path of themselves, on the road to prosperity, on the way to freedom and the vastness of all that are, is indefinable. When they are touched by the glow of the discovery of the elevation trail, you change your way of being, because you start to feel what awaits you: the energies that flow to you.

My Noble Children, we know how arduous the journey to this point was, how much did you go through to get to the point of the search for this knowledge, what part of yourselves, for All There Is.

in your world, you were taught to seek without and to bring knowledge within, living the way you were taught. But when you discover the path of elevation, the process of sensing the inner universe begins, really, and then, you radiate to the outside everything that you keep, changing the world you live in and, There, everything starts to make sense.

This way, initials the path of awakening, your ways start to make sense, and the whole begins to form. The conviction and certainty of the path become so evident, that your inner glow radiates, clearly, around you. It is the initiation of Mastery. The First Step of Elevation to Unconditional Love, because when you discover your inner universe, everything makes sense. The glow goes from within you to the world and judgment ceases to exist. passed, simply, to see the path of each one on this path, at different levels, in various forms, but all on the same path.

And in that state, you pass to the second level of elevation: the inner understanding of your natural gifts. they arise, simply, and you no longer need so much outside information, because you come to understand everything that is inside you, and intuition begins to emerge in a surprising way. It is a state of full inner trust, the certainty of “what you feel”, “what you are” and, therefore, you begin to wake up to everything around you.

in this state, knowledge starts from within and begins to be directed, consciously, to abroad. Intuition lifts you to tread paths never before traveled by another human being. Is that, Beloved, no genuine knowledge will be identical with another, because every Being has the Wisdom of God in his heart, to create and evolve in ways unimaginable by Creation.

From that intuitive force, trust in what you feel, of the radiance of your light, you will be led, fatally, to a new discovery: you will feel able to put yourself in contact with the Father/Mother God Source. Although you have never been separated from God, the illusion of separation was so prevalent that, at some point, simply, you have ceased to communicate with the Source of All That Is. But that's when you realize the possibility of that contact, of Wisdom available in Cosmos, that all will unfold in the Oneness of All That Is. in this state, understand that, really, you are not separated. You will feel able to communicate with God, and he will take care, directly, to show you the way to bring you to integration with His Love.

When you recognize the possibility of putting yourself in contact with the Divine Source, your inner glow becomes inexorable, because life is seen from the perspective of Trust and Love. You begin to feel that you are Children of Unity and the doubts, really, stop ravaging your hearts. You will understand the flow where God wants all the Sons to integrate. Unity will point on the horizon, and the benevolence of this contact, it will be so big, that delivery will take, definitely, account of your lives.

Seen from the human perspective, this appears to be a process where few humans have been graced: that of true contact with the Divine Source. But, My Nobles, I tell you that of everything you own, nothing will compare with the state of total surrender to the Unit. It is a state of Supreme Grace, where all reality is unveiled in your hearts, that become, definitely, in Unity with God.

When they wholeheartedly propose to this initiation, the Master will appear to hold hands with the disciple and lead him on the path of Unity. The experiences in your lives will become a reflection of your own path of purification., transmutation and elevation. You walk the path of a Master, and next to them.

But, on this route, Unity must feel your inner glow of self-discovery. You need to move to a stage of understanding "what you are", and on this path, discover themselves as initiates in the elevation. And, when doing so, the Master will begin to guide you and you no longer need to doubt the path. Those who are hand in hand with a Master should no longer wonder where they are going, where will they get, for there is only one way on this path: integration into Oneness with the Divine Source, after discovering the illusion of separation.

persevering in the light, you will be walking the path of enlightenment, opening up the possibility of starting on the paths of full recognition of mastery. in these times, you walk the path of self-discovery, the path of inner glow, starting a new path within yourselves, and learn to listen to your intuition and, from it, to put themselves in contact with the Source, integrating, consciously, in the Unity of Christ. And on this path, just allow yourself to be led by your Guides, by your Masters, for those who accompany you on the spiritual path. They will be leading you and the synchronicities will lead you to the best path.

we trust, My Beloved! The Brotherhood of Masters will be protecting everyone, but, mainly, those who, decoration, they propose to take care of their elevation and to radiate their Light to everything that surrounds them. The Great White Brotherhood will protect its disciples who seek the purity of their soul, and will only bring you experiences, that can speed up your journey home.

You are the initiates of these times, those who open their hearts to the purpose of the Light, of unrestricted integration with Source/God/Father/Mother and the opening of the soul. be sure, use the purpose of contacting the Divine Source and trust, increasingly, in what she can bring you. Then, on this path, there is only one ending: your own in fullness.

I am Archangel Raphael and I thank you for the brief opportunity, with all my love.


Channel: Thiago Strapasson


proofreading: Angelica T. Toast and SolangeYabushita

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Daily Message do Archangel Gabriel



Shelley Young


Dear, you can only create, as much as believe is possible.

Your belief in wonderful results along with your willingness to receive, are what open you to miracles.

Ask, today, To yourself, where can you be limiting yourself through your beliefs. let them go!

Even though I can't imagine a solution, know that there is a whole Universe that can see your potentials, that you don't think, simply, be trusted from their own point of view.

Allow The Universe To Serve You, to surprise and love.

If you can start navigating accepting such an expanded way, you will experience your life as a perpetual unfolding of wonders beyond your wildest dreams..

Archangel Gabriel

Source: Trinity Esoterics

Channel: Shelley Young – Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Web site:

Translated by Adriano Pereira –

With light, Love and gratitude!

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Daily Message do Archangel Gabriel


Through Shelley Young


Dear, Love is a Flow.

Sometimes, others will need a little more love and support to get through something.

Sometimes you'll need a little more love and tenderness, from yourself.

There's an ebb and flow, a time to give, and a time to receive.

Embracing the entirety of the rhythm of Love creates balance and affection, for all.

Archangel Gabriel


Source: Trinity Esoterics

Channel: Shelley Young – Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


Translated by Adriano Pereira

With light, Love and gratitude!

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Time to Give and Receive



Daily Message do Archangel Gabriel



Shelley Young

Dear! We wish you to stop for a moment and recognize your innate goodness..

You are good, kindly, compassionate, loving and brave.

Regardless of how many mistakes you think you've made, you are good.

This is all we see when we look at you, your tender heart and kindness, and this is the thing we want, Above all, that you recognize, this truth about yourself.

Archangel Gabriel


Source: Trinity Esoterics

Channel: Shelley Young – Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


Translated by Adriano Pereira –

With light, Love and gratitude!

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You are good



Michael Arcanjo


By Juracyara Saul da Costa

22 from May of 2016

It is with Infinite Joy, Unconditional Love and Honoring this Magnanimous Moment of Transition, that I, ARCANJO MICHAEL, I am with you, Dividing this Immensity of Joy from my Being to your Being, This Unconditional Love from my Being to your Being…

And Emanating the Sublime and Divine Energy of Happiness, A State of BEING, when you are in God…

Beloved Masters, we have advanced a lot, on the path of Evolution and the movements of Mother Gaia, your planet earth, to the conclusion of Evolution, elevation, Ascension to Divine Light in this Transition…

Awakening is more continuous and many Beloved Masters, are Awakening to their Soul Desire and the Heart Desire of the Creator FATHER, to throw oneself into the Supreme Unconditional Love, what is the path, to Divine Life, to the Divine Universe, upon Entering the Sacred Heart of GOD and His Divine Kingdom… The Holy and Holy Throne of Infinite Light and Elevation…

May was and still is a month of Power of Light Emanated by the Enlightened Masters, no Festival de Wesak, which is the Divine Order to ILLUMINATE…

Yesterday, Yes 21.05, with the entrance of the stunning and beautiful Full Moon, The Assala Festival opened, where the Act of Good Adventure in the Universe is granted, Love established as the Gateway to Unconditional Love…

The unfolding of Heavenly Inspiration, o Opening Doors within you of the magnificence of Compassion and the Sublime Expression of Love…

Beloved Masters, it's all right, the Time of your return to the FATHER, Just in time for your homecoming, then…

Blessed are those who in Silence of mind and Being, They see the Light and Supremacy of GOD…

Blessed are those who hear GOD speak to them in his Being…

Blessed are those who free themselves from the world to be in God…

Blessed are the Pure in Heart. For that is where the Kingdom of God is…

The Assala Festival will last in Love and Bliss in Light and Awakening until the arrival of the New Moon in June…

Time to surrender completely to the Divine designs of your Truth, of Recognizing God and Entering in Beatitudes and Supreme Love to the Kingdom of Grace and Glory, Now and Forever…
























Beloved Masters, We are ready, the open door of your heart, to crown you with Divine Honors and Glories, for finding the way, the divine light, the Divine Source of All That Is in Your Being, to find God, the way, the Resurrection and the Life…

I emanate grace, the Force and Energy of Light, to light your way for us, to Heaven…

In love

I am Miguel

and I bless you



Juracyara Saul da Costa ©

All rights reserved.

Please, share the texts and channelings, as long as the author and contact information is always included, the message is complete and credits are given to the author.

Source: Light of Gaia

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Blessed are those who



Archangel Gabriel




Shelley Young

Some human beings are disturbed when certain patterns repeat themselves in their lives..

Think something important is missing, or, that are being tested by the Universe.

When did you come to the body (when you incarnated), had very specific goals, about the experiences you would like to try to evolve.

It was you who set the conditions to ensure that these themes come and go in your life., for that, Like this, had plenty of opportunities to try them out and master them.

It happened like this, because I knew I couldn't get everything I needed from a single experience, in one go.

hear us! For we tell you these are just opportunities to try!

Let's explain this to you in another way.. Let's say you wanted to learn to drive., or driving a car.

So, would take classes that would teach him the fundamentals of how to drive, with safety, this car. And, after receiving your driver's license, would not feel the need to take a new course.

if found, again, advertisement for a new driver's course, you wouldn't, because if he did, it would be a sign that, after all, was not ready, enough, to be a good driver.

I would just ignore it, knowing that I had already finished, previously, this course.

but also know that, if you want to improve your skills, you can do it again, any time you want, because he will always be available to you.

We urge you to resist the tendency to be, or to want to be, always belittling yourself.!

If something appears again, It is not bad, it's not because you're being punished, or for being slow to learn.

It's simply evidence of how much you, and the universe, ensure that you always have whatever you need to succeed in this life of yours..

Archangel Gabriel


Source: Trinity Esoterics

Channel: Shelley Young – Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


Translated by Adriano Pereira –

With light, Love and gratitude!

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Archangel Gabriel




Shelley Young


Humans consider those who can feel or connect with Spirit, who have extrasensory powers.

But did you know that from the point of view of the Spirit, those in the body (incarnate) are the only ones with extrasensory powers?

Your bodies are incredible tools for you to grow and evolve.

It gives you much more feedback than you could experience if you were in Spirit form. (disembodied).

the act of eating, to cry, to laugh, to caress an animal, to love the other, to have goosebumps, to smell something that gives you pleasure – they are all experiences that are considered part of the wonder of being in the body. (red).

The earth plane is playground of your soul.

It's like having an experience of separation and, right away, a connection.

That's when you start to feel what's not wanted, followed by what is, in a completely tangible way.

It allows you to try many things, feeling the preciousness of yourself and others.

It allows you to experience your innocence, innate courage and kindness, as you continue to know and define yourself.

So, thank your bodies for all the opportunities they give you, and take them to play, because trying them is your great gift.

Archangel Gabriel


Source: Trinity Esoterics

Channel: Shelley Young – Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


Translated by Adriano Pereira –

With light, Love and gratitude!

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Experience Your Body



Wisdom of the Angels

Awaken your Powers of Light.

Are you trying to reach new heights in your spiritual understanding?.

It may be necessary to delve deeply to discover all the emotions, or thoughts, that have been buried for a long time, and bring them to the light, to be able to remove all the blocks that were hidden in an attempt to protect yourself in the past.

Go deep inside yourself to clean out outdated belief systems, that need to be renewed and updated, to match your new self that is emerging.

It takes a lot of courage to look at yourself and your life. Do it with the loving heart of your angels, and see with your angel eyes, and you will begin to understand the challenges on your journey, seeing them as the gifts they are, really.

Be brave, because you're ready for it!

The Mantra for today is: “I'm ready to stand in my authentic power! I'm ready, I'm waking up, fully, my power of lightness, righteousness and love within me!”

You are always dearly loved and supported.

The Angels and the Guides.

Sharon Taphorn



Universal Copyright ©2013 by Sharon Taphorn All rights reserved.

Please share articles as long as copyright and contact info are always included and the message is complete and credit is given to the author.


Reblogado do website Playing With de Universe

Translated by Adriano Pereira – Blog Luz e VidaLink of this message:

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Message from the Lord of Light

By Juracyara Saul da Costa


We are the pulse of GOD, the Living Sparks of Light and Love, to be Emanated from our Being to the Whole Cosmos, the Seeds planted of GOD in our Being, to act this Light and this Love…

And Being to Operate the Form of Power, that only Light and Love lead.

We are One in All…

I send You the Unimaginable Love of the Supreme Heart of the Creator Father, Your Divine Rebuild in the Heavenly Heights…

Beings of Divine Light, as always our progress is great, we are saying goodbye to the month of May, with the nuances of Something New in the Air, with Expanded optimism of every Being and Heart, with the greater sphere of Faith, to enter June with the Divine Portals and a great Driving Force of Conclusions…

In the greater sphere of the Cosmic Consciousness of Enlightenment and Supreme Achievements, leaving behind the collective consciousnesses of chaos, of lack, of scarcity and suffering…

We enter the Celestial Kingdom, we enter the opportunities and achievements, we enter to govern New Paths and to tread the Blessings and Miracles that operate Now on Earth and in You…

Divine and Great Are the Waves of Light, that will enter this month of June, on Earth and in your Living and the Divine Opportunity is launched for each of you, who enter the Divine Realm, the Kingdom of GOD and stop conforming to the rules, beliefs and paradigms created so far, for your living in the order and government of energies without enlightenment and without GOD…

June will bring the wall dissipation, you won't be able to stay on top of him anymore (from the wall), you will have to walk on the Divine paths of the Creator, go to your meeting, or remain on the side of disqualified governments and the traps and snares that involve them in the course of their living in the order of conflicts or afflictions…

Beings of Divine Light, we always turn to you, in Alerts and Divine Calls of Love, for your True Being and your Truth of Being Here, to operate the Light that You Are…

But even, with so much information continue to drown and cling to the waves of the world, in the waves of the matrix, in the undignified way of living in the sameness and smallness of simple humans, and not GOD, if in Truth you are Power, Light, you are Love and you are the Healers of the World, of the Earth and the entire Universe…

It is with great joy, we wait for your awakening, your detachment from the matrix world, to enter Your Divine Kingdom of Light, in your kingdom in God, in Your Divine Government of You, in Pure and High Luminous Sphere of Light and Power…


The entire cosmos awaits your awakening

It is the Sleep of GOD your Awakening

agreed, owners and rulers of Your Enlightened Being, you will be invincible, you will be the divine power…























Beings of Divine Light, enter your heart, the Secret and Sacred Temple of GOD and let Expand the Magnificence that you are in GOD, in Luz, in grandeur, in Supreme Love…

Emanate the Procreative Energy of Your Awakening, of your Divine Awakening, of Your Encounter of GOD in You…

In Love, Victory Is Ours


Copyright: Juracyara Saul da Costa ©

All rights reserved.

Please, share the texts and channelings, as long as the author and contact information is always included, the message is complete and credit is given to the author.

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Text reviewed by Álvaro de Jesus

THE WAY-New Temple of the Lord







By Beloved Archangel Gabriel


Through Shelley Young

Your desire to be of service is, simply, your soul wanting to move in higher and higher vibrations, for when you keep these vibes, you are serving yourself, to humanity and the planet.

It is your continuous evolution that is driving change..

If you understand that everything starts first within you, and if you make it your priority, you will find that from there the most tangible expressions of service will, Naturally, introduce yourself.

Archangel Gabriel


Source: Trinity Esoterics

Channel: Shelley Young – Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


Translated by Adriano Pereira –

With light, Love and gratitude!

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Translated from Brasiliano and placed in Portuguese by Álvaro de Jesus

THE WAY-New Temple of the Lord




Continuous Evolution



By Beloved Archangel Metatron

Planet Earth rotates harmoniously, in perfect sync with Your Sun and sister planets. Day and night take turns in a celestial ballet, having the night cooled down and calmed the atmosphere, following the sunrise, warming up life, and renewing the energies that vibrate over the planet.

Everything is and everything is in perfect order.

At every sunrise, the hopes of the arrival of a new day are reborn, a happier day, more prosperous, more abundant.

So also goes the life of the human being., resting at night, recovering your energy to start, in full swing, in each new day.

Everything is and everything follows in the most perfect divine synchrony.

The difference between planetary harmony and human life lies in the possibility that the Creator of the Universe gave each of his children to create their new day in the way they wished., so much in the light, like in the Darkness.

The Universe follows in safe and eternal movements, and man has the freedom to decide and create his own movements, coming from this fact the supposed inconstancy and instability that we see in the different sectors of humanity.

each one thinking differently. Each one deciding what to do, and how to make.

And even with the diversity of opinions and the comings and goings of the human being, everyone goes ahead, like the waves of the sea that break on the sands of the beaches, always wanting to go ahead, going back yes, but coming back hard towards the beach, in an eternal ballet of rhythms and sounds.

Humans were given free will to create, to do what you want with your life. And it is up to this same human being to choose the paths of life he wants. Everything is your choice. Everything is right. Everything is in the most perfect order.

those who put, daily, your intention in every breath, to have and receive whatever is for your highest good, will receive, surely, more and more of it.

Those who get distracted in the ways of resentment, hatreds, intrigues, political and religious passions, will surely attract more and more conflict and disharmony to you.

As man rises, nurturing positive thoughts and cultivating hope and good mood, is getting in sync with the rhythm of the Universe, dancing the dance of universal life in the full abundance that only the Universe can offer you.

We know how difficult it is for the incarnate human being to distance himself a little from his mundane tasks and obligations., because for many it seems impossible. However, if humanity does not learn to turn within itself, the long-awaited evolution will be a little further away.

That is why, we ask everyone to reflect on this, creating moments of stillness where you can close your eyes and allow yourself access to the tender silence within your being, where all wisdom resides, abundance and solutions that seek.

The Light is in front of you, choose to open your eyes, and see ahead of you a safe path, towards your dreams.

All solutions have been and will always be within you, for you are One with the Universe. And the Universe always goes on, harmoniously and perfectly, forward.

I am Metatron, and I greet you in Light and in Love.

Channeled by Adriano Pereira


Source: Teachers Ascensionados

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Revised text and placed in European Portuguese, prior to the new spelling agreement, by Alvaro de Jesus

THE WAY-New Temple of the Lord

Porto, Portugal


Dance of Life



Message from Beloved Archangel Michael

Channeled by Leslie-Anne Menzies

16 from May of 2016

my dears:

You can see that this magical month of May is unfolding faster than ever? You are living much longer than your true selves. what do you want? What no longer serves your highest calling?

So much is unfolding in the “old world”. So many endings happening internally and externally. The focus of the progress is on YOU and what you wish for your future well-being. You are individual sparks of the Creator and, like the Collective, you are looking towards what sustains your Being. The greatest picture starts with this little seed.

How do you want this New Earth to count on the New Humanity that is being born each new day?

Those who live in the southern hemisphere, of this wonderful planet, are heading towards the winter season – a moment of deep reflection. A time for these seeds to be planted deep in the Earth. And, right away, comes a period of germination in the soil, all in preparation for the birth of spring novelty. There was a time when the seasons were "set" and you knew when to expect the natural flow. Like everything new on Earth – Everything is in flux. Seasons are no longer defined and time is no longer as it used to be.

We remind you to be prepared to be surprised and inspired by the New Seasons of your life.. Planet Earth is changing rapidly, nothing is as it was. you feel it every day, as things which you once knew to be true are being brought to your attention in a new light.. New information is coming and most of it challenges what you believed to be your TRUTH. There is much confusion now and you are learning to walk with your hearts and to find your personal TRUTH. What is it that resonates in your Divinity?, my dears? Trust your beautiful hearts, my dears, FIND THE INNER TRUTH.

The time for individual responsibility is now. The time for you to be Those who produce your own TRUTH. The collective is being awakened and you are the ones called to stand firm and safe with the passion of your Being.

Much of what you knew and what you were taught is crumbling before your eyes.. For those who have been on the planet longer, this is one of the most difficult transition periods, because until this moment you believed a lot in what you were “told to believe”. However, now, as Beings of Light, you can no longer conform yourself to blindly follow the crowd. Access the Light, my dears, more fully.

The time has come for each of you to take on this emerging Individual Self and align it with the Collective Light., that flows into each of you and allows the magic that you are all becoming.

You can no longer accept the status quo – look at the New Children entering Earth, watch how they are opening spaces. Their energetic signature is so incredible and they are not “connected” like most of you have been.. They flow with what is happening and your antenna will not allow anything other than to your highest alignment..

You came before to set the stage and allow these precious souls to arrive at the time of this great transformation.. look around, my dears, for these future leaders, let them express themselves, because that is what will change the earth for the benefit of all mankind.

watch the young, inspire them and take care of them. Allow them to show you the way they came to bring these new energies for the benefit of ALL humanity.

Every time they take care of each other and take care of each other, you are taking a giant leap in your evolution. Leave the old ways behind, my dears, get ready for the new seeds to germinate in preparation for the fast approaching spring time. A time like no other.

new beginnings, new life, are waiting for the harvest season. You are the New Life, my dears, waiting for the unfolding of everything that is about to happen on Earth.

Bless yourselves and each other as you access the birthing process.

As Mother Earth prepares her own birth time, a lot will change in her and about her. As with any birth process, there are labor pains. Allow the changes to come, to be witnesses of what is necessary.

ask any mother, who has witnessed the transformation from seed to expansion, as a new life grows inside. She knows what it takes to birth a new life, and this is what is happening to everyone, now, in exclusive ways.

As the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine play, each one, your role in what is unfolding on the New Earth, great gifts will be made. Each of you has a role to play.. Be that Individualized Expression of the TRUTH itself and watch what gloriously manifests itself to everyone on Earth and each other.

Life on Planet Earth is in the most exciting transition, my dears, and you are the ones who are manifesting it.

We are delighted with all that is unfolding, as we watch as expectant parents involved in a miraculous birth process.

Be the LOVE you came to BE – because being that is simple, my dears.

And so it is.




Leslie-Anne Menzies – Translation by Ivete Brito –

Source: Light of Gaia

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Text Revised and placed in European Portuguese prior to the new orthographic agreement, by Alvaro de Jesus

THE WAY-New Temple of the Lord

Porto, Portugal






Message from Pallas Athena

22 December 2015

I AM Pallas Athena.

Today, I came to you again.

some of you, probably, they will not have forgotten me yet and they will remember that I am a member of the Karmic Board.

I am also known as the Goddess of Truth.

in the distant past, I was worshiped by vast numbers of people in temples built specifically in my honor.

All this happened a long time ago, in my beloved Hellas (Greece).

I would like to remind you that I am also the patroness of “just wars”.

Everything in your world has a dual character. That is why, as strange as it may seem to you, there are not just unjust wars, but there are also wars that have a fair character.

Like this, before participating in this or that fight, you must understand very well the motives that drive you and that drive the people who have the power of decision to start a war.

First of all, it is necessary to clarify whether what is at stake in a war are merely selfish interests or if it is a question of defending your land, houses and families, of an external enemy that threatens you or your country.

The reasons that lead each soldier to participate in a war is something very important. If a man goes to war for selfish reasons, your participation in that act will burden you with the karma of your wrongdoing. These selfish motives could be the money, in search of fame, can, position or category, as well as the benefit with the spoils of war.

The law of karma is a very complicated law of this Universe. Like this, let's consider how someone's participation in an unjust war will affect the country and the people involved in that war.

Of course, in the course of any war, violence is applied and many people are killed.

That is why, it is important to understand what kind of karma is going to befall a country that is involved in an unjust war.

Each participant in an unjust war carries his share of karma. However, all participants have family members. Like this, all family members, near and far, of people involved in an unjust war will be affected by the karma generated by death and destruction.

This process will lead to a gradual weakening of the whole family, to the point of physical extinction and mental degradation..

Like this, the karma of an unjust war affects even people who have little to do with immediate participation in the military conflict.

apart from that, there is the karma of the country that participates in the unjust war. This karma weighs on the entire population of the country and spreads among all the members of society.. As a general rule, this leads to the cessation of the flow of Divine energy bestowed on that country.

The lack of Divine energy manifests itself in the form of a general lack of everything, leading to hunger, mental ilnesess, schizophrenia, various obsessions, depression and suicidal tendencies, or the aggressiveness of a significant part of the country's population.

Of course, most of the karma of an unjust war will fall on those who make the decision to start it..

However, as I mentioned above, the karmic burden falls on every person who lives in that country, because no war can start unless there are people willing to participate in it for personal gain and profit or simply to experience the deadly potential of powerful weapons.

A healthy society will never get involved in an unjust war, for he will be well aware that the responsibility and consequences of this war will weigh on many generations.

Let's talk now about just wars. They exist as long as a soldier takes part in a battle with the aim of protecting his country., your land or your family and not for personal gain or profit. If the soldier is really ready to sacrifice his life selflessly for the good and well-being of his country, in this case, your actions will be considered right; and if the soldier loses his life, it won't weaken the family it belongs to, but, on the contrary, will boost your energy.

Self-sacrifice for the good of others will be regarded as a case of non-violence in the event that a man is ready to defend whoever is being attacked..

This superior act of self-sacrifice creates good karma for your family and country..

The purpose of my message today was to clarify the problem of just and unjust wars.

Given current world conditions, I believe that this teaching of mine can be beneficial to you and help you to make the best decision for your life..

I AM Pallas Athena.

Channel: Tatyana Mickushina (Photo)

Received from Maitreya Publications – Porto



Ashtar – “Sun light / Activation of the Solar Bodies / Fusion with the Higher Self / Intense Solar Activity” – 23.06.2015

Greetings Family,

Your Sun is in great activity, bombing the Earth in order to accelerate the awakening of consciousness to a greater reality. This solar energy in great agitation will cause many movements within you, as not external, just as it will expand the ability of some to see beyond. Because “some”? The few we speak of are those human beings who are committed to the process with an open heart., so that the strong waves of light are attracted to your chakras, which are already in constant movement. Solar energy is an ally of humanity. Every human being who trusts in the Creator and has an open heart receives more and more projections of light that accelerate the process of regaining their divine gifts.

Solar energy is an activator, a great activator of your chakras and spiritual gifts. When solar energy enters your eyes, promotes great positive agitation in your internal organs, bathing you in Light and preventing illnesses and any instability in your body. It is a powerful energy that moves you beyond this reality. It has the ability to activate your third eye and beyond, it makes your kundalini move and disintegrates any negative charge that is impregnated in your physical bodies., emotional and mental. Solar energy doesn't just move the physical, as you may already know, but it penetrates all the dimensional layers of the Earth. In some areas where darkness predominates, solar energy is used as a great energy transmuter.

Another point we would like to mention is that many of you, dear wayshowers, are in fusion with your Higher Self, thanks also to solar radiation. You will begin to have more pure feelings as the fusion takes place. The feeling of peace and harmony will increase during the process. You are moving towards the complete activation of your solar bodies. As we have mentioned before, Some things that affected you before will no longer affect you. You will feel a new nature being born within you, nova, why, until you have your spiritual memory reactivated, will still be new, However, as the process happens and accelerates, you will see that you are just returning to something familiar, something that has always been.

In these times when solar activities are accentuated, you will see great changes in all existential realms. Solar activity will affect not only the physicality, where it will promote change, but also all spiritual zones. There are many souls imprisoned in concentration camps in the astral areas of your planet, souls that, due to mental negativity, have become weak and are unable to move beyond this state. Solar and merciful projections are slowly being sent to these regions, in order to purify these zones and free these souls. They are taken to spiritual stations around your planet, just as they are brought aboard our Light chambers.

Every time a human being puts himself in a meditative state, be this in the comfort of your home, in a temple, in the middle of nature, or simply walking in the center of a city, putting yourself, only, in alignment with Source, receives a powerful solar projection – Someone questions us right now “Even at night?” – Yes, even at night. No matter where you are, nor the hour of your linear time, a ray of sunlight is directed to two particular points: Your solar plexus and your third eye.

Those more familiar with solar energy can clearly feel these projections. They are intended to open your third eye, as well as expanding your solar plexus and allowing more energy from sunlight to be stored there. The beings that are trapped in the astral zones that we mentioned, they have these atrophied points, and when the wayshowers are made available to solar energy, help in the liberation of these souls. By anchoring solar energy in the solar plexus, naturally this energy is distributed horizontally, illuminating all existing parallel realities. The more human beings join hands and help each other, the faster and smoother the transition will be.

Always remember, dear human beings, solar energy can actually affect your physical body, due to intense radiation, but we would like to remind you that, the more subtle your thoughts are, actions and reactions, the more subtle and luminous your energy will be and the more subtle your physical body will be. The more subtle your physical body, more subtly solar energy will penetrate you without physical side effects. As you know, your physical bodies are energy. You are energy. Your body is nothing more than “compressed energy”. What happens when unzipping? Expansion. What happens to expansion in this case?? Integration. What happens with integration? Immunity. When it is integrated into the Whole, There is nothing that can harm you, because you are the whole, everything is connected to you, everything is part of you. You are all there is.

The greatest protection you have in any aspect is your level of spiritual vibration. The higher, more unified and immune to anything that tries to harm you. my dears, the physical pain, sadness and illness only exist in low vibrations. Raise your vibrations and you will see how quickly you will be lifted from one state to another. There are exceptions of blessed beings who incarnated on your planet to be instruments of light and who wish to go through physical tribulations., in order to further expand your light in the Grace of Acceptance and Gratitude in all situations. My dear human beings, your Sun is not a threat to you, never was. Ele não irá destruir a amada Terra, não irá engoli-la num calor destruidor. Eliminem quaisquer pensamentos do tipo na própria e abençoada Luz Solar.

Muitas pessoas perguntam porque há uma maior intensidade solar em determinadas horas do dia. Isso acontece de facto, pois uma quantidade maior de energia é enviada para a Terra, dissipando a negatividade em algumas regiões e libertando algumas almas de diversas zonas do campo astral do planeta. Essas horas são as que fazem sofrer os vossos corpos físicos maior abrasão, devido à densidade dos mesmos. Isso não quer dizer que o Sol seja o vosso inimigo. Podeis proteger-vos, consciously, da intensa radiação solar, However, peço que evitem vibrar de forma negativa com xingamentos e irritação, pois isso é andar na contra mão da bênção solar e negar a energia branca no vosso plexo solar, assim como negar a abertura do vosso terceiro olho.

Não se preocupem quanto às intensas radiações e explosões solares a seguir, elas estão a ser monitoradas pelos nossos cientistas siderais. Não haverá nenhum efeito catastrófico. A preservação da Vida no vosso planeta é o objectivo e nós estamos aqui para garantir isso. Podereis ser alardeados com informações trazidas pela vossa comunicação mediática sobre intensas explosões. Neste ponto pedimos que mantenham a paz nos vossos corações e lembrem-se o que dissemos: O SOL É VOSSO AMIGO. O Grande Anjo Solar deseja a integração com todos, e não a extinção da raça humana terrestre. Us, como patrulheiros da ordem e da harmonia universal, desejamos estar sempre a deixar-vos a par dos acontecimentos que envolvem directamente o vosso planeta, assegurando-vos uma passagem tranquila para as mais altas vibrações. Permitimos as transformações físicas e necessárias e, also, minimizamos ao máximo os seus transtornos.

O vosso papel, dear wayshowers, é serem âncoras de luz, âncoras da luz solar no vosso planeta. Alguém com uma visão multidimensional aberta, alguém que pode acessar além da tridimensionalidade, alguém com um imenso poder interior de dissipação de treva, de levar luz e ascender luz na escuridão aonde quer que forem.

Nós estamos a acompanhar-vos, cada vez mais de perto, cada vez mais perceptíveis aos vossos olhos físicos. Nós amamo-vos sem condições e deixamos aqui as nossas verdadeiras vibrações. Desejamos que as sintam nos vossos corações. Sintam a energia da Família nesta carta. Lembrem-se sempre do discernimento e, como não poderia ser diferente, até mesmo nesta nossa mensagem usem o coração. Sintam se é uma genuína mensagem nossa. Sintam nos vossos corações. Ele dir-vos-á isso.

And so it is.

Blessings, Vosso Irmão,



Interessante que nesta semana, comecei a ter vontade de não usar óculos de sol, senti necessidade de deixar a luz solar entrar pelos meus olhos… Clear, em picos de radiação eu não consigo, mas no final da tarde ou início da manhã é uma maravilha! A Família Estelar agradece a oportunidade de trazer algumas informações, deixando todos livres para seguirem o caminho que desejarem.

Gratitude, beloved Family, Gratitude!

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